The Descendants of Johann Georg Weckesser (Vickerson) and Anna Barbara Juncker

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The Descendants of Johann Georg Weckesser (Vickerson) and Anna Barbara Juncker


Generation No. 1

1. JOHANN GEORG5 WECKESSER (JOHANN HELWIG4, NICOLAUS3, JOHANNES2, ?1) was born 02 January 1756 in Willingshausen, Hessen-Cassel, Germany, and died 25 August 1805 in Marshfield, PEI, Canada. He married ANNA BARBARA JUNCKER Abt. 1783 in Probably New York, daughter of CHRISTIAN JUNCKER and ANNA MUHL. She was born Abt. 1768 in Hessen-Cassel, Germany, and died 27 August 1850 in Marshfield, PEI, Canada.


George Vickerson was born Johann Georg Weckesser in Willingshausen, Hessen-Cassel, Germany on Jan. 2 1756. He was the son of Anna Catharina Schmid and a married man from Loshausen, Helwig Weckesser. He was named after his uncle, Johann Georg Schmid, who also raised him. In 1770, at confirmation, he assumed his father's name Weckesser.

Georg never knew his father who died in Sept. 1756. His mother died unmarried in August 1781, when Georg was in America.

Georg joined the Hessen-Cassel military when he was 17; he was stationed with the von Knyphausen Regiment in the garrison town of Ziegenhain. On March 3, 1776, after the agreements between King George III of England and the Langreave of Hessen-Cassel, the von Knyphausen regiment left Ziegenhain. They departed Germany from Bremerlehe with the first division on April 17, 1776. They arrived in Sandy Hook, New York on the 12th of August of 1776. Georg's regiment participated in the battles of Flatbush and White Plains, the capture of Fort Washington and the battle of Trenton, Christmas, 1776. Although the Americans at Trenton captured most of the regiment, Georg, along with a handful of other soldiers, escaped capture. The remainder of the von Knyphausen, Rall and Lossberg regiments was formed into a combined battalion, which participated in the affair of Brandywine Creek. In September 1779, the prisoners from Trenton having been reunited with their regiment, the von Lossberg and Knyphausen regiments were ordered to go to Quebec City along with the English 44th Regiment. The English were expecting an attack from the Americans and/or the French who had entered the revolutionary war on the side of the Americans.

The 4th company and half of the 2nd company of the von Knyphausen Regiment were loaded on the transport Archer. The embarkment list showed the following:

Col. von Borck

Capt. Von Loewenstein

Capt. Schimmelfeng

Artillery Lieut. Fischer

Lieut. Zimmermann

Lieut. Ritter

53 men from von Borck's Company

116 men from von Stein's Company

26 Artillery

12 "small staff"

As Georg Weckesser was in the von Stein Company, he was on board the Archer. It is also probable that Regimental Drummer, Christian Ernst Juncker and his wife and 2 children, Anna Barbara and Johann Conrad were also boarded on the Archer. The transport ships of the fleet were all in very poor condition and undermanned. The Archer left Sandy Hook on Sept. 9, 1779 and was separated from the rest of the fleet because of high winds. The Archer managed to return to Sandy Hook under the escort of the Camilla, with Capt. Collins in command. When they arrived, they discovered the rest of the fleet had already left. Again delayed by weather, the Archer finally departed on Sept. 17. In the meantime, most of the fleet had been badly damaged in the storm, and the ships were either captured or had sunk. Because Christian Juncker's name does not appear on any of the prisoner lists from the captured vessels, he probably was on the Archer.

The Archer arrived in Halifax on September 28, and departed again for Quebec on October 4 after having received word that the rest of the fleet was lost. On October 13, while in the Straights of Canso, enemy privateers were sighted and one was captured by the Camilla. During the later half of October, storms in the Gulf of St. Lawrence prevented the ships from entering the St. Lawrence River and they returned to Charlottetown, St. John's Island (PEI) on Nov. 27. After some difficult negotiations with the Governor of the Island, the men were allowed to go ashore. At first, they pitched tents and later built huts of earth and wood. The winter was extreme and lasted well into April. It even snowed on May 23. The Archer left Charlottetown on June 15 and arrived in Quebec City later that month.

