The Descendants of Redmond Wall and Ann Burns

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Submitted by - William Wallworth - [email protected]

This Wall family article outdates the Wall family history that I had made for the book "Freetown Past and Present" Published by The Freetown Historical Society in the early 1980�s.

We are interested in learning about other descendants of Redmond Wall, please contact me at the email above. We also have information about the later generations.

A fellow contributor is Richard H. Wall, [email protected] - he is a descendant of Frederick Leith Wall and he would also have information on the maternal ancestors of that Wall family lineage.

The Descendants of Redmond Wall ( 1777 - 1865 )

1. REDMOND WALL, the progenitor of the Wall family that originated in Freetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, was born in 1777 in Ireland and died May 3, 1865 in Freetown.

Redmond married 1st. ANN BURNS before 1819 in Prince Edward Island. Ann Burns was born September 12, 1780 in Bishop Hall farm, Kinclaven parish, Perthshire, Scotland and died August 1855 in Freetown, P.E.I. Ann was the daughter of James and Barbara (Stewart) Burns.

Redmond Wall married 2nd. MRS. BARBARA CRAIG a widow on July 5, 1859. The marriage was performed at Summerside, P.E.I. by H.C. Green, Esq. Mrs. Barbara Craig was a widow living in Summerside. Barbara was born 1791 in Prince Edward Island and died October 21, 1883 at Ellerslie at the age of 92 years.

Where in Ireland Redmond Wall was born or who were his parents is not known. Redmond Wall, born 1777, went to America around 1795 and spent several years in America. The next record we have of Redmond Wall is 24 years later in 1819 in Freetown - Bedeque area of Prince Edward Island (at then called Isle of St. John). Redmond was about 41 or 42 in 1819. So where was he from 1795 to 1818 ? Did he had another family in that time span ?

Redmond Wall married Ann Burns before 1819. Ann Burns was married before in Scotland. She was married to William McIntosh and had two daughters, Jean and Margaret McIntosh. There is no information that shows that the two daughters came to Prince Edward Island. It is not known if William McIntosh was dead at the time when his wife Ann came to P.E.I.

There is a record of Redmond Wall serving as a juror on April 3, 1820 during an Inquest of Robinson. Ann Wall�s father died in 1825 and through his will Ann received 100 acres of land for her two daughters by William McIntosh. In 1835, Redmond Wall bought 28 acres of land from William and Elizabeth Clark in Lot 25 (Freetown). The deed was registered "the 11th day of July 1835 at or about the hour 11 O�clock".

In 1841, a census was taken of Prince Edward Island. From it we see that Redmond Wall and his family were living in Township No.26 and that Redmond Wall had 100 acres of land. In the last year they produced 100 bushels of wheat, 30 bushels of barley, 200 bushels of Oats, and 200 bushels of potatoes. They also had 3 horses, 10 cattle, 30 sheep, and 5 hogs.

In the Royal Gazette newspaper of October 24, 1843, Pg. 1, it mentioned Redmond Wall as a "fence viewer". Redmond bought from Ann, Eliza, and Montague McKie 90 acres of land in Lot or Township 25, deed registered November 28, 1846 at 11 AM. The land is in the Freetown area.

Redmond�s wife Annie Wall died in August 1855. Four years later, at the age of 81 years, Redmond Wall remarried with Mrs. Barbara Craig, a widow, from Summerside, P.E.I. on July 5, 1859. In the 1861 Census, Redmond and Barbara Wall were the only ones living at his farm, one was a Roman Catholic and the other was a Presbyterian.

An agreement registered February 2, 1863 at one o�clock PM was made between Redmond Wall and John Burns. Redmond Wall conveyed a strip of land in Lot or Township No. 25, the original agreement was made in May 20, 1832 but not registered until 1863.

Redmond Wall died in 1865 and from his obituary on page 3 of the Examiner, issue of June 26, 1865 we have:

"Died, at Freetown on the 3rd May, Redmond Wall, aged 87 years. Deceased was a native of Ireland, and emigrated to America about 70 years ago. The greatest part of that time he resided on the Island. He left a widow, three sons, and one daughter to mourn their irreparable loss. His end was peace; his trust was in the atonement of Jesus Christ, "Rock of the Ages".

Redmond Wall�s Will was dated August 12, 1864 and proved June 1, 1865. The Will also mentioned that the house was to be divided between his wife Barbara and his daughter Mary. Lands where given to his sons and daugher, but the main portion of the farm went to the oldest son James Wall. The executors were Edward Lidstone and son James Wall. The witnesses were Peter Schurman and Jesse Baker.

After Redmond Wall�s death, Barbara Wall later left Freetown and she was in Ellerslie, P.E.I. when she died October 21,1883 at the age of 92 years.

It is not clear where Redmond Wall and his first wife, Ann, are buried. They were probably buried on the farm that they lived on. In 1995, it came to the authors attention that on the farm of Sydney Drummond in South Freetown there are two cemetery stones that was left in a farm shed. One says "Redmond Wall died May 3, 1865 aet 87". The second stone says "Jacob died August 6, 1865 aet. 1 yr. 7mos. children of James and Ann Wall", there was a third stone but it was destroyed. It appears that Redmond Wall�s son, James, had these stones made. But other people believe they were never placed.

In the Wall family bible, in the possession of Donald P. Wallworth, there are the following death entries:

R. Wall May 4, 1865
Annie Wall August 1855


2. + JAMES WALL born 1819. James Married Ann Laird.

3. x MARY WALL born 1821.

4. + DAVID WALL born ca. 1823. David married 1st. Judith Matilda Clark and married 2nd. Margaret A. Collings.

5. + ISAAC WALL born ca. 1826. Isaac Wall married Jane Van Buskirk.

Second Generation:

James Wall ( 1819 - 1890 )

2. JAMES WALL ( of Redmond Wall ) was born 1819 in Freetown, Prince Edward Island and died November 9, 1890 at Newton, Prince Edward Island. He married ANN LAIRD, daughter of James and Mary (Francis) Laird. James Laird moved to Freetown from Rustico in 1835.

