The Descendants of Johannes VanYderstyn/John Van Iderstine

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Submitted by Gordon Furness - [email protected]

Two generations are presented here, and many more may be downloaded in zipped RTF format from the bottom of the page. There are additional generations of this family to share. Please direct Queries and requests for source information to the email link above!

Descendants of Johannes VanYderstyn/ John Van Iderstine

Generation No. 1

1. JOHANNES VANYDERSTYN/ JOHN1 VAN IDERSTINE was born 1753, and died 1839 in Vernon River. He married BRECHJE JANSOON / BREGET JOHNSON May 16, 1781 in Reformed Dutch Church New York City. She died Bet. 1798 - 1839 in Vernon River.


Johannes Van Yderstyn/ John Van Iderstine was born in Bergen County, New Jersey. Due to missing records it has been impossible to find a record of his birth or who is parents were. He appears to have been a descendant of Michael Tades a tavern owner in New Amsterdam (New York City) in the 1640's. Court records state that Michael Tades was a native of Iderstee a region in Northern Germany near the Danish border. Iderstee was founded in 1621 by a group of Dutch settlers who had been forced to leave Holland because of religious persecution. It seems likely that Michael or his descendants may have changed their last name to Van Iderstine after coming to America to commemorate their last home in Europe.

John Van Iderstine was stationed on Staten Island during most of the American Revolution. On September 18 1782 John Van Iderstine deserted his regiment according to Loyalist military records. no doubt he returned home to his wife and son. The Loyalist newspaper " Irvington's Gazette" contains the following entry from October 23 1782 : "John Van Iderstine, another deserter from the British Army, is at this time under sentence of death, at Morris town New Jersey. John Van Iderstine desertion is found in the British records but as Morrison was in American hands at this time it appears that the Americans captured him and tried him as a traitor. It is unknown how John escaped his death sentence and left New Jersey with his wife and young family. They sailed for Shelburne, Nova Scotia with other Loyalist families where they stayed for a year. In 1786 they came to Vernon River, Prince Edward Island where John and his family were given 340 acres near the headwaters of the Vernon River. Here the family grew and then spread out across North America over the last two centuries. It is interesting to notes that many of his descendants left Canada for the United States.


2. I. JOHN2 VAN IDERSTINE, b. 1782, New York; d. Vernon River.

3. ii. PETER VAN IDERSTINE, b. 1783, New York; d. Vernon River.

4. iii. CATHERINE VAN IDERSTINE, b. 1784, Unknown; d. March 15, 1849, Murray Harbour, PEI.

iv. GIRL VAN IDERSTINE, b. Aft. 1785.

v. ISAAC VAN IDERSTINE, b. Aft. 1785; d. Vernon River.


Cause of Death: Drowning

vi. GEORGE VAN IDERSTINE, b. January 16, 1788, Vernon River.

Generation No. 2

2. JOHN2 VAN IDERSTINE (JOHANNES VANYDERSTYN/ JOHN1) was born 1782 in New York, and died in Vernon River. He married NANCY FRASER Abt. 1806, daughter of JOHN FRASER and ISABELLA MACKAY. She was born 1789 in Inverness , Scotland, and died November 17, 1856 in Vernon River.


Ann Van Iderstine died 17th November 1856 wife of John aged 67.Her brief obituary was found in the " Islander " December 5, 1856 on page 2.

The letter from her son George to his brother John B. in New Brunswick dated January 13, 1857 describes the death of their mother on the 17th of November.

Another letter from George to John B. dated September 15, 1857 talks of the death of old Uncle Jerry on the 11th of September .The letter also mentions Aunt Enman which I assume to be Margaret Fraser Enman, as well as their Uncles John and William Fraser. Based on this information I have assumed that Nancy was the daughter of John Fraser and Isabella MacKay.


I. MARY3 VAN IDERSTINE, b. February 2, 1807, Vernon River; d. July 23, 1889, Murray Harbour; m. BENJAMIN SENCABAUGH, May 2, 1848; b. May 27, 1798, Murray Harbour; d. February 10, 1864, Murray Harbour.


Burial: Murray Harbour South


Burial: Murray Harbour South

5. ii. GEORGE VAN IDERSTINE, b. Abt. 1810, Vernon River; d. May 6, 1885, Vernon River.

6. iii. ANDREW VAN IDERSTINE, b. Abt. 1812, Vernon River; d. March 17, 1878, Vernon River.

7. iv. JOHN B. VAN IDERSTINE, b. Abt. 1815, Vernon River; d. Bet. 1881 - 1891, Tabusintac New Brunswick.

8. v. WILLIAM VAN IDERSTINE, b. September 5, 1816, Vernon River; d. Bet. 1881 - 1891.

9. vi. PETER VAN IDERSTINE, b. 1818, Vernon River; d. June 13, 1884, Charlottetown.

vii. MARGARET VAN IDERSTINE, b. 1819, Vernon River; d. Bet. 1881 - 1891, Vernon River.

viii. CATHERINE VAN IDERSTINE, b. July 24, 1824, Vernon River1; d. January 27, 1904, Vernon River.

10. ix. ALEXANDER W. VAN IDERSTINE, b. April 13, 1826, Vernon River; d. Bet. 1901 - 1911, Murray Harbour.

x. ANN (BELLA) VAN IDERSTINE, b. 1830, Vernon River; d. Bet. 1891 - 1901, Vernon River.