The von Knyphausen Regiment spent the winter of 1780/81 in Quebec and then was ordered back to New York, where they spent the balance of the war. On January 16, 1782, Christian Ernst Juncker died of natural causes at the approximate age of 48. Georg Weckesser became the legal guardian of Johann Conrad and Wilhelm Fischer was promoted to Regimental Drummer of the von Knyphausen Regiment. Sometime before the Regiment departed New York for Germany, probably in 1783, Georg Weckesser married Anna Barbara Juncker, who was a young girl, about 15 years old at the time.

In August, 1783, ships carrying the von Knyphausen regiment left for Hessen-Cassel with Georg Weckesser and his wife, Wilhelm Fischer, Anna Maria Juncker and young Johann Conrad, probably about 11 at the time on board. It wasn't long before Wilhelm Fischer and Anna Maria Juncker were married. The marriage took place on December 13, 1783 and the birth of their only daughter occurred on October 30, 1784. Wilhelm Fischer was the Godfather of Georg and Anna Barbara Juncker's first child Wilhelm (born Feb. 25, 1784) and Anna Maria Fischer was the Godmother of their first daughter, Anna Maria (born December 14, 1786). >From 1783 until March 1787, the two families remained in Ziegenhain. Georg was transferred to the Grenadier Company in January 1786. At some point, Wilhelm Fischer, for reasons, which are unknown, was stripped of his rank as Regimental drummer. Whether of not this precipitated the desertion of Georg and Wilhelm is unknown. What is known is that Wilhelm Fischer, who was in the Garrison in Ziegenhain deserted on March 23, 1787 with his uniform and bayonet. Georg, who was on holiday, was reported to have deserted one day later, also with his uniform and bayonet. As emigration from Hessen-Cassel was prohibited (personal communication), the two families with their 4 children (ages 3 months, 2.5 years, 3 years and about 15 years) escaped from Hessen-Cassel, made their way to the coast, across the Atlantic and to PEI.

It is not known where the families first settled when they arrived in PEI. One of the first things they did, however, was to claim (Nov. 19 1787) tools and other supplies which were granted to loyalists and disbanded soldiers. Family tradition says that George Vickerson (as he was now called) received a land grant in lot 40, a parcel of land, which was then given to 2 of his daughters married to the Sandersons. This seems unlikely, however, as the Sandersons were already living on that land before George arrived in PEI. We do know that George was an early settler in Lot 34 by the Hillsborough River. This land he must have rented, not from the original absentee landlord, but from an individual named Peter Stewart. In the Montgomery papers, reference is made to Peter Stewart renting 1000 acres of land (Oct. 15, 1798) in lot 34 from the boundary of lot 34/35 running 62.5 chains and 1 mile and 21 chains from the Hillsborough River. This is the parcel of land on which Anna Barbara Vickerson owned 200 acres in the early 1800's. In the list of rents in the Montgomery papers, no mention of George Vickerson can be found, yet his name appears in the 1798 census for lot 34. Wilhelm Fischer located in lot 32 and Conrad Younker is also found there in early maps of lot 32. We also know that George Vickerson requested a grant of land in lot 32. The minutes of the Council of the House of Assembly for Jan. 3, 1797 reads "Read a Petition of George Vickasser praying for a grant of land on Lot 32 formerly occupied by Andrew Ladner. The petitioner not having been located on the lands prayed for, his case cannot be considered to be within the meaning of the Act of Assembly." As an interesting footnote, the Journal of the House of Assembly for 1833, which recorded the deliberations of a committee looking into abuses of land grants for loyalists and disbanded soldiers records the following " Another case brought under the notice of your Committee, an affidavit, was that of a disbanded soldier who had drawn 100 acres on Township Number 32, which were duly laid out and located to him, and of which he took possession in the following spring, and built a house thereon, in which he lived for two winters, and was often promised and expected to obtain his Grant, but never could procure it-but being necessarily absent from his place for a few months only, when his house was accidentally burnt in his absence the then Governor of this Island (Patterson) then also claiming to be Proprietor of the said Township number 32, informed him that he should not have the land so located to him, in consequence of his said absence therefore, and he, therefore, was obliged to abandon it and his improvements." One wonders, and perhaps evidence can be located to prove so, if George Vickerson is the disbanded soldier referred to in the above. Also in this connection, is a deed from Andrew Ladner to George Vickessers, dated Oct 4, 1796, whereby he sold all his improvements on a lot of land on the North River to George Vickerson for 13 pounds.