Ann was born ca.1826, probably in Rustico. James Wall was the oldest child of Redmond and Ann Wall and he gradually took over the farm started by his father in Freetown. The Dunk River that crosses through the farm of James Wall has a bridge over it that for along time was known as "J.D. Wall�s bridge" or "Wall�s bridge" It is still a good fishing spot in 1991.

The family of James Wall was listed as Presbyterians in the 1861 census but by 1871 they joined the Methodist Church. James Wall was baptized as an adult on May 18, 1865 at Bedeque United Church by Reverend Rich Smith. Some of the children were baptized at Bedeque United Church, by Reverend P. Prestwood on November 2, 1871.

In the 1870s, James Wall was an assistant to Charles Maxfield, class leader for the church at Newton, P.E.I. James Wall was a witness on the marriage bond of his daughter Elizabeth and William Grady on March 4, 1874. There were many deeds transaction between James Wall and several members of the Laird family.

In the Patron�s Directory for Mecham�s 1880 Atlas, it lists in Lot 26, James Wall at Wall�s Mill Road, Freetown, as a farmer and proprietor of a grist mill, saw and shingle mills. In Lot 25, he had 47 1/2 acres.

James Wall was appointed Trustee for the Freetown Methodist Church, June 13, 1882 and was present at the meeting of the trustee board on December 11, 1885.

The Examiner of November 28, 1890, records "At Newton, on the 9th inst. death of James Wall, age 71 years". Abraham Wall took over and ran the farm at Freetown.

In the 1891 census, Ann Wall and Abraham Wall�s family and Ann Grady�s family were living at the family farm. They were all Methodists. Mrs. Ann Wall remained until 1895 . It is not known where she moved to, perhaps to live with one of her children.

Two cemetery stones on the farm of Sydney Drummond (1991) in South Freetown:

- Redmond Wall died May 3, 1865 aet. 87

- Jacob died August 6, 1865 aet. 1 Year 7 months, children of James and Ann Wall

- Another stone which was destroyed.


6. + ELIJAH W. WALL born 1844. He married 1st. Mary Chappel, 2nd Charlotte M.Hillson.

7. + MALCHIAS JAMES WALL born August 3, 1847. Malchais married 1st. Elizabeth Hickox. He married 2nd. to Phoebe Day.

8. + ELIZABETH ANN JEMIMA WALL born January 11, 1851. She married William T. Grady.

9. + ARCHIBALD DAVID WALL born September 10, 1853. He married 1st. Rebecca Elizabeth Croucher, 2nd. Mary Jane Lampshire, and 3rd. Mrs. Sarah Terrell.

10. + ABRAHAM LINCOLN WALL born June 23, 1855. He married Theodosia Jane Cook.

11. + EVANGELINE WALL born December 14, 1857.

12. JACOB WALL born January 1864 and died August 6, 1865. Born and died in Freetown, P.E.I.

13. JOB SMITH WALL born December 28, 1865 at Freetown, P.E.I. and baptized November 2, 1871 at Bedeque United Church. He was not listed with the family in the 1881 census, no further information known.

Mary Wall ( 1821 - 1892 )

3. MARY WALL ( of Redmond Wall ) was born in Freetown, Prince Edward Island in 1821, and died July 31, 1892 in Lower Freetown.

Mary Wall, the only daughter of Redmond Wall and his wife Annie Burns. Mary never married. Before 1861, Mary Wall left the farm and lived alone, she probably left after her father, Redmond Wall, married his second wife in 1859. Mary Wall was a Baptist. In 1865, Mary received from her father, through his will, some property . In the Deeds Registry, there is the record of Mary Wall selling to Janet Cairns 40 acres of land in Lot 25 on June 8, 1866.

In the 1881 Census of Prince Edward Island, Mary Wall is listed in Lot 25 age 60. Mary Wall also sold one half acre of land to George Burns, one of Mary�s cousins, on April 5, 1889 for ten dollars. The land on which she resided was in Lot 25 on the west side of the road between Sears Corner and the old mill bridge bounded on the east by said road a distance of one chain, moving west by five chains, bounded on the south west and north by land now in the possession of George Burns. Mary Wall to hold said land as she liked to reside there.

In 1891, Mary Wall was living in the household of George Burns in Lot 25, she was listed as a Baptist. Mary Wall died there on July 31, 1892 at the age of 71 years.

The Summerside Journal, August 17, 1892 Wednesday, Pg. 3 "At Lower Freetown, on the 31st ult., Mary Wall, in the 71st year of her age, only daughter of the late Redmond Wall".

David Wall ( ca. 1823 - ? )

4. DAVID WALL ( of Redmond Wall ) was born ca. 1823 at Freetown, Prince Edward Island. He married 1st. on Monday May 14, 1855 to JUDITH MATILDA CLARK at Dipper Harbour, New Brunswick. They were married by Reverend George Bedell MD Rector of Lancaster.

Judith was a daughter of William and Mary Clark of Lancaster Parish, St. John County, New Brunswick. Judith Wall was born 1825 in New Brunswick. In the 1881 census, Judith Wall and her son were living with her parents, William and Mary Clark, in Musquash, St. John County, New Brunswick.

In 1850, David Wall was a witness to cousin William Burns Will along with Abraham Laird. In 1861, David Wall was living alone at his farm in Freetown and he was still married according to the census.

David Wall, "widower" of Freetown, married 2nd. MARGARET A. COLLINGS, widow of Charlottetown on December 9, 1869, the marriage was done by Reverend Thomas Duncan. In some records the last name Collings is listed as Collins.

There was a Ephraim Collings who married Margaret Stewart on October 23, 1838, the marriage performed by Rev. L.C. Jenkins. In the Directory for 1864 was the following entry, "Margaret Coling, widow of Ephraim, Euston St. near Pownal, Charlottetown".

