The Descendants of James Summers and Mary Pickering

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The Descendants of James Summers and Mary Pickering

1. JAMES SUMMERS. Born ? 1818 in Scotland. JAMES died in New London, P.E.I. Can. on 21 Oct 1892, he was 74. Buried in New London Protestant Cemetery. Occupation: farmer, lived on Kerrytown Road, Lot 20, P.E.I..[Kerrytown Road, and Hardings Creek is all Clinton today.]. Religion: Presbyterian.

On 18 Aug 1840 when JAMES was 22, he married MARY PICKERING, daughter of JAMES PICKERING & MARGARET "PEGGY" MARKS. Born in 1818. MARY died in 1902, she was 84.

They had the following children:

i. WILLIAM "WILL". Born on 23 Oct 1841 in New London, P. E. I. , Can.


iii. MAGARET. Born ? . MAGARET died ? . Buried in New London, Protestant Cemetery, P. E. I. , Can.

iv. MARGARET. Born on 1 Feb 1846.

On 23 Sep 1869 when MARGARET was 23, she married THOMAS DUNNING.

2 v. MARY JANE "JANIE" (1848-1934)

3 vi. JAMES PICKERING (1851-1925)

4 vii. ELIZABETH (1851-1922)

viii. JOHN. Born on 18 Sep 1856 in Margate ,P.E.I.

ix. ALBERT. Born ? 1861.

5 x. FELICIA [PHELICIA] (1866-1938)

Second Generation

2. MARY JANE "JANIE" SUMMERS. Born in 1848. MARY JANE "JANIE" died on 8 Feb 1934, she was 86.

On 18 Mar 1869 when MARY JANE "JANIE" was 21, she married ARCHIBALD "ARCHIE" DAY, son of SIMON DAY & ANN STEAD. Born in 1841. ARCHIBALD "ARCHIE" died on 4 Jul 1903, he was 62.

They had the following children:



iii. "NORMAN" MacDONALD (1873-1953)

iv. SIMON FRANKLIN "FRANK" (1875-1943)

v. JOHN WILLIAM (1878-1961)

vi. EMMA

3. JAMES PICKERING SOMERS. Born in 1851. JAMES PICKERING died in 1925, he was 74. Buried in New London, P. E. I. , Can. Occupation: Farmer in Margate, P.E.I.

On 22 Apr 1875 when JAMES PICKERING was 24, he first married HENRIETTA ELIZABETH GRAHAM, daughter of EDWARD GRAHAM & LYDIA GRAHAM, in Manse, New London, P.E.I.,Can. Rev. J. Murray. Born on 7 Jul 1858 in Cavendish, P.E.I., Can. HENRIETTA ELIZABETH died in At Clinton, New London on 26 Sep 1897, she was 39.

They had the following children:

i. LYDIA "LIDDY" MARGARET (1876-1932)

ii. "MARY" EUNICE (1878-1958)

iii. "ANNIE" ETHEL (1880-1917)

iv. JAMES EDWARD "JIM ED" (1882-1964)

v. ELIZABETH "LIZZIE" JANE (1883-1935)

vi. "JOHN" WILLIAM (1885-1911)

vii. ROBERT "BRUCE" (1886-1946)

viii. MONA MARGERY (1887-)

ix. WALTER "WATT" MILTON (1889-1962)

x. RUBY PEARL (1890-)

xi. HARTLE "HART" HARLAND (1891-1955)

xii. CLEVELAND "CLEVE" SEYMOUR (1893-1961)

xiii. DANIEL ? WILLARD (1895-)

On 11 Oct 1898 when JAMES PICKERING was 47, he second married JANE [CURRIE] MACLEOD.

4. ELIZABETH SUMMERS. Born in 1851. ELIZABETH died in 1922, she was 71. Buried in U.C. Cem. Summerfield, P.E.I.

On June 29 1869 M.B. when ELIZABETH was 18, she married JOHN MacDOWELL GLOVER, son of JAMES MARMER GLOVER & ANN 'ANNIE" MACDOWELL. Born on 6 Jul 1846. JOHN MacDOWELL died on 31 Jan 1918, he was 71.

They had the following children:

i. ANNETTA"NETTIE" (1870-)

ii. ANTHONY P. (1873-1896)

iii. MARGARET "MAGGIE" (1877-)

iv. STANFORD (1885-1966)

v. MARY BERTHA (1888-1966)

vi. ELIZABETH "ELIZA" JANE (1890-1980)

vii. UN-NAMED[1.]

viii. UN-NAMED [2.]

ix. UN-NAMED [3.]

x. UN-NAMED [4.]

xi. UN-NAMED [5.]

xii. UN-NAMED [6.]

xiii. OLIVER

5. FELICIA [PHELICIA] SUMMERS. Born in 1866. FELICIA [PHELICIA] died in 1938, she was 72. Buried in North Granville United Methodist Cemetery.

On 10 Nov 1884 when FELICIA [PHELICIA] was 18, she married DAVID S. DUNNING. Born in 1865. DAVID S. died in 1942, he was 77.

They had the following children:

i. OTTA A. (1891-1947)

ii. CLAUDE A. (1898-1916)

iii. EDITH

iv. FRED

v. IRA GLEN (1913-1948)

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