One can surmise that George Vickerson, first received a grant of land on lot 32, along with William Fisher, but when he was forced off his land, was forced to rent land and to take up residence on lot 34.

Family tradition also stated that George Vickerson was an officer in the German Army, and Professor Lemuel Robertson indicated that he had seen his discharge papers when he was a young boy living with 2 of George's daughters. We know that George could not have had discharge papers from the Hessen-Cassel army as he deserted. However, in amongst the papers from William Fisher was a discharge paper for William from the militia in PEI. It is therefore quite possible that George Vickerson was also in the same militia and could have been the officer (Cornet) that some have claimed he was.

George Vickerson ended his days at the early age of 49, dying on August 25, 1805, leaving a pregnant wife and seven children.


Evidence that Georg Weckesser and George Vickerson were the same person:

1) Military records from Hessen-Cassel army for Georg Weckesser 1775-1786 (Mass- und Rangierlisten, v. Knyphausen and v. Donop regiments, Staatsarchiv, Marburg, Germany)

2) Military record indicating that Georg Weckesser deserted from Hessen-Cassel army on March 24, 1787 along with Wilhelm Fischer (deserted March 23, 1787). (Truppentagebuch, v. Donop regiment, Staatsarchiv, Marburg, Germany

3) Birth records for children (Wilhelm and Anna Maria) of George Weckesser and Anna Barbara Juncker (Ziegenhain church records, Ziegenhain, Germany). Wilhelm Fischer was the Godfather of Wilhelm and Anna Maria Fischer, the Godmother of Anna Maria.

4) List of tools given to loyalists and disbanded soldiers (CO 226, Minutes of HM Council 29 Oct. 1787 - 30 July 1788, PEI Archives) showing that George Vickerson and William Fisher received their tools on Nov. 17, 1787

5) Petition for grant of land (CO 226, Minutes of HM Council 3 Jan. 1797,PEI Archives) where George Vickerson's name is spelled "Vickasser"

6) Registration of deed (Land Registry Books, 10 Aug. 1802 PEI Archives) where George Vickerson's name is spelled "Vickessers"

7) Census of 1798 for lot 34, PEI that lists George Vickerson

8) Marriage License for Elizabeth Vickerson (8 Jan. 1822), the daughter of George Vickerson, where she signs her name as "Elizabeth Weckersser" (PEI archives)

9) Newspaper obituary (PEI) for George Vickerson, son of George Vickerson, Dec. 1889 indicating that "...whose parents emigrated from Hesse-Cassel, in Germany, in the year 1790."

10) Obituary for Anna Barbara Younker from "The Examiner", 28 Aug. 1850 reads "Died on the 27th at her residence, Smithfield, Hillsborough River, aged 85 years, Anna Barbara, relict of the late John Classon, ...She was a native of Germany." Her will (cited elsewhere) gives her name as Younker or Classon and her children's names as Vickerson.



Fact 1: George Vickerson in Canada

Fact 2: Georg was raised by his uncle George Schmid


The Examiner, August 28, 1850

"Died on the 27th at her residence, Smithfield, Hillsborough River, aged 85 years, Anna Barbara, relict of the late John Classon, deeply regretted by numerous offspring and a large circle of friends and acquaintances . She bore her illness with Christian patience and resignatioon to the devine will. She was a native of Germany."