By the 1870s, David Wall had a 100 acre farm situated along the border of Lot 25 and 26 at Freetown. David Wall sold his farm to his nephew, Abraham Wall, according to an agreement written in 1879. The deed was registered October 6, 1879 at 2:22 PM.

Further information about David Wall after 1879 is not known, he may have left Prince Edward Island.


14. WILLIAM WALL was born 1857/58 in Prince Edward Island, probably at Freetown. In the 1881 census William Wall was living with his mother at his grandparents, William and Mary Clark. Further information about William Wall after 1881 is not known.

Isaac Wall ( ca. 1826 - 1892 )

5. ISAAC WALL ( of Redmond Wall ) was born ca. 1826 in Freetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada and died June 22, 1892 at Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Isaac Wall married JANE VAN BUSKIRK on November 13, 1855 probably at Freetown, Prince Edward Island. The marriage was performed by Robert Patterson, Min. and witnessed by Jesse Baker and Stephen Van Buskirk.

Jane was born July 13, 1833 in Freetown, Prince Edward Island, she was a daughter of James and Mary (Strang) Van Buskirk and died in 1925 in Wanamosett, Rhode Island, United States and was buried there (near Riverside).

Isaac Wall grew up on his father�s farm in Freetown. He was baptised as an adult June 21, 1851 in the North Bedeque United Church. In the 1861 Census, Isaac Wall was a Presbyterian while Jane and the children were Baptists.

In 1865, Isaac Wall received from his father, Redmond Wall, through his Will, some land in Freetown area.

Around that time, Isaac and Jane Wall decided to leave Prince Edward Island.

Around 1866 the family was living in New Brunswick. In 1868, Isaac Wall returned to Prince Edward Island to sell his lands, 42 1/2 acres in Lot 26 sold to Jesse Baker and 38 acres in Lot 26 sold to Edward Lidstone.

Isaac and Jane Wall were living in New Brunswick from around 1866 to about 1870. In a New Brunswick Directory of 1867-68, there is an Isaac Wall, labourer, listed in Peticodiac, Westmoreland County.

Around 1870, they moved to Riversdale, Colchester County, Nova Scotia. Isaac Wall was a carpenter at that time. In 1871 they were living in Truro, Nova Scotia. In the 1871 census, Isaac was listed as "Isaac S. Wall", don�t know what the "S" stands for in his middle name.

In 1872, the family moved to Pictou, Nova Scotia. They lived there until after 1877. Around that time Isaac entered the track department of the Intercolonial Railroad ( I.C.R. ) at Pictou Landing. Isaac Wall became the switchman for the I.C.R. in Pictou Landing where the family was living in 1881.

They had their house on government land. Isaac�s nephew, Malchias Wall (son of James Wall) and family were living next door. Malchias Wall was a train engine driver.

Isaac Wall and family were living in Pictou Landing until after 1885. They were living again in Pictou across the harbor from Pictou Landing by 1890. They lived in a house on St. Andrew Street in Pictou. Isaac Wall was a watchman for I.C.R. at Pictou until his death in 1892. One source says that he died of pneumonia.

Jane Wall took care of the family at St. Andrew Street. She lived at the home until after 1900. In 1925 or earlier, Jane Wall was living in Rhode Island at one of her daughters. She died there in 1925 and is buried near Riverside, Rhode Island.

Isaac Wall is buried in Greewood Cemetery, Lot 55 at Pictou Landing.


15. + ALVA JUDSON WALL born February 23, 1857. Judson married Caroline Campbell Creighton.

16. ISAAC WALL born and died the same day, March 10, 1859 in Freetown, Prince Edward Island.

17. + ANN PETINA WALL born July 28, 1860. Ann married Johnson Archibald Nairn.

18. AMANDA ALBERTA WALL born August 13, 1862 at Freetown, Prince Edward Island. After 1881 it is not clear where she was living. In the Wall family bible there are some notes containing some poems written to Amanda from Minnie Purcell in New York City dated 1884. Did Amanda Wall go to New York City or did she stay in Pictou ? Amanda Alberta Wall died on March 31, 1888 at the age of 25.

In 1942, when Mrs. Ann Nairn was dying, she remembered more of the past when she was young. She recalled her sister "Mandy" (Amanda as she was known in the family) as a little girl swinging on the garden gate at the family home.

19. STANFORD ROBB WALL born February 6, 1866 in New Brunswick and he was only 19 years and 10 months old when he died in Pictou Landing, Nova Scotia on December 6, 1885. Stanford Wall is buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Pictou Landing, Nova Scotia.

20. x MISSOURI VIRGINIA WALL born June 11, 1868. Missouri married Alexander B. Love.

21. + FRANCES AUGUSTA WALL born November 3, 1870. Frances married Percy W. Mullins.

22. + JANE MAUD WALL born July 9, 1873. Jane married George A. Fisher.

23. x RUBY ELLA WALL born December 2, 1877. Ruby married Robert Fred Whiston.

3rd Generation:

Elijah W. Wall ( 1844 - ? )

6. ELIJAH W. WALL (of James Wall, of Redmond Wall) was born in 1844 at Freetown, Prince Edward Island. He grew up on his father�s farm in Freetown. In 1865, Elijah Wall was the only grandchild mentioned by name in the Will of his grandfather, Redmond Wall. In the will, his grandfather left Elijah a young horse.

He Married 1st on (October 25, 1865 ?), MARY CHAPPEL, she was a daughter of William and Isabella (Ramsay) Chappel. Mary Wall died January 8, 1873 at the age of 25 and is buried at Wilmot Valley, P.E.I. There was another name on Mary�s cemetery stone, "John H. G." but the remainder of the stone was broken off.

Elijah then married 2nd, CHARLOTTE MELISSA HILLSON on June 2, 1874 by Elder Donald Crawford at the bride�s father�s home. She was born September 1853 in Nova Scotia the 3rd daughter of George Hillson of Summerside. William T. Grady, Elijah�s brother-in-law, was the witness at the marriage.

