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The following transcription was posted on the [email protected] mailing list by Kathy Witheridge. It is reproduced here with Kathy's permission. Thank you, Kathy.

Here is a list of YEO baptisms, which I have transcribed from the Bradworthy Parish Records. Hope that they will be of interest to someone!

The Historian for Bradworthy, Cecil Collacutt, visits PEI on his regular visits to Canada and I do know that he is very involved in the YEO name.

Kathy Witheridge



Jul 03, 1594Thomazin d/o Robert Yeo, gent.
Sep 15, 1596....... Yeo.
Mar 01, 1596Richard Yeo.
Jul 16, 1598? Richard Yeo.
May 21, 1600Katheryne d/o Richard Yeo.
___ __, 1600Jane d/o John Yeo.
Apr 18, 1602Elizabeth d/o Richard Yeo.
Sep 12, 1604Martha d/o John Yeo.
Dec 24, 1604Dorothy d/o Robert Yeo.
May 21, 1606Philloppe d/o Robert Yeo, gent.
Jan 29, 1607Edmond s/o Robert Yeo.
Aug 21, 1607Richard s/o John Yeo.
Jan 10, 1609Samuell s/o Robert Yeo, gent.
Apr 04, 1610 Ambrose s/o John Yeo.
Feb 25, 1611Grace d/o Robert Yeo, gent.
Jun 05, 1611Richard s/o William Yeo.
Jan 03, 1612Dorothy d/o John Yeo.
Oct 04, 1612Elizabeth d/o William Yeo.
Aug 08, 1613Ann d/o John Yeo.
Dec 25, 1613John s/o Robert Yeo, gent.
Jan 01, 1614Richard s/o John Yeo.
Feb 24, 1616Daniell s/o John Yeo.
Mar 25, 1616John s/o John Yeo.
May 19, 1616Grace d/o William Yeo.
Feb 28, 1618Fraunces d/o John Yeo.
Oct 17, 1619Francis s/o William Yeo.
Aug 03, 1654Robert s/o John Yeo.
Aug 27, 1654Francis d/o Ambros Yeo.
Feb 27, 1656Grace d/o John Yeo.
Aug 20, 1663Richard s/o Richard Yeo.
Feb 26, 1673Elizabeth d/o John Yeo.
Nov 22, 1675Daniell s/o John Yeo.
Nov 08, 1677John s/o John Yeo.
Jan 02, 1677Will s/o Will Yeo.
Jul 06, 1680Richard s/o John Yeo.
Sep 13, 1682Grace d/o John Yeo.
Feb 05, 1684Danell s/o John Yeo.
Sep 01, 1690Em d/o Richard Yeo.
Jun 27, 1691Mary d/o John Yeo.
Jul 13, 1693Will s/o Richard Yeo.
Nov 13, 1693Dorithy d/o John Yeo.
Aug 04, 1695Richard s/o Richard Yeo.
Aug 11, 1698Hugh s/o Richard & Mary Yeo.
Feb 02, 1701Grace d/o Hugh Yeowe.
Feb 11, 1703Elizabeth d/o John Yeo.
Apr 25, 1710Margaret d/o John Yeo, jnr & Margaret.
Jan 01, 1712Bingaman s/o Thomas Yeo, gent.
Mar 25. 1713Honner d/o Daniell Yeo.
Mar 24, 1714Grace d/o Thomas Yeo, gent.
Mar 28, 1717Mary d/o Thomas & Elizabeth Yeo.
May 01, 1719Joan d/o Thomas Yeo.
Mar 19, 1720Ann d/o Thomas Yeo.
Jul 04, 1730Eliz d/o Jon Yeo, gent.
Sep 02, 1732Thomas s/o John Yeo, gent.
Jun 31, 1734John s/o John Yeo, gent.
Jul 15, 1736Grace d/o John Yeo.
Apr 28, 1737Margrett d/o John Yeo, jnr.
Dec 06, 1738Jo: s/o John Yeo.
Feb 18, 1739Richard s/o Mary Yeo (base child).
Dec 04, 1740Richd s/o Susanna Yeo (base child) (1).
Feb 13, 1742William s/o Susanna Yeo (base child) (2).
Apr 23, 1747Thomas s/o Susanna Yeo (base child) (3).
Jan 02, 1761Elizabeth d/o Benjamin Yeo, gent.
Jul 03, 1763Grace d/o Benjamin & Grace Yeo.
Sep 08, 1764Thomas s/o Benjamin & Grace Yeo.
Jul 03, 1769Anne d/o Benjamin & Grace Yeo.
Jun 28, 1790Grace d/o Thomas & Grace Yeo.
Apr 23, 1792Benjamin s/o Thomas & Grace Yeo.
Feb 27, 1793Benjamin s/o Benjamin & Mary Yeo.
Jun 06, 1794Francis Ashton s/o Thomas & Grace Yeo.
Oct 13, 1794Thomas s/o Benjamin & Mary Yeo.
Feb 15, 1796Benjamin s/o Benjamin & Mary Yeo.
May 27, 1796Elizabeth d/o Thomas & Grace Yeo.
Jul 02, 1797John s/o Benjamin & Mary Yeo.
Oct 29, 1797Thomas s/o Thomas & Grace Yeo.
Dec 24, 1798William s/o Benjamin & Mary Yeo.
Jun 08, 1800Grace d/o Thomas & Grace Yeo.
Aug 03, 1800Grace d/o Benjamin & Mary Yeo.
Jun 05, 1803Ann d/o Benjamin & Mary Yeo.
Aug 11, 1803Dorcas d/o Thomas & Grace Yeo.
Jun 16, 1805Benjamin s/o Benjamin & Mary Yeo.
Jul 23, 1806Elizabeth d/o Benjamin & Mary Yeo.
May 31, 1807Lawrence s/o Thomas & Grace Yeo
- born Apr 30.
Jun 11, 1809Benjamin s/o Benjamin & Mary Yeo.
Apr 28, 1811Mary d/o Benjamin & Mary Yeo.
Nov 14, 1813John s/o Benjamin & Mary Yeo.
Apr 29, 1821Elizabeth Ann d/o Benjamin Yeo
& Grace Walter Ashton.
Jan 01, 1825Mary Jane d/o Thomas & Grace Walter Yeo.
Feb 27, 1825Ann d/o William & Mary Yeo.
Dec 25, 1826Grace d/o William & Mary Yeo.
May 26, 1828Anne Maria Georgina d/o Thomas
& Grace of Kimworthy.
Feb 01, 1829Sophia d/o William & Mary Yeo of Alsworthy.
Nov 28, 1830Leonora d/o Benjamin
& Patty Boundy Yeo of Alsery Mill.
Feb 06, 1831William s/o William & Mary Yeo of Alsery.
Mar 03, 1833Benjamin s/o William & Mary Yeo of Alsery.

In a follow up message, Kathy mentions she has in her possession, a transcribed diary of John Yeo, who left Bradworthy in 1835, and departed Plymouth in the 'Cosmopolite', arriving in New York on May 13, 1835. Many of the passengers travelled from New York to Upper Canada. She also has a transcribed copy of the passenger list, which includes the following Yeo's:

YEO, James66Labourer
YEO, Elizabeth58Wife
YEO, Joe20 
YEO, Mary14 
YEO, James10 
YEO, William8 
YEO, John21Gentleman
YEO, John18Gentleman

Hope that these may be of interest!

Kind regards,
Kathy Witheridge,
Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Anybody find any connection to our P.E.I. Yeo's?

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