Rules and Hints for Use of Family Files on The Island Register

Please note that these files in the most part, are the ongoing research of amateur genealogists, and may contain innacurate information. If any errors are discovered, please contact the submitter of the file, so they may be corrected. Use the files for a guideline only, and verify all sources.

  1. If you use information from the following files, you should obtain permission from the submitter.

  2. If you do use any information, you should reference the submitter as the source of this data.

  3. If in the future you pass this information along to another, please ensure that the references remain intact in the work that is passed along.

  4. These files must not be used for any commercial purpose or posted to any other Web Page without the explicit written permission of their submitter.

These rules are in the interest of fair play. The submitters of these files have worked very hard on their files, and deserve recognition for the work that has gone into them.

Helpful Hint: Ever wish you could save a lineage file being viewed in text format, without all the HTML formatting? You can! In Netscape, and Internet Explorer, view the page, then click on file/save as, select text, enter a filename ending in .txt, select which directory you wish it to be saved in, then click on save!

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