Elijah and Charlotte Wall moved to Summerside (Lot 17) in 1877. Elijah Wall owned property on the North side of Winter street in Summerside next to that of Peter Morrison. Elijah was a house-joiner by trade. They were still living in Summerside during the 1881 census. There was also a William Gay living with them, he was a carpenter.

Around 1881 or 1882, Elijah and Charlotte Wall and their children left Prince Edward Island and settled in the United States. The next record we have of the family is in the 1890 and 1891 directories of Bridgeport, Fairfield County, Connecticut, Charlotte Wall is listed at 43 Warren, Bridgeport. This would suggest that Elijah Wall may have died by 1890.

The next record of the family is in Bridgeport, Fairfield County, Connecticut in 1900. According to the 1900 Census, Charlotte Wall is listed at South Ave. as a widow and two children is living with her, Charles and Margarette. The other two daughters were probably married at that time.


24. CHARLES W. H. WALL born April 1875 Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Moved to Connecticut with parent in early 1880�s. Living with his mother in Bridgeport, Fairfield County, Connecticut in 1900.

25. BLANCHE M. WALL born 1876 Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Moved to Connecticut with parent in early 1880�s.

26. MARJORETTE J. WALL born May 1879 Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Moved to Connecticut with parent in early 1880�s. Living with her mother in Bridgeport, Fairfield County, Connecticut in 1900.

27. ELLENOR E. WALL born 1880 Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Moved to Connecticut with parent in early 1880�s.

Malchias James Wall ( 1847 - 1920 )

7. MALCHIAS JAMES WALL (of James Wall, of Redmond Wall) was born August 3, 1847 at Freetown, Prince Edward Island and died at the hospital in Charlottetown, P.E.I. on October 11, 1920

Malchias J. Wall married 1st. ELIZABETH HICKOX on November 4, 1875 at the home of William Hickox by Reverend Jacob Holmes. Elizabeth was a daughter of William and Elizabeth (Stead) Hickox of Bungay, Prince Edward Island. She was born in 1844 in P.E.I. and died May 3, 1902 at Wheatley River, P.E.I.

Malchias married 2nd. to PHOEBE DAY on March 4, 1903. Phoebe was born around 1869 and died November 19, 1911. Malchias J. Wall and both of his wives and daughter Jemima A. Wall are buried at Wheatley River Cemetery, Lot 24, P.E.I.

Malchias J. Wall probably left the family (of James Wall) in the late 1860s. At the time of his marriage to Elizabeth Hickox, Malchias was working with Intercolonial Railway in Pictou, Nova Scotia in 1875.

Malchias Wall bought from Alexander Chisholm some land in Fisher�s Grant (Pictou Landing) in 1879. During the time of the 1881 census, Malchias and family were living next door to his Uncle Isaac Wall, in Pictou Landing, Nova Scotia. Malchias was a train Engine Driver and the family were all Methodists.

Sometime after 1885, Malchias was involved in an accident which involved a child being killed. He quit his job as a train engine driver and he moved his family back to Prince Edward Island where he took up farming at Wheatley River. They were there at the time of the 1891 Census. The census listed the family as Methodists.

There is a story told in the family about one time there was a severe storm and the roof of Malchias Wall�s barn blew off.

In the 1901 Census of Prince Edward Island, Malchias Wall is listed with his wife Elizabeth and son William and daughter Ida.

Malchias� daughter Amanda Alberta Wall died probably in Pictou Landing, Nova Scotia and his oldest daughter Jemima Ann Wall died at Wheatley River, P.E.I. in 1893. Malchias� first wife died in 1902.

Malchias then married Phoebe Day. They had their first son, Malchias James Walter Wall. Phoebe died at child birth of their second son Judson Wall in 1911. Malchias J. Wall, who was 63 years old, was probably devastated by the long string of tragedies. Malchias Wall�s daughter and her husband, Ida and John French, took in James Walter Wall. Malchias� brother and sister-in-law, Abraham and Theodosia Wall, at Coleman P.E.I. took care of the son Judson S. Wall.

For the next nine years, Malchias James Wall remained at Wheatley River P.E.I. until be became ill and died at the hospital in Charlottetown, P.E.I. at the age of 73 on October 11, 1920.

In a letter from Mrs. Violet Tyner, dated January 28, 1991, Malchias as an old man was described by his grand-daughter, Mrs. Violet Tyner, "I remember seeing him once, he was stooped with white hair and whiskers. He was wearing a green vest and had candy in his pockets." "Malchias Wall was red headed and one of the sons turned out to have a wild streak". "He was at one time a Justice of the Peace in Lot 25".

Some members of the family seem to think that Malchias Wall had another son named George. No evidence of this turned up yet.


28. JEMIMA ANN WALL born ca. 1877 probably at Pictou Landing and died June 15, 1893 at Wheatley River, P.E.I. Jemima is buried at Wheatley River Cemetery.

29. + WILLIAM HENRY WALL (also known as James William Wall) born ca. 1878. He married Maud Brooks.

30. AMANDA ALBERTA WALL born ca. 1880 in Pictou Landing, Nova Scotia and died before 1891. She was named after Malchias Wall�s cousin, Amanda Alberta Wall, Isaac Wall�s daughter.

31. + IDA JANE WALL born November 27, 1885. She married John Clark French.


32. MALCHIAS JAMES WALTER WALL, born ca. 1903 -1910. When Walter�s mother died at the childbirth of Judson Wall, he was taken in by his sister and brother-in-law, Ida and John French. He lived with them while he went to school. Later Walter Wall went to the United States. I believe that he is the same Walter Wall that is described as a son of William and Maud Wall in Boston, Massachusetts in the 1920 Census. But further research is needed.

