The Descendants of Samuel Smith and Margaret Fairclough

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Submitted by Rick Smith - [email protected]

This is a work in progress and I am always seeking more/new information. There are other generations of this family tree available, as well as more information on the following related families: FAIRCLOUGH, SELLICK, HEARTZ, DAY, AXWORTHY, RICE, PRAUGHT. Please direct Queries and requests for source information to the email link above!

The Descendants of Samuel Smith and Margaret Fairclough


1.SAMUEL1 SMITH was born in 1801 in England. He came to PEI about 1820 and settled in the area of Smith�s Road, Lot 21. He died on PEI between 1882 and 1883. He married MARGARET FAIRCLOUGH on Jan. 10,1835. She was born about 1808 in Rustico, PEI. Margaret was the daughter of JAMES FAIRCLOUGH and MARY CAMERON.


2.i.JAMES, b. 5 Apr 1842 at PEI; d. 23 Jan. 1928, at Smith�s Road, PEI; m. Mary Jane Sellick on 16 Feb 1871. She was b. 31 Jul 1847 in PEI, d. 7 May 1932 in PEI.

3.ii.PERMENUS, b. 1852 in PEI, d. 25 Mar 1924 in PEI, m. MILLICENT BARBARA MACLEOD 21 Sep 1880 in PEI. She was b. 1860, d. Nov 21, 1941.

iii.SARAH, b. ? in PEI; d.?; m. SAMUEL CANN, 17 Dec 1867.

iv.RICHARD, b. 26 Aug. 1849, d. ?

v.JANE, b. 1844 in PEI; d. 16 Jun 1903; m. ROBERT KEATING on 5 Mar 1872, He was born 28 Aug 1851 and died 26 Nov 1916.

vi.ELIZABETH, b. ?; d. ?; m. TOM ROBERTSON



2.JAMES2 SMITH, (SAMUEL1) was born on Apr.5, 1842 in PEI, and died on Jan.23, 1938 at Smith�s Road. He married MARY JANE SELLICK on Feb. 16, 1871. She was born July 31, 1847, and she died May 7, 1932, buried at Fredericton, PEI. She was the daughter of CHARLES SELLICK and MARY ELISABETH HEARTZ.


4.i.SAMUEL JAMES, b. Apr. 23, 1872 in PEI, d. Mar. 6, 1947, m. (1)RUTH DAY, (2) PHOEBE BERTHA AXWORTHY

ii.ELIZABETH CATHERINE, b. 21 Sep. 1873, d. ?, m. ? SMITH on 3 Feb 1903.

iii.MARGARET, b. 9 Jan 1877, d. ?, m. JAMES HESKETH

5.iv.JEAN (JANEY) K., (twin)b. 21 Oct 1888, d. 29 Jan 1957, m. LYNN RICE, 1914.

v.JAMES W., (twin)b. 21 Oct 1888, d. (died young)

vi.PERMENUS (EONE), b. 21 Mar 1880, d. 29 Aug 1960 (never married)

6.vii.RICHARD CHARLES, b. 9 Aug 1875, d. 23 Mar 1960, m. MARY E. MACLEOD.

viii.GEORGE C. b. 30 Jul 1879, d. 29 Aug 1961, m. WINNIFRED G. HART, d. 1960.

3.PERMENUS2 SMITH, (SAMUEL1 ) was born in 1852 in PEI, and died Mar. 25, 1924 and is buried at Fredericton, PEI. He married MILLICENT BARBARA MACLEOD Sept. 21, 1880. She was born in 1860 in PEI., and died Nov. 21, 1941 and is buried at Fredericton, PEI.


i.HARVEY, b. ?, d. ?

ii.JANE, b. ?, d. ?

iii.MARGARET, b. ?, d. ?

iv.ELIZABETH, b. ?, d. ?


4.SAMUEL JAMES3 SMITH, (JAMES2 , SAMUEL1) was born Apr. 23, 1872 in PEI, and died Mar. 6, 1947, buried at Granville, PEI. He married (1st) RUTH DAY on June 28, 1896. She was born in PEI on Sept. 22, 1867 and died Mar. 21, 1964 in Claremont, NH. She was the daughter of SIMON DAY and MARY ANN ANDREWS. He married (2nd) PHOEBE BERTHA AXWORTHY. She was born in PEI on May 31, 1898, and died Oct. 23, 1981, buried at Floral Hills, PEI. She was the daughter of BERNARD AXWORTHY and SARAH ANN DAY.

Children of SAMUEL JAMES SMITH and RUTH DAY are:

i.PHOEBE JANE SMITH, b. 10 Apr 1897 in PEI, d. 29 May 1989 in Hartford, CT, m. 2 Aug 1915 (1) H.G. BAILEY. He was born 5 Jan 1985, d. 30 Apr 1979. She also married (2) FRED BROOKS, (3) JOHN HARTEN

ii.SAMUEL SMITH, b. 14 Aug 1898 in Claremont, NH. d. 28 Aug 1898.

iii.PRISCILLA SMITH, b. 28 Jun 1899 in Claremont, NH, d. ? in Claremont, NH, m. (1)WALLACE DUNN, (2)NORMAN THURSTON

iv.JAMES SMITH, b. 10 Jul 1900 in Claremont, NH, d. 12 Jul 1900

v.GEORGINA SMITH, b. 24 Nov 1902 in Claremont, NH, d. 22 Aug 1978 in Florida, m. FRED PALMER


There are eight children from this second marriage, seven of which are still living.

5.JEAN (JANEY) K. 3 SMITH, (JAMES2, SAMUEL1) was born in PEI on Oct. 21, 1888, and died Jan. 29, 1957 in Newtown, MA. She married LYNN RICE in 1914, in Newtown, MA. He was born in Ogdensburg, NY on Dec 22, 1869, and died June 24, 1936 in Newtown, MA.

Children of JEAN (JANEY) K. SMITH and LYNN RICE are:

i. JAMES HARVEY RICE, b. 30 May 1915 in Groveton, NH, d. 20 Mar 1987 in Lancaster, NH, m. VERNICE STINSON Aug 1938 in Groveton, NH. She was born 10 Oct 1916.

ii. ROBERT HARRY RICE, b. 23 Jun 1916 in Groveton, NH.

iii.STANLEY FRANKLIN RICE, b. 12 Nov 1922 in Groveton, NH, d. 1 Dec 1942 at a Japanese Prison Camp.

iv. LYNN (JR) FRANKLIN RICE, b. 1 Mar 1929 in Groveton, NH, m. 12 Jun 1956 EFFIE LAVENIA KING in Brooklyn, MA. She was born 12 Apr 1925.

v. RUTH MILDRED RICE, b. 16 Apr 1931 in Groveton, NH, d. 21 Jun 1990 in Santa Rosa, CA, m. 14 Dec 1957 EDWARD EVERETT JONES in Oakland, CA. He was born 26 Nov 1935 in Oakland, CA, d. 22 Jun 1990 in Santa Rosa California

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