Islanders Called to Duty - American Forces, WW I

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Submitted by Robert Pierce - [email protected]

Another wonderful extract from Bob Pierce - this time, Islanders in the U.S. Services during World War I who originated from P.E.I. Bob notes there may be many missed, due to their being noted simply as being from Canada!

Name Birth Date
Ethnicity Birth Place City/County/State
James Henry Adams 07/12/1896 W P.E.I. Aroostook #1, ME.
Frederick Abbott 03/14/1888 W Milton, P.E.I. East Brookfield, MA.
Frank Taylor Abbott 07/12/1891 W Milton, P.E.I Quincy, MA.
Alexander D. McNeil 09/21/1894 W P.E.I. NYC (Bronx)#1, NY.
Walter V. MacArthur 01/20/1892 W P.E.I. Grand Isle, VT.
Emile Arsenault 10/10/1894 W P.E.I. Windham, VT.
Herbert S. Anderson 07/31/1896 W Father b. P.E.I. NYC (Manhattan)#100, NY.
Alban Randolph Reid 04/28/1893 W rel. lives P.E.I. Haakon, SD.
Robert Jerome Ruswell 07/22/1875 W rel. at P.E.I. Lee, MS.
John J. McDonald 06/28/1893 W P.E.I. Boise Co., ID.
John Banks 08/13/1894 W P.E.I. NYC (Brooklyn)#40, NY.
Gower Albert Mashon 02/03/1877 W P.E.I. Trinity, CA.
William Mason Campbell 02/05/1883 W rel. lives P.E.I. San Miguel, CA.
Walter Cantelo 04/15/1887 W P.E.I. Palm Beach, FL.
Gordon McKay 07/25/1890 W P.E.I. Bonneville, ID.
Edgar McLean 04/14/1890 W P.E.I. Fremont, ID.
Charles William McLeod 01/01/1874 W P.E.I. Monroe, FL.
Leith Anderson 05/04/1891 W P.E.I. Seattle#5, WA.
James Justin Adams 05/28/1880 W P.E.I. Quincy, IL.
Andrew Arsenault 12/03/1893 W P.E.I. Franklin, ME.
Joseph Arsenault 03/10/1896 W P.E.I. Franklin, ME.
Joseph H. Mills 03/19/1887 W P.E.I. White Pine, NV.
Heath H. McDougell 06/21/1890 W Pinette, P.E.I. Anchorage, AK.
William Herbert Stewart 10/15/1888 W P.E.I. Fairbanks, AK.
John Albert McLeod 12/09/1877 W rel. lives P.E.I. Jackson, CO.
George Nisbet 07/06/1893 W P.E.I. New Castle, DE.
Herbert Nisbet 08/26/1887 W P.E.I. New Castle, DE.
Arthur Campbell 09/23/1878 W P.E.I. Boise Co., ID.
Fred Arthur 12/13/1883 W rel. l. Summerside, P.E.I. Seattle#5, WA.
Anthony Cormier 02/28/1888 W rel. l. Abrams Vill., P.E.I. Lake, FL.
John James Arsenault 06/21/1880 W citizen of Canada Franklin, ME.
Joseph Arsenault 04/21/1875 W citizen of Canada Franklin, ME.
Harold Leigh Lane 07/01/1887 W P.E.I. Anchorage, AK.
Alfred Banks 01/02/1894 W P.E.I. New London#9, CT.
Samuel MacLaren 11/09/1890 W Forest Hill, P.E.I.  
William MacLaren 08/26/1883 W Forest Hill, P.E.I.  

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