33. JUDSON S. WALL was born November 1911 at Wheatley River, P.E.I. Judson�s mother died when he was born. His father Malchias J Wall was then around 63 years old and probably devastated by all the tragedies in his life. Malchias then had his brother and sister- in-law, Abraham and Theodosia Wall who were living in Coleman P.E.I. where Abraham had a store, take in and care of Judson S Wall. Judson S Wall died at Coleman P.E.I. on March 2, 1919 age 7 years and four months. He is buried next to Abraham Wall�s daughter, Jenny Ann, at West Devon Cemetery, P.E.I.

Elizabeth Ann Jemima Wall ( 1851 - ? )

8. ELIZABETH ANN JEMIMA WALL ( of James Wall, of Redmond Wall ) was born on January 11, 1851 in Freetown, Prince Edward Island and was baptized at Bedeque United Church by Reverend P. Prestwood on November 2, 1871.

Elizabeth Ann married WILLIAM T. GRADY March 5, 1874 by Reverend J.S. Phinney at the Mission House, Searletown, P.E.I. William T. Grady was from Summerside, P.E.I. and was born around 1851.

William T. Grady was a witness for Elizabeth�s brother Elijah Wall on March 4, 1874 when he applied for a marriage bond to marry Charlotte Hillson. In the 1881 Census the family was living at Summerside and were Bible Christians. William T. Grady was a Master Mariner.

In the 1891 Census, Ann Grady and her two daughters were living with her brother Abraham Wall�s family and her mother Ann Wall in Freetown at the family farm.

William T. Grady was not listed with them. It is not known if William T. Grady has died or if he was in another country. Elizabeth Ann Grady mostly went by the name of "Ann Grady" in the records.

Annie Grady and her two daughters were Methodists.


34. MAGGIE J. GRADY born 1876 probably at Summerside, P.E.I.

35. ANNIE WILLENA GRADY born 1879 probably at Summerside, P.E.I.

Archibald David Wall ( 1853 - 1922 )

9. ARCHIBALD DAVID WALL ( of James Wall, of Redmond Wall ) was born on September 10, 1853 in Freetown, Prince Edward Island and died on April 30, 1922 at Leadville, Lake County, Colorado, United States.

Archibald David Wall of Charlottetown P.E.I., shoemaker, and REBECCA ELIZABETH CROUCHER of Georgetown P.E.I. were married May 27, 1878 by Reverend John Lathern. She was born in Nova Scotia. Archibald and Rebecca were living in Newton, Freetown in 1879.

At the time of the 1881 Census, Rebecca Wall, with her two children, were living in Georgetown Royalty at the household of Samuel Croucher who is probably the father of Rebecca. Archibald Wall was not there. Perhaps he had by this time went to the United States. Further information about Rebecca Wall and the two children is unknown after 1883. Samuel Croucher had two 8 acre lots and a 5 acre lot southeast of Georgetown. Rebecca Wall or the two children was not in the household of Samuel Croucher in the 1891 Census of Georgetown, P.E.I.

Archibald D. Wall married 2nd. MARY JANE LAMPSHIRE in Leadville, Lake County, Colorado on September 15, 1889. Mary Lampshire was born December 16, 1872 at Georgetown, Clear Creek County, Colorado and died September 29, 1955 at Ogden, Weber County, Utah. She was a daughter of William John Lampshire and his wife Emily Jane Tregoning.

Around 1900, Archibald and Mary Wall separated and got divorced. Mary Wall (who goes by the name of "Ethel Wall") and her children are listed in the 1900 census of Leadville, Lake Co., Colorado. They were living at East 6th Street. Archibald Wall is not living with them.

In the 1910 census, Archie Wall is a roomer living in the household of Mary Gossert, a widow on Brooklyn Hights street in Leadville National Forest Reserve, Lake Co., Colorado. Archie Wall was listed as divorced.

Archibald Wall married 3rd. to MRS. SARAH TERRELL on October 31, 1910 at Leadville, Colorado. The ceremony was performed by S. A. Webber, Min.

In the 1920 census, Archie Wall and his wife Sarah are living at Popular Street in Precinct No. 11 outside of Leadville City, Lake County, Colorado. Archie Wall is now 63 years of age and he was a retail merchant, he had a Tobacco store. Relatives of Archibald Wall did mentioned that he owned a Cigar Store.

Archibald Wall died of pneumonia on April 30, 1922 at Leadville, he was living at Popular Street and was at that time a pumpman. It is not known what happened to the Cigar Store since at the time of his death he was a "pumpman". He is buried at Evergreen Cemetery, Leadville, Colorado.


36. ULRIC VINCENT WALL born August 21, 1879 and was baptized December 1, 1879 at Bedeque United Church. Ulric Wall was baptised the same day and same church as his cousin Lillian Dorcas Wall (daughter of Evangeline Wall)

In the 1881 census, he was "Obediah Wall" age 2 was living with his mother Rebecca Wall at her father Samuel Croucher�s home in Georgetown Royalty, Prince Edward Island. It is not known where Ulric Vincent Wall is living after 1883.

37. JESSIE HELEN WALL born 1880. In the 1881 census, Jessie Wall, age 7 months, was living with his mother Rebecca Wall at her father Samuel Croucher�s home in Georgetown Royalty, Prince Edward Island. Jessie Wall was baptized February 18, 1883 by J. Easton. It is not known where Jessie Helen Wall is living after 1883.


38. + ETHEL MAY IRENE WALL born August 6, 1891 at Leadville, Lake County, Colorado. Ethel married Leslie Taylor.

39. + JESSIE MARGARET WALL born January 12, 1893 at Leadville, Lake County, Colorado. Jessie married Fredrick Hamilton Neumeyer.

40. ROBERT ARCHIBALD WALL born October 2, 1895 at Leadville, Lake County, Colorado. He died young (before the 1900 census).

41. + RONALD DONALD MORRISON WALL born January 4, 1896 at Leadville, Lake County, Colorado. Ronald married Leona May Bartlett.

