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Because of my inability to keep up to posting on this page, I have set up a Facebook Group called "Prince Edward Island Family Photos", where you can post your own unknown photos without my intervention. I had to arbitrarily joing a few people to it during the set-up process, but If you weren't one of these, you can join the group at: PEI Family Photos! - Please feel free to join and post your own Mystery Photos!

The following photo submitted by Fran MacPhail - mcphee98 [at] yahoo [dot] com

These are photos from Whitty farmhouse on Souris Line Road. Pat wonders if
anyone knows more about the school pictured and the people in

The following photo submitted by Gary Carroll - garycarroll [at] hotmail [dot] com

This photo of Brookfield school pupils was taken 1898; teacher on left
is Herbert Austin Ling born at New Glasgow in 1876 who moved to Boston
area the next year and lived the rest of his life there.

The following photo submitted by Gary Carroll - garycarroll [at] hotmail [dot] com

Gary is wondering if anyone recognizes the loacation of this photo, take by his father around 1970.

"Hi Dave,I recognized a picture of a house that Gary Carroll posted. It is
the All Saint's Parish house in Cardigan, he said it was taken about 1970.
Rev. David McTague would have been the parish priest at that time. Nora

Jun 24, 2013


The following photo submitted by Gary Carroll - garycarroll [at] hotmail [dot] com

Gary says, "Here is a family photo of the children and 1 grandchild of David Moore and Sarah Bolt. It was taken outside their house at Milton in 1898. I am not certain who is who but the man reclining in the foreground Richard Alfred Moore was added later as he was not present the day the photo was taken."

Jan 27, 2010

The following photo submitted by Gary Carroll - garycarroll [at] hotmail [dot] com

Gary says, "I was asked to help identify it by a woman I met at PARO. She said her grandfather Herbert Haley King 1896-1958 made this figure but she would like to know where it was located."

Apr 18, 2010

The following photo submitted by Ron Smith - ronsmith [dot] genealogy [at] gmail [dot] com

Vessel Entering Charlottetown Harbour, ca 1924

Ron asks: "Can anyone identify the type and perhaps it's name?"

Oct 30, 2009

The following photo submitted by Andy Hennessey - ahennessey [at] eastlink [dot] ca

Some time ago a gentleman by the name of Dick Costello sent me a message with a picture and asked if I knew where and when it might have been taken. I didn't know and still don't know but I took the picture and enlarged the windows of the hall and on each of the windows was writing. One has "....des Societe" and the other has "...Sante Joseph"

The following photo submitted by Gary Carroll - garycarroll [at] hotmail [dot] com

1958 photo from either the Guardian or the Patriot is of Gary's Baptist Cub pack at Holland Cove camp. Gary recalls some of the names: Margaret Dolliver with daughter Anne in front, Tony Argent, Ronnie Mitton, Gary Carroll, Donnie Rodd, Hessel & Harold MacLean, Grant MacLean, Ronnie Peterson, ? Ford, Carl Hansen, Kirby Ward, Blair Llewellyn, Frank Ross Murphy and Kenny Ballum- do you recognize anyone?

David Moore 1793-1880 and his wife Annie Marie Mabey 1794-1882

Aug 11, 2009

The following photos were submitted by Bev Berney - bvdelbrny [at] shaw [dot] ca

These are MacPhee/McPhee family photos. They are possibly sons or grandsons of Donald MacPhee and Isabella MacIntosh of Lot 31 and John MacPhee and Flora MacIntosh of Lot 67. Photos 1 and 2 taken at S. B. Brown studio in Providence Rhode Island. Several children of Donald and Isabella lived in Rhode Island circa 1890-1930 - James, Jane (MacDuff) and Katie (MacDonald) . Photo 3 was taken at the St. Clair studio in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. John Malcolm MacPhee (son of John and Flora) lived in Portsmouth circa 1900-1920's.

Jul 04, 2009

The following photo submitted by Gary Carroll - garycarroll [at] hotmail [dot] com

A group of Islanders working in California in the 1870s. From left to right:

William Hooper, Morell; Robert Cobb, shoemaker, born 4 Sep, 1838; Sandy (Alexandr Laird) Arthur, Hazel Grove 26 Apr, 1850-17 Dec, 1928; Robert Crawford Orr 1842-1907; Charles Pearce Weldon, shoemaker born 21 Aug, 1838; William Wellington Bagnall 21 Apr, 1816-1893; Mack (Mackieson?) Dixon of Bannockburn Mills; R. P. Orr 1850-1944

July 03, 2009

The following photo submitted by Brian Doucette - edouc007 [at] pacbell [dot] net

" I've been wondering about this souvenir from Tignish that I got when my aunt died. I'm curious if anyone could tell me when it was made. It's 9 in. square and I think it's printed on crepe."

Apr 06, 2009

The following photo submitted by Alice Blakeney - awblakeney [at] pei [dot] sympatico [dot] ca

"Looking for 'Cash' decendants of John Cash (1818-1873) and Ann McMahon (1832-1901) of Grahams Road, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Other family members were Ann, Mary, Bridget O'Connor (died Grahams Road, PEI), Andrew Arnold (died Boston Mass), James (died Grahams Road, PEI). Please Contact Alice Cash Blakeney from Prince Edward Island, Canada at awblakenmey [at] pei [dot] sympatico [dot] ca " This Picture is of John Cash and Ann McMahon's sons.