3. PETER2 VAN IDERSTINE (JOHANNES VANYDERSTYN/ JOHN1) was born 1783 in New York, and died in Vernon River. He married ELIZABETH NICHOLSON. She was born 1789 in Scotland, and died Bet. 1853 - 1857 in Vernon River.


In letters written from Peter's nephew George Van Iderstine of Vernon River to his brothers John B. and William in New Brunswick , Peter is still living in 1853.In 1857 he is visiting or living with his son Ebenezer and family in New Brunswick .A letter dated September 1857 asks if Peter has gone to Canada which would at that time be Ontario. Peter had two sons living in Ontario and perhaps this is where he died. There is no tombstone in the Vernon River cemetery to mark where he and his wife were buried.


In a letter written by George Van Iderstine of Vernon River to his brothers John B. and William in New Brunswick dated in 1853 , Elizabeth is mentioned as being sick. Two letters written in 1857 do not mention Elizabeth so I have assumed she died during this time.


11. I. JOHN3 VAN IDERSTINE, b. 1811, Vernon River; d. April 14, 1890, Vernon River.

12. ii. DONALD VAN IDERSTINE, b. 1813, Vernon River; d. 1897, Mitchell River , PEI.

13. iii. PETER VAN IDERSTINE, b. 1815, Vernon River.

14. iv. CHARLES VAN IDERSTINE, b. 1817, Vernon River; d. Ontario.

15. v. MARGARET VAN IDERSTINE, b. 1819, Vernon River; d. June 13, 1890, Vernon River.

16. vi. EBENEZER VAN IDERSTINE, b. March 20, 1822, Vernon River; d. Aft. 1901, Tabusintac New Brunswick.

17. vii. CATHERINE VAN IDERSTINE, b. March 7, 1823, Vernon River; d. January 30, 1900, Vernon Bridge.

viii. ALEXANDER VAN IDERSTINE, b. 1827, Vernon River; d. Australia.

18. ix. DAVID VAN IDERSTINE, b. 1829, Vernon River; d. Australia.

x. JAMES VAN IDERSTINE, b. 1834, Vernon River; d. July 1877, Newcastle, NB.


James worked in the Vernon Bridge Shipyards with his brother in law John Furness in 1860. An obituary for a James Vanadestine appears in the Northumberland County newspapers in July 1877. He and two other men drowned bringing a raft boat down the Miramichi River.

4. CATHERINE2 VAN IDERSTINE (JOHANNES VANYDERSTYN/ JOHN1) was born 1784 in Unknown, and died March 15, 1849 in Murray Harbour, PEI. She married DAVID HUGH, son of NICHOLAS HUGH. He was born 1781 in USA, and died March 3, 1848 in Murray River, PEI2.

Notes for DAVID HUGH:

Being "very sick and weak of body". To my wife Catherine, all my furniture, beds and bedding, wearing apparel, books, cash. At her decease, she may divide these among our children as she sees fit. To my son John, half the town lot in Georgetown, if he returns home in 2 or 3 years. To my son Nicholas, the 94 acre Creek Farm on the South River (bounded by Henry Marquand), one cow, two sheep, on the condition her pay my daughter Jemima 5 pounds within 12 months after my decease. To my son David, my present 75 acre farm and 25 acres leasehold land on the Gulf of St. Lawrence(bounded by John O'Neil, my son Nicholas), all my livestock, and farming implements, on the condition her provide fro his mother, his sister Jemima and his niece (my granddaughter) Rachel Ann Johnstone (until she is 18 years). When Rachel turns 18, David is to give her 5 pounds and her fathers watch. If David and his mother disagree, my wife is to receive 1/3 of the produce on the farm. To my other three daughters Sarah Glover, Mary Glover, Catherine Douglas, 5 pounds (paid by David). To David, the town lot and house in Georgetown, on the condition he pay his mother 5 pounds. I appoint my son David and my wife as Executors. Dated 15 Dec. 1847. Signed David High. Witnessed by James Richards, William Hawkins.

Codicil. (Recorded on the Will.) If there is no cash for David to pay his legacies, he may pay them in produce or cattle. Signed David Hugh. Witnessed by James Richards, William Hawkins. The will and Codicil were proved on the oath of James Richards on March 3 1848 before R. Hodgson.

Renunciation of Executor. Appointment as Executrix declined by Catherine Hugh, widow of the deceased. (No date). Signed Catharine Hugh. Witnessed by James Richards


19. i. SARAH3 HUGH, b. April 4, 1810, Murray Harbour, PEI; d. January 13, 1893, Mt. Stewart, PEI.

20. ii. ANNA HUGH, b. 1812, Murray Harbour; d. Bef. 1847, Rhode Island.

21. iii. MARY HUGH, b. 1813, Murray Harbour; d. Rhode Island.

iv. JOHN T. HUGH, b. April 4, 1816, Murray Harbour; d. Aft. 1847.

22. v. CATHERINE HUGH, b. Abt. 1819, Murray Harbour; d. October 15, 1881.

vi. NICHOLAS HUGH, b. 1820, Murray Harbour; d. June 23, 1896; m. EMMA LIVINGSTONE, 1871; d. Bef. 1881.


Burial: Murray Harbour South

Occupation: 1881, Farmer

Religion: 1881, Methodist

Residence: 1881, Lot 64, PEI

23. vii. DAVID HUGH JR., b. April 3, 1823, Murray Harbour; d. 1906, Murray Harbour.

24. viii. JEMIMA ELIZABETH HUGH, b. January 23, 1826, Murray Harbour.

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