Abraham Lincoln Wall ( 1855 - 1931 )

10. ABRAHAM LINCOLN WALL (of James Wall, of Redmond Wall) was born June 23, 1855 at Freetown, Prince Edward Island and baptized at Bedeque United Church on November 2, 1871 by Reverend P. Prestwood. He died in Danvers, Massachusetts, November 29,1931.

Abraham married THEODOSIA JANE COOK on February 26, 1884 by Rev. Jos. Pascoe, Centreville Bedeque Methodist minister. Theodosia was a daughter of George and Jane (Doyle) Cook. She was born March 20, 1861 in Freetown, P.E.I. and died May 26, 1945 in Beverly, Massachusetts.

Abraham Wall helped his father, James Wall, run the farm in Freetown in the 1870s and 1880s. He probably was in the grist and saw mill business as was his father. In 1879, Abraham bought the farm of his Uncle David Wall when he left Freetown. The Deed Transfer was registered at 2:22 PM October 6, 1879. Abraham Wall was attending the Methodist Church in 1881.

On November 20, 1886 Abram Wall sold 47 1/2 acres of land including saw and grist mill to Jane Cook for $ 1000.00.

When his father died in 1890, Abraham Wall took over the family farm. One source says Abraham Wall was also a blacksmith.

In the 1891 Census, Abraham Wall was listed as a farmer and miller. Along with his family, Abraham�s mother, Mrs. Ann Wall, and his sister Annie Grady and her two children were living with them.

Jane Cook, widow of George Cook, and Ann Wall, widow of James Wall, sold 47 1/2 acres of land to Abraham Wall in South Freetown March 1894. Abraham and Theodosia Wall sold 47 1/2 acres of land to Randolph Arbling in December 1897 for 600.00.

In the 1901 Census of Prince Edward Island, Abraham Wall and his family were listed in Lot 26. Abraham Wall was a Farmer and the whole family were Methodists.

In 1904 Abraham Wall and his family moved to Coleman ( in Western Prince Edward Island ) and bought Hart�s store in Coleman.

On November 1911, Judson S. Wall was born at Wheatley River, P.E.I. to Abraham Wall�s brother, Malchias J. Wall, and his second wife Phoebe. But the mother died and his father Malchias J. Wall was then around 63 years old and unable to take care of a new baby. Abraham and Theodosia Wall at Coleman took in their nephew Judson S. Wall and raised him as part of their family. But unfortunately the young Judson Wall died at Coleman P.E.I. on March 2, 1919 age 7 years and four months. He is buried next to Abraham Wall�s daughter, Jenny Ann, at West Devon Cemetery, P.E.I.

Around 1919, Abraham and Theodosia Wall moved to Salem, Massachusetts to live with their son Frederick Leith Wall who gone down their earlier. From before 1926 to the time of their deaths, Abraham and Theodosia Wall lived at the home of their son at 53 Lawrence, Danvers, Massachusetts.

Abraham worked as a farm hand until he retired in 1928, he died in 1931 at the age of 76. In the Maple Leaf Magazine, CA April 1932, pg. 98 "death of Abram L. Wall in Danvers, Mass. formerly of P.E.I., he leaves a widow, one daughter, and three sons."

Theodosia died in 1945, age 84. Both Abraham and Theodosia Wall are buried at Walnut Grove Cemetery, Danvers, Massachusetts.


42. + FREDERICK LEITH WALL born December 16, 1884, he married 1st. Alice A. Hunter, 2nd. Laura Thompson.

43. + WILLIAM COLLIS WALL born June 15, 1887, he married Dorothy E. Evens.

44. JANE ANN WALL born January 7, 1891 at Freetown, P.E.I. and was baptized on October 1, 1891 at Bedeque United Church, P.E.I. by Minister W. Harrison. She was called Jennie Ann. In 1904, Jennie moved with her parents to Coleman in Lot 9 in the Western part of P.E.I. She died in surgery (appendix ?) at the age of 26 on October 3, 1917 and is buried at West Devon, Prince Edward Island.

45. + GEORGE THOMAS EARL WALL born March 26, 1895. He married Charlotte Ruth MacDougall.

Evangeline Wall ( 1857 - ? )

11. EVANGELINE WALL (of James Wall, of Redmond Wall) was born December 14, 1857 in Freetown, Prince Edward Island and was baptized at Bedeque United Church on November 2, 1871 by Reverend P. Prestwood.

Apparently there is no record of Evangeline being married at the time of her child�s birth. She is still called Evangeline Wall in the records of 1879 to 1884. Lillian Dorcas Wall was born in 1879.

In the 1881 census, Evangeline Wall and her daughter were living in the home of her parents, James and Ann Wall at their farm in Freetown, P.E.I.

When her brother Abraham Wall married Theodosia Jane Cook on February 26, 1884, Evangeline Wall was one of the witnesses.

Evangeline and her daughter were not living with Abraham Wall and her mother Ann Wall in 1891. So the last we know of Evangeline Wall and her daughter is in 1884, it is possible that they left Prince Edward Island.


46. LILLIAN DORCAS WALL born April 6, 1879 at Freetown, Prince Edward Island and was baptized December 1, 1879 at Bedeque United Church, P.E.I. Lillian Wall was baptized the same day and same church as his cousin Ulric Vincent Wall (son of Archibald and Rebecca Wall).

Alva Judson Wall ( 1857 - 1929 )

15. ALVA JUDSON WALL (of Isaac Wall, of Redmond Wall ) was born February 23, 1857 in Freetown, Prince Edward Island and died December 8, 1929 in Truro, Colchester County, Nova Scotia.

Judson Wall married CAROLINE CAMPBELL CREIGHTON in 1883. Caroline was born April 28, 1862 at West River, Pictou County, Nova Scotia and died July 1943 at Truro, Nova Scotia. Caroline was a daughter of Alexander Creighton and Margaret Campbell. Judson and Caroline Wall lived in Truro, Nova Scotia.