Will of Anna Barbara Juncker

In the name of God Amen I Anna Barbara Younker or Classon widow of the deceased John Classon of Lot or Township number Thirty-four Prince Edward Island North America Farmer being of sound and disposing mind and memory do make and publish this may last Will and Testament in manner following: First and priincipally I commend my soul to Almighty God and my body I desire may be decently interred at the discretion of my heires and executors herein after named and to such worldly estate as God of his goodness hath bestowed on me. I give and dispose thereof as follows: That is to say, I give and devise all my real property whether Leasehold, Freehold or any other description or denomination whatever presently belonging or which sha;; belong to me at the time of my death to Elizabeth Vickerson and Catherine Vickerson, two of my daughters presently residing in family with me but under the conditions and provisions herein after written and particularly and witout predjudice to the foresaid generality. All that ? or parcel of land situated and lying on Lot or Township number Thirty-four Island aforesaid containg one hundred acres, more or less together with all houses, outhouses, yards, gardens, fences, wood, underwoods, wayaters, water courses, profits, ? privilages and advantages whatsoever to the same belonging or in anyway appertaining, lying bounded and described as particularily mentioned in a Lease and Release by Sir James Montgomery Baronet and brothers to my said deceased husband John Classon aand myself dated respectively the sixth and seventh days of October in the year of our Loard Eighteen Hundred aand twenty-nine and here hold as repeated brevitatis causa and refered to share and share alike, and to the survivor of them my said daughters, but in liferent (?) only and for their liferent (?) use allenarly (?), and to my sons George Vickerson and Henry Vickerosn, their heirs executors and assigns in fee after the death of the longest liver of my said daughters in manner, in the proportions, and under the conditions restrictions and provisions following (?). To the said Henry Vickerson and the aforesaid Fifty acres of land of the aforesaid farm to be laid off along the western boundry line of the same and to run along the said line from the St. Peter's Road southward to the bush behind his present dwelling house but no further and to be embraced and contained within a line running exactly parallel with the same of such a distancce or breadth a part as will embrace and contain the said fifty acres fall and complete the same to be held by the same Henry Vickerson and his foresaids as his own indisputable property for ever, but only under the condition or provicion that he and his foresaids will continue the use and occupation of the present road leading from the St. Peter's road to my dwelling house and farm Offices to my heirs executors and successors in and to the other portion of said farm and to all hving business thereto, free from any hinderance or obstruction whatever, in as full and complete a manner as the said road is presently in use by me. And failing the said Henry Vickerson and his foresaids, or any of them implementing tha above condddition or provision then and in tha case the said Fifty acres of land shall revert and belong to my other son George Vickerson, his heirs executors or assigns unto whom I give and devise the whole of the remainder of the said Farm and other s in fee simple without any restriction whatever, but only to be occupied and taken possession of by them on the death of the longest liver of my said daughters Elizabeth and catherine as before mentioned. And also without predjudice to the Catherine as before mentioned; and also without predjudice to the first general conveyance or device by one in favour of my said daughters I hereby give and devise to them in equa; proportions share and share alike and the the servivor of them, their heirs executors and assigns, the whole of my household funiture, clothes, bed and table linnen, china, silver plate, the whole of the farm stock, agricultural implements and crop of whatever nature growing or otherwise that may belong to me at the time of my death, all debts and sums of money heritable and moveable, cash or bank notes and Treasury Warrannts with the ? and receipts of the same whether in my own profession or found in the hands of others kept by them for my behalf and particularily a sum of money amounting to Sixty three pounds or upwars in the currency of the said Island lent by me at various times to my son Conrad Vickerson Farmer Brownston with the receipts or vouchers of the said debt and interest due or to become due on the same. And further it is my will and I hereby direct my said Daughters Elizabeth Vickerson and Catherine Vickerson aaand the survvivor of them as soon after my death as possible to pay out my other sons and daughters the following legacies or sums of money, William Vickerson my eldest son Farmer five shillings lwaful money of said Island, the like sum to Conrad Vickerson before designed, the like sum to Mary Vickerson or Sanders wife of Charles Sanders Farmer St. Peters, the like sum to Anna Barbara Vickerson or Henderson wife of John Henderson Farmer Brackley Point Road and the like sum to Catherine Vickerson or sanders widow of the deceased Robert Sanders Farmer St. Peters.


Fact 1: Barbara Younker in Canada


2. i. WILLIAM6 VICKERSON, b. 25 February 1784, Ziegenhain, Hessen-Cassel, Germany.

3. ii. ANNA MARIA VICKERSON, b. 14 December 1786, Ziegenhain, Hessen-Cassel, Germany.

4. iii. CONRAD VICKERSON, b. Abt. 04 November 1791, Marshfield, PEI, Canada; d. 27 November 1871, Vernon River, PEI, Canada.

5. iv. CATHERINE ELIZABETH VICKERSON, b. Abt. 1794, Marshfield, PEI, Canada; d. 03 October 1849, St Peters, PEI.

v. ANNA BARBARA VICKERSON, b. 16 March 1796, Marshfield, PEI, Canada; d. 17 January 1888, Marshfield, PEI, Canada; m. JOHN HENDERSON, 23 February 1837, Charlottetown, PEI, Canada.

