Natives of Isle of Mull, Scotland

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Collected and submitted by Judy A. (MacPhee) LeDrew - [email protected]

Note: The following information has been gathered from various sources at PEI Archives. Please note that this is NOT a complete list, nor does it represent personal family research. It does not even represent a complete list of all information that I may have in my possession. It is simply a list of 'some' entries from PEI newspapers that may be of interest to someone with ancestors from the Isle of Mull, Scotland. I am submitting this information, hoping that it can be useful to someone, and can be accepted for what it does represent. I may, or may not, get back to finishing this the meantime, I thought I should submit what has been done, as is. The name and date of the newspaper is listed first, followed by the entry.

Some Obituary Notices Taken from PEI Newspapers re Natives of Isle of Mull, Scotland

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