While a child, Judson�s father, Isaac Wall, entered the service of the track department of Intercolonial Railroad (I.C.R.) at Pictou Landing, Nova Scotia. When Judson Wall was 15 years of age he became an engine wiper in the round house at Pictou Landing, and a fireman for a train before he was 18 years old. When promoted to the right hand side of the engine cab, he was one of the youngest locomotive engineers in Canada.

Owing to his many fine qualities of head and heart his rail career was very successful, until Judson was in a head-on train collision at Brookfield, Nova Scotia in the winter of 1907. No fault was attached to Judson in the accident. He was the night engineer of the train out of Halifax to Saint John. His locomotive met the locomotive of the opposing passenger train as it came down the Brookfield Grade.

It was a square, head-on collision, and the engineer of the opposing train, John Flavin, and his fireman, a young man named Hill, were killed. Judson Wall and his fireman jumped and saved their lives but not before he had applied the emergency brake and put his locomotive in reverse.

Judson received an injury from which he never fully recovered. After that his health began to fail and he retired in 1919. The above came from Judson Wall�s obituary.

In the 1901 census of Nova Scotia the family of Judson and Caroline Wall and their 3 children were living in Truro.

In the Truro directory for 1918-19 we find Judson Wall and Miss Greta Wall, a Music teacher, at Lyman Street, Truro. Judson (sometimes called Jud) and Caroline Wall lived in Truro but they also had a cottage property at Pictou Landing, Nova Scotia. They are buried in the Protestant Cemetery in Truro, Nova Scotia.

At the time of her death in 1943, Caroline Wall was living at 34 Ross Street in Truro, Nova Scotia.


47. + ARTHUR STANFORD WALL born June 23, 1885 at Lyman Street, Truro, Colchester County, Nova Scotia. He married Mary Gordon Fraser.

48. (INFANT BOY) WALL (twin) born January 4,1887 at Lyman Street, Truro, Colchester County, Nova Scotia and died two days later in Truro, Nova Scotia.

49. WILLIAM PERCIVAL WALL (twin) called Willie, born January 4, 1887 at Lyman Street, Truro, Colchester County, Nova Scotia. He died of diphtheria August 14, 1891 at the age of 4 1/2 years old. Both twins are buried in the Protestant Cemetery in Truro, N.S.

50. + RALPH CREIGHTON WALL born November 15, 1893 at Lyman Street, Truro, Colchester County, Nova Scotia. He married Janet Gordon Graham.

51. + GRETA CAMPBELL WALL born May 18, 1896 at Lyman Street, Truro, Colchester County, Nova Scotia. She married George Herbert Vail.

Ann Petina Wall ( 1860 - 1942 )

17. ANN PETINA WALL (of Isaac Wall, of Redmond Wall ) Annie was born July 28, 1860 at Freetown, Prince Edward Island and died August 8, 1942 at Ridgewood, New Jersey, United States.

Annie married JOHNSON ARCHIBALD NAIRN on September 21, 1881 at Pictou Landing , Nova Scotia. Johnson was born January 1, 1858 in Pictou Landing a son of John and Anna (Foster) Nairn. Johnson Nairn died August 28, 1911 at New York City, N.Y.

Annie Wall has lived in many places because her parents moved several times after they left Freetown, Prince Edward Island. They have been in New Brunswick, Truro, Pictou, and Pictou Landing in Nova Scotia.

My father, Robert N. Wallworth, remembers that his grandmother, Annie Nairn, told him that her father, Isaac Wall, used to walk across the harbor when it was frozen during the winter time. Also when she was dying she remembered many things from her childhood such as her sister, Mandy (Amanda) as a little girl, swinging on the gate at their home in Pictou.

Johnson Archibald Nairn was born and raised in Pictou Landing, Nova Scotia. His father was a ship captain. Johnson Nairn probably met Annie Wall in the late 1870s when the Wall Family moved from Pictou across the harbor to Pictou Landing. Annie Wall�s father was the switchman for the I.C.R. at Pictou Landing. Johnson�s father, John Nairn, was the captain of the I.C.R. Steamship Mayflower that picked up people and freight at the railhead at Pictou Landing and transported them across the harbor to Pictou.

Eventually Annie Wall�s brother, Judson Wall, joined the I.C.R. and became a train engineer. Johnson Nairn�s brother, James W. Nairn, became a train engineer too. So the Wall family and the Nairn family had several connections with the Intercolonial Railway.

Johnson Nairn around 1880 went to New York City to start his life there. Johnson found a place to live and took a job as a machinist. In the end of the summer of 1881 Johnson Nairn returned to Pictou Landing to marry Annie Wall. They were married September 21,1881. Then the two of them went back to New York City making it their home. Johnson and Annie were living at 427 Grand Street in New York City.

Johnson A. Nairn made his intentions of becoming a U.S. Citizen on October 1, 1885, they were then living at 168 Clinton Street, New York City. He was granted citizenship on the 22nd day of October 1888. His witness was Nathan J. Wadhaus who knew him since June 1882.

Johnson, at one time, was a member of the Royal Arcanium, a lodge in New York City. It was similar to the Masonic lodges. Johnson had a gold watch chain with a medallion attached to the chain. The medallion has a crown on it which is the symbol of the Royal Arcanium.

Over the years Johnson moved up to higher positions. He started as a machinist, then became a mechanical engineer, and later became superintendent of a shipyard probably located in New York City, Brooklyn, or in Newark or Hoboken area of New Jersey. The exact location is not known.

By the year 1900 they were living at Kosciusko Street in Brooklyn, New York.

By 1910 they were living at 784 Quincy Drive. Annie Nairn may have been a member of the Green Avenue Baptist Church of Brooklyn.

Before, or in 1911, there was a labor strike going on in which some violence broke out at the shipyard where Johnson Nairn was the superintendent. Johnson, because he was the boss, had to worry a lot about the situation and also work a lot harder.

Toward the end of August 1911, Johnson fell very ill and was suffering convulsions which led to his death on August 28,1911.