6. vi. GEORGE VICKERSON, b. 14 December 1798, Marshfield, PEI, Canada; d. 05 December 1889, Marshfield, PEI, Canada.

vii. ELIZABETH VICKERSON, b. 24 March 1801, Marshfield, PEI, Canada; d. Abt. 1801, Marshfield, PEI, Canada.

viii. ELIZABETH VICKERSON, b. 03 October 1802, Marshfield, PEI, Canada; d. 27 May 1887, Marshfield, PEI, Canada; m. EDWARD GOFF, 08 January 1822, Charlottetown, PEI, Canada.

7. ix. HENRY VICKERSON, b. 20 April 1806, Marshfield, PEI, Canada.


Generation No. 2

2. WILLIAM6 VICKERSON (JOHANN GEORG5 WECKESSER, JOHANN HELWIG4, NICOLAUS3, JOHANNES2, ?1) was born 25 February 1784 in Ziegenhain, Hessen-Cassel, Germany. He married MARTHA WARREN Abt. 1814.


i. JOHN CLASSON7 VICKERSON, b. 12 September 1815, North River, PEI; m. CHARLOTTE SELINA GARMADY, 15 May 1851.

8. ii. WILLIAM VICKERSON, b. 17 September 1818, North River, PEI.

9. iii. GEORGE VICKERSON, b. 15 January 1817, North River, PEI; d. 1899.

iv. JANE LOUISA VICKERSON, b. Abt. 1822, North River, PEI; m. JAMES CHANDLER, 09 May 1847, Charlottetown, PEI, Canada.

3. ANNA MARIA6 VICKERSON (JOHANN GEORG5 WECKESSER, JOHANN HELWIG4, NICOLAUS3, JOHANNES2, ?1) was born 14 December 1786 in Ziegenhain, Hessen-Cassel, Germany. She married CHARLES SANDERSON 30 December 1807 in Charlottetown, PEI, Canada.


i. GEORGE CHARLES7 SANDERSON, b. 09 September 1808, St Peters, PEI.

4. CONRAD6 VICKERSON (JOHANN GEORG5 WECKESSER, JOHANN HELWIG4, NICOLAUS3, JOHANNES2, ?1) was born Abt. 04 November 1791 in Marshfield, PEI, Canada, and died 27 November 1871 in Vernon River, PEI, Canada. He married JESSIE ROBERTSON Abt. 1820 in PEI, daughter of JAMES ROBERTSON and JEAN MILLER. She was born 02 October 1796 in Perth, Scotland, and died 23 December 1874 in Vernon River, PEI, Canada.


Will of Conrad Vickerson-August 27, 1870, filed in probate court Jan. 19, 1872

Liber 8 Folio 389

In the name of God, Amen, I Conrad Vickerson of Brownston, Lot 49 do make and publish this to be my last will and Testament in the manner and form following revoking all other will made by me.

Will of Conrad Vickerson

First, I assign my soul into the hands of the Almighty God hoping and believing in a remission of my sins by the merits and mediation of Jesus Christ and my body I commit to the earth to be buried at the discretion of my family and my worldly estate I give and devise as follows:

First I give devise and bequeath to my son James Vickerson my whole messuage and tenement situated at Brownston, Lot 49 together with my stock, household furniture and debts due me to have and to hold to my son James Vickerson and his heirs and assigns forever on the following conditions viz:- That he the said James Vickerson is to support and cloth and in every way maintain my beloved wife in the same way and manner she has always been accustomed to for and during her natural life and also his sister Emma, and should she, the said Emma get married my son the said James Vickerson is to give her fifty pounds together with whatever outfit she may require at the time for the occasion.

Also I give and devise to my daughter Barbara Hayden twenty pounds to be paid to her by installments as she may require it.

Also I give and devise to my daughter Matilda Tweedy ten pounds, to my daughter Fenc.. McLure the sum of ten pounds, to my son Lemuel Vickerson the sum of ten pounds and to my son Edward Vickerson the sum of ten pounds and my will is that the five last devised are to be paid by my son James Vickerson to them. [the above paragraph is crossed out-FV]. The above erased at my request.