Front Row, Left to Right :
Daniel William Cash (died Chicago Illinois)
Patrick Leo Cash (died Grahams Road, PEI, Canada)
AEneas (he always capitalized both the A & E) Cash (died Merrill Wisconsin)

Back Row, Left to Right :
Ambrose Louis (or Lewis?) Cash (died Colarado, USA)
John E Cash (died DeKalb Illinois)
Joseph Jerome Cash (died DeKaleb Illinios)

Mar 29, 2009

The following photos submitted by Lois Shumaker - loshumaker [at] comcast [dot] net - These are old photos of Charlottetown people -- cabinet photos taken in Charlottetown as well as some tintypes. I'm pretty sure most of them are Murrays, but I don't have real identities, so am wondering if others who frequent the Register might recognize them.

Mar 18, 2009

The following photos submitted by Marguerite E Brewer - eileen1229 [at] yahoo [dot] com - This is a photo sent to me as the Harrington family in Oakland, California.� Hopefully someone up there will recognize the people in it and be able to identify them.

Update: THE HARRINGTONS OF OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA ABOUT 1910 - Back Row (adults): Thomas Sabinius & Mary Ellen (Roach), Mary Ellen, Beatrice, Annie (Hempel) & Walter, Mary (Reid). Joseph, John. Front Row (children): Bertram, Muriel, Jane, Pat, Regina, Margaret, Alice, Loretta.� John and Mary Harrington emigrated from PEI in 1889.

Aug 24, 2008

The following photos submitted by June Boyles - eandjboyles [at] pei [dot] sympatico [dot] ca.

These are a large number of PEI photos of interest to the families of Samuel Edward Dawson, His wife Mary Nelder Boyle and their relatives.. These were sent to June by a cousin out west. Normally I don't post so many photos at a time, but this should be a very interesting series for anyone from Summerside or Albany, so I have made an exception.

Uncle Tom
Bathing Beauty
Two Unknown Men
Jean Boulter
Church Gathering - What Church?
Raymond Webb
Rev. John Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. Lord
Summerside fire - What year - 1916. Note the open wire telephone lines on the right.
May 18, 2008

The following photos submitted by Aileen Seguino - Ralph9910 [at] aol [dot] com.

Picture assumed to be taken in Canada, left to right: Charles Edward (Ned) Burgess, son of Richard Burdge & Mary Larkin. On the back of the picture is looks like Uncle Charles , then Aunt Meg cannot finish last name is Mi �. And on the very left Maggie Pat looks like Mict el. .Have no idea the age of thepicture.. and certainly not sure of writing on back. Ned is probably in his teens and he was born in 1898, Gram Burgess came at least before my guess is Ned is 14 or 15 years old�

There were two ladies an Aunt Meg and a Maggie Pat in the photo to the right. I believe these are the same two ladies. Probably from lot 42.. And possibly from the Larkin or Burdge/Burge families.


It looks like some kind of celebration day with the flag. Probably Victoria Day. I am sure that this picture is related to either the Larkin or Burdge/Burge families , originating from lot 42.


May 09, 2008

The following photos submitted by Carolyn Newman - cjbnmyfamily [at] eastlink [dot] ca


Do you know who? -- Margaret Georgina Buchanan
Burpee Roy Banks -- Margaret Georgina Buchanan
20 Apr 1907
May 06, 2008

The following photo submitted by Janice Tanche - jtanche [at] telus [dot] net

These are studio photos by R. S. Bowness, Summerside. The back of the man's pic (written in pencil) reads: Grandpa Brown, Dad Brown's father, (Geo Franklin). The back of the woman's pic (also in pencil, same handwriting) reads: Grandma Brown, Dad's Step-mother.

If someone wishes to claim them, Janice will be happy to send them along.

Apr 17, 2008

The following photo submitted by Gary Carroll - garycarroll [at] hotmail [dot] com

"These photos are not mysterious but many descendants might be interested in seeing them so maybe you could post them for a week or 2. The single lady is Elizabeth (Moore) Robinson 1800-1878 of the Robinson Island Robinsons who has many many descendants on PEI. The other is of her sister Hannah (Moore) Dolman 1784-1864 and her daughter Jane. Hannah did not come to PEI with the rest of the family in 1807 but was willed a farm on the Loyalist Road by her father David Moore 1746-1828. It was always called Dolman's Farm "

Apr 08, 2008

The following photo submitted by Michaelle Stetsko - anniekat [at] shaw [dot] ca

"These are family photos from PEI and I recognize none of these faces. Please help! They were all taken in the Souris area presumeably."

Apr 04, 2008

Apr 04, 2008

The following photo submitted by Susan Arsenault - susanarsenault [at] eastlink [dot] ca

Does know this person - believed to be taken in the Summerside area

Who is this person?
Mar 21, 2008

The following photos submitted by Norma Jean MacDonald - homewardboundpe3 [at] hotmail [dot] com

"Dave, here are three photos of PEI which I scanned and would like to have added to the Query or Can You Help To Identify sections. These are taken from the personal collection of my fiance Wilfred Arthur Killam, of Moncton, NB, as he and I are both working on our family histories and trying to tie up loose ends"

PEI Country Scene - Bonshaw/Argyle Shore
BNS corner Grafton Street, Charlottetown

B of Commerce Upper Queen Street, Charlottetown

Feb 18, 2008


Dawn Ellis has some Mystery Photos posted on her Photo Gallery at: http://dawnphotogallery.bravepages [dot] com/index.html

You can see more Mystery Photos on Craig Buchanan's page at: http://www.pair [dot] com/buchanan/genes/peipics.htm

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