The Passengers of the Valiant, Hull to P.E.I. - 1817.

Passenger List of the Valiant

Port of Origin - Hull, Yorkshire, England
Departed - 22 March/26 Apr., 1817
Arrived P.E.I. - June 25, 1817
Class - Brigantine
Master - Capt. John Ezard

Notes and credits: Most of the information appearing here comes, with permission, from the book “The Valiant Connection”, published 1993 by the York History Committee. It is an extensive History of the people and village of Little York and surrounding areas, researched by the members of the York History Committee, under the guidance on Nelda Murray, its editor. I am not certain if copies still are available, but you could try writing:

York History Committee,
P.O. Box 44,
Little York, P.E.I.
Canada, C0A 1P0.

The price is $35.00 for soft cover, and $45.00 for hard cover, postage and handling paid. If outside Canada, please pay in U.S. funds to cover additional shipping and handling costs.

It has been reported that there were 196 passengers aboard the vessel, but the following are those who are known.

The listings in the book are reconstructed through two reports, the first of which appeared in the Charlottetown Guardian, January 4th, 1898. It was a report of an interview by J. E. Matthews, with the Rev. Matthew Smith, who, at 4 years of age had come to Crapaud with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chistopher Smith aboard the Valiant.

The second report was from the Guardian, March 3rd, 1898. This was an interview with Mrs. William Court, of Black River, Lot 25, P.E.I. Her maiden name was Jane Bell, and she was the daughter of Vincent Bell.

This first group of passengers are from the interview with Mrs. Court...

William Ba(r)ker& Family [According to George R. Schurman, came with wife and daughter Arabella.]Tryon
Richard HudsonPreacherTryon
Christopher Smith& FamilyCrapaud
Joseph Trowsdale& FamilyCrapaud
George Wigginton& FamilyCrapaud
Thomas CarrSingleCrapaud
John PearsonSingleCrapaud
Robert Hawks& FamilyAlbert Co., N.B.
Isaac Smith[Smith drafted the plans for the Colonial Building in Charlottetown]Charlottetown
Henry Smith Charlottetown
William Lund Lot 48, P.E.I.
Thomas Fawcett& FamilyCovehead
Mr. Sigsworth St. Peter’s Road
Thomas HardyFamily did not accompany him.Little York
George Hardy& Family (Mrs. Court’s Father)Little York
Vincent Bell& FamilyTracadie
John Hutchison& FamilyTracadie
Robert Dodd& FamilyCherry Valley
Anna MooreSingle 
T. MasonSingle 
William MasonSingleLittle York
Mr. FoxSingle 
William WeldonSingle (Cabin Passenger) 
Matthew BurdettCabin Passenger, Family did not accompany him. 
Christopher CrossCabin Passenger, Family did not accompany him. 

The second group of passengers are from the interview with Mr. Smith...

William Hodgson& FamilyCrapaud
John Rennison Albert Co., N.B.
John Millner Sackville, N.B.
John Towse Dorchester, N.B.
Robert LundMay have come on Vessel “Dixon” instead.Lot 48
Thomas Best& FamilyLittle York
Robert Vesey& FamilyLittle York
George West& FamilyLittle York
Richard Cross Charlottetown
William Stead& FamilyCovehead

Mr. Smith’s report goes on to say that about the middle of the voyage, the Valiant came across a Scotch Brig in a sinking condition, and took on its 60 passengers and crew. Among these people, He lists:

Dr. MacGregorMurdered in B.C. gold fields.St. Peter’s Road
Thomas Gorvat West River
Thomas HodgsonBecame Preacher 
Robert Morrison Sussex, N.B.
Robert Mitten& FamilyCoverdale, N.B.
William BarkerThe same individual as William Baker on above list from Mrs. Court according to George R. Schurman. Came with wife and daughter Arabella.Tryon

Capt. Ezard died of “Asjama” [Asthma?] on the second voyage of the “Valiant” in 1818, and was buried in Charlottetown at the Elm Ave. Cemetery on June 7th, 1818.

Reference: P.E.I.Gazette, Monday June 15, 1818 Vol. 1 #34 Died on the 7th inst. Just as he had made Port of Charlotte Town Captain Ezard of the ship Valiant. His remains were deposited in the church yard of this town on Tuesday last

Also from “The Valiant Connection”, is a note from Robert K. Stevens, of New York, a former U. S. diplomat to Rome that says:

"George Hardy, a widower with two children, moved from his home in Lincolnshire, circa 1806, and found work in Hessle, East Yorkshire. He sailed to Prince Edward Island on the ship, “Valiant”, leaving Hull, England in April 1817. The ship was owned by a Yorkshireman from Hessle-upon-Hull, Robert Saunders, who was to become George Hardy’s father in law.

George married Mary Saunders after their arrival on P.E.I. Mary was born in 1789, the daughter of Robert Saunders and Hannah Taylor of Hessle. Mary’s father was owner of the ship on which they immigrated. Family tradition indicates it to have been a shipboard romance with Mary marrying George, a widower with children, a farmer and labourer, and therefore beneath her class, over the strong objections of her family. It was said, however, that Mary received disbursements from her father’s estate after his death.

Mary’s sister, Hannah Saunders, had married George West, and they were among the “Valiant” immigrants.”

Our thanks to Nelda Murray and the York History Committee for permission to include this article, and to the members of the York History Committee for preserving this gem of Island History.

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