Annie Petina Nairn remained a widow for the next 31 years. Later Annie Nairn lived at President Street in Brooklyn. Two of her grand-children Everett H. Hendrickson and Mildred Nairn Hendrickson were born at that location.

In 1930, Anne P. Nairn was living with her daughter, Mildred Wallworth, and her family in Glen Rock, Bergen County, New Jersey. My father, Robert N. Wallworth, remembers her grandmother living with them when he was a kid.

My father, Robert N. Wallworth, also remembers Mr. Van Buskirk, a relative came to New Jersey to visit Annie Nairn. He remembers that he had a bushy mustache. He also remembers that Annie Nairn had many visits from her sister Ruby Whiston, with her husband the Reverend Robert Whiston, and another sister Janie Fisher during the 1930s. Annie Nairn told her grandchildren stories about the family, about the Walls, the Nairns and the Van Buskirks and about the family being Tories during the Revolution.

Annie Nairn later lived at 17 Christopher Place, Ridgewood, N.J. at the Hendrickson home until she died three years later on August 8,1942.

Johnson and Annie Nairn are both buried at Maple Grove Cemetery at Kew Gardens, Long Island, N.Y.


52. + OLGA MAY NAIRN born June 17, 1883. She married Everett H. Hendrickson, Sr.

53. + MILDRED JANE NAIRN born July 28, 1889. Mildred married Alfred H. Wallworth.

Missouri Virginia Wall ( 1868 - 1929 )

20. MISSOURI VIRGINIA WALL (of Isaac Wall, of Redmond Wall) Zura (sometimes called Zurie) was born June 11, 1868 in New Brunswick and died December 26, 1929 in East Providence, Rhode Island.

Zura Wall married ALEXANDER B. LOVE. He was born January 15, 1877 in Scotland and died April 1968 in Pawtucket, Providence, Rhode Island.

Alexander B. Love came to the United States in 1881 and Zura Wall came to the United States in 1901. It is not clear if Zura met and married Alexander B. Love in Canada or in Rhode Island. Both Zura and Alexander Love became citizens of the United States in 1914.

In 1920, they were living at Wanamosett Place, Riverside Village, East Providence Township, Providence County, Rhode Island. Alexander B. Love was a Real Estate Agent.

Robert N. Wallworth remembers being told that when he was 4 years old that he received a Christmas present from his Great Aunt Zura Love in 1929 and that she then died the day after Christmas.

Zurie Love is buried at Little Neck Cemetery in East Providence, Rhode Island. Alexander B. Love later remarried and died years later in April 1968. Zura and Alexander Love did not have children.

Frances Augusta Wall ( 1870 - 1944 )

21. FRANCES AUGUSTA WALL (of Isaac Wall, of Redmond Wall) called Gussie, was born November 3, 1870 at Riverdale, Colchester County, Nova Scotia and died January 1944 at Welland, Ontario.

Frances Wall married PERCY W. MULLINS on January 10, 1889 in Pictou Landing, Nova Scotia. Percy W. Mullins was born 1867 in Tyron, Prince Edward Island and was the son of James and Christy Ann Mullins. James Mullins was a farmer. Percy died on December 28, 1937 at Pictou Landing, N.S.

When Percy Mullins was about 7, his mother Christy Ann remarried with George Henry Carmichael in 1874. Percy was a carpenter by trade and also a contractor. He and Augusta lived in Pictou Landing, Stellarton, and New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. All of their children were born in those places.

Percy was the head carpenter when the Acadia Coal Company, in Stellarton, Nova Scotia, built the Allan Shaft around 1905. The Allan #1 shaft went down about 1/3 of a mile. It was part of the Stellarton life for 47 years. Later he worked at Intercolonial Coal Company in Westville and then worked for many years as a carpenter at the Eastern Car Company at Trenton, Nova Scotia.

Percy built the home in Pictou Landing for his mother and step-father. They lived there for many years. In later years Percy and Augusta returned to Pictou Landing to care for his ailing mother who died there in 1932.

Around 1934, Percy Mullins suffered a stroke from which he never fully recovered, he was confined to the bed for two years but he was taken care of by his daughter Mrs. Charles Grant. Percy Mullins died there in 1937.

Augusta, who was then not in good health, spent her last years with her daughter, Orvina and her husband, in Welland, Ontario where she died in 1944. Percy and Augusta are buried at Pictou Landing�s Greenwood Cemetery Lot 98.


54. + GEORGE ALBRO MULLINS born May 24, 1889, he married Pearl MacFadden.

55. + AMANDA ALBERTA MULLINS born January 1, 1891, she married Charles M. Grant.

56. x LILFORD STANBURY MULLINS born September 13, 1892.

57. x UNA FRANCES MULLINS born November 29, 1894.

58. + PERCY HELMORE MULLINS born October 8, 1896, he married Georgina Mac Intosh.

59. + RUDYARD KIPLING MULLINS born March 5, 1899, he married Laura Ross.

60. + ANNE MAUD MULLINS born February 26, 1901, she married Charles Mac Howell.

61. + LILLIAN ORVINA MULLINS born March 17, 1903, she married Allister Cameron.

62. + GEORGE GREY MULLINS born January 28, 1909, married Margaret Powell.

Jane Maud Wall ( 1873 - 1972 )

22. JANE MAUD WALL (of Isaac Wall, of Redmond Wall). Janie was born July 9, 1873 in Pictou, Nova Scotia and died October 29, 1972, at the age of 99 years, in Annville, Pennsylvania.

Janie married GEORGE ARCHIBALD FISHER on June 14, 1893 at the Presbyterian Church in Pictou, Nova Scotia. George Fisher was born July 6, 1866 in Pictou, Nova Scotia and was a son of George and Elizabeth Fisher. At the time of their marriage, George Fisher, age 24, was a Merchant living in Springhill, Nova Scotia. Jane was living in Pictou. George Fisher�s father was a farmer. They were married by Alex Falconer and the ceremony