Also I hereby appoint my son James Vickerson my soul executor.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 27th day of August 1870.

signed Conrad x his mark Vickerson


In the presence of

J.R. Bourke

G.C. Vickerson


i. JANE ANN7 VICKERSON, b. 16 May 1822, Marshfield, PEI; d. 01 June 1910, Murray Harbour, PEI; m. DAVID MCLURE.

ii. GEORGE CONRAD VICKERSON, b. 24 April 1824, Marshfield, PEI; d. 08 June 1884, Vernon River, PEI; m. (1) MARGARET JANE HART, Abt. 1853; m. (2) HANNAH MARY CLARK, 05 July 1861.


iv. JAMES VICKERSON, b. 18 June 1827, Marshfield, PEI; d. 1827, Marshfield, PEI.

v. HENRY VICKERSON, b. 11 May 1829, Marshfield, PEI, Canada; d. 12 June 1864, Summerside, PEI.

vi. JAMES VICKERSON, b. 28 May 1831, PEI; d. 09 September 1880, Vernon River, PEI; m. NONE.

vii. EDWARD VICKERSON, b. 28 June 1833, PEI; d. October 1900, Chilliwack, BC; m. ELIZABETH BURDETT.

viii. MATILDA VICKERSON, b. 17 April 1835, Tracadie, PEI; m. JOSEPH TWEEDY, 25 January 1858, Vernon River, PEI.

10. ix. LEMUEL VICKERSON, b. 20 June 1837, Marshfield, PEI, Canada; d. 28 December 1873, Summerside, PEI, Canada.

x. ELIZABETH VICKERSON, b. 06 October 1839, French Fort, PEI; d. 29 July 1865, Vernon River, PEI.

xi. EMMA VICKERSON, b. 30 October 1842, PEI; d. 28 September 1888; m. ALEXANDER ROBERTSON; b. 15 August 1803, Perth, Scotland; d. 26 January 1875, Marshfield, PEI.

5. CATHERINE ELIZABETH6 VICKERSON (JOHANN GEORG5 WECKESSER, JOHANN HELWIG4, NICOLAUS3, JOHANNES2, ?1) was born Abt. 1794 in Marshfield, PEI, Canada, and died 03 October 1849 in St Peters, PEI. She married ROBERT SANDERSON 26 March 1808 in Charlottetown, PEI, Canada.


i. GEORGE7 SANDERSON, b. 04 March 1809, St Peters, PEI.

ii. MARY ANN ELIZABETH SANDERSON, b. 22 September 1821, St Peters, PEI.

11. iii. CHARLES EDWARD SANDERSON, b. 19 March 1824.

iv. MAGARET MARIA SANDERSON, b. 26 September 1827, St Peters, PEI.

v. HORATIO BENJAMIN WILLIAM SANDERSON, b. 26 February 1836, St Peters, PEI.

6. GEORGE6 VICKERSON (JOHANN GEORG5 WECKESSER, JOHANN HELWIG4, NICOLAUS3, JOHANNES2, ?1) was born 14 December 1798 in Marshfield, PEI, Canada, and died 05 December 1889 in Marshfield, PEI, Canada. He married MARY ALCORN 20 March 1828 in Charlottetown, PEI, Canada. She was born Abt. 1809, and died 26 January 1886 in Marshfield, PEI, Canada.


i. JOHN LEMUEL7 VICKERSON, b. 17 March 1831, Marshfield, PEI, Canada.

ii. PRISCILLA AMELIA VICKERSON, b. 15 March 1832, Marshfield, PEI, Canada; d. 31 December 1916; m. DONALD STEWART, 14 August 1853.

iii. ALEXANDER WILLIAM VICKERSON, b. 07 August 1835, Marshfield, PEI, Canada; m. (1) SARAH JANE MUTCH; m. (2) MARGARET MACDONALD.

iv. ANNA BARBARA VICKERSON, b. 05 November 1837, Marshfield, PEI, Canada; m. DONALD FURGUSON.

v. CATHERINE MARIA VICKERSON, b. 04 November 1839, Marshfield, PEI, Canada; m. DUNCAN MACEACHERN.

vi. ALBERT CHARLES VICKERSON, b. 09 February 1842, Marshfield, PEI, Canada; d. 05 December 1922; m. (1) LEVINA WHITE; m. (2) ELIZABETH YOUNG.

vii. ELIZABETH GOFF VICKERSON, b. 01 October 1843, Marshfield, PEI, Canada; m. ? PIERCE.

viii. CHARLOTTE SIMS VICKERSON, b. 10 April 1845, Marshfield, PEI, Canada; m. NONE.

ix. ADELINE JANE VICKERSON, b. 28 March 1846, Marshfield, PEI, Canada.

x. LEMUEL THOMAS VICKERSON, b. 12 February 1849, Marshfield, PEI, Canada; d. 1922; m. SARAH FAIR; b. 1860; d. 1932.

xi. HENRY EDWARD VICKERSON, b. 29 August 1852, Marshfield, PEI, Canada; d. 1934; m. MINNIE JANE VICKERSON.

7. HENRY6 VICKERSON (JOHANN GEORG5 WECKESSER, JOHANN HELWIG4, NICOLAUS3, JOHANNES2, ?1) was born 20 April 1806 in Marshfield, PEI, Canada. He married (1) HANNAH M. SPENCER 28 January 1841 in Charlottetown, PEI, Canada. She was born Abt. 1805, and died 06 December 1853 in Marshfield, PEI, Canada. He married (2) MARY DENNIS 12 July 1855 in Charlottetown, PEI, Canada.


i. HANNAH BARBARA7 VICKERSON, b. 17 December 1841.


Generation No. 3



i. JOHN MURDOCH8 VICKERSON, b. 17 July 1863, North River, PEI.

9. GEORGE7 VICKERSON (WILLIAM6, JOHANN GEORG5 WECKESSER, JOHANN HELWIG4, NICOLAUS3, JOHANNES2, ?1) was born 15 January 1817 in North River, PEI, and died 1899. He married MARGARET POLLARD 24 May 1840 in Charlottetown, PEI, Canada.


12. i. JAMES POLLARD8 VICKERSON, b. 10 February 1842, North River, PEI; d. 1901.

ii. ROBERT VICKERSON, b. 12 September 1855; d. 24 August 1894; m. MARY JANE HUTTON, 22 May 1878.

10. LEMUEL7 VICKERSON (CONRAD6, JOHANN GEORG5 WECKESSER, JOHANN HELWIG4, NICOLAUS3, JOHANNES2, ?1) was born 20 June 1837 in Marshfield, PEI, Canada, and died 28 December 1873 in Summerside, PEI, Canada. He married HARRIET ETHELINDA WRIGHT 01 January 1867 in Bedeque, PEI, Canada, daughter of JESSE WRIGHT and SARAH HOOPER. She was born 11 June 1844 in Bedeque, PEI, Canada, and died 27 May 1925 in Bedeque, PEI, Canada.


i. HENRY8 VICKERSON, b. 27 November 1867, Summerside, PEI, Canada; d. 17 March 1925, Bedeque, PEI, Canada; m. NONE.

ii. CHARLES WRIGHT VICKERSON, b. 05 June 1870, Summerside, PEI, Canada; d. 23 December 1870, Summerside, PEI, Canada.

13. iii. HERBERT JAMES VICKERSON, b. 05 June 1870, Summerside, PEI, Canada; d. 06 December 1938, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

iv. MARTHA STRONG VICKERSON, b. 30 July 1872, Summerside, PEI, Canada; d. 31 January 1935, Whittier,California; m. GEORGE SEYMOUR, 02 September 1902; d. 02 March 1938, Whittier, California.


Fact 1: Burried in Rose Hills Memorial Park, Whittier, California



i. RANDAL ARMINA8 SANDERSON, b. 12 September 1857, St Peters, PEI.


Generation No. 4



i. PHOEBE A.9 VICKERSON, b. 12 August 1868; m. JAAMES JEWELL, 22 October 1890.

13. HERBERT JAMES8 VICKERSON (LEMUEL7, CONRAD6, JOHANN GEORG5 WECKESSER, JOHANN HELWIG4, NICOLAUS3, JOHANNES2, ?1) was born 05 June 1870 in Summerside, PEI, Canada, and died 06 December 1938 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He married ETHEL JANE LOCKER 28 August 1903 in Beaconsfield, Quebec, Canada, daughter of GEORGE LOCKER and SARAH BURWASH. She was born 17 January 1878 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and died 28 March 1962 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


i. HERBERT FREDERICK9 VICKERSON, b. 13 July 1910, Montreal, Quebec, Canada; d. 29 September 1998, Halifax, NS, Canada; m. ELMA ROCKWELL GIBSON, 19 June 1937, Lachine, Quebec, Canada; b. 04 December 1912, Halifax, NS, Canada; d. 24 May 1989, Halifax, NS, Canada.

ii. GEORGE LOCKER VICKERSON, b. 06 September 1904, Montreal, Quebec, Canada; d. 20 June 1975, Montreal, Quebec, Canada; m. ANNE EMMA DAVIS; b. 16 September 1907, Seven Islands; d. 28 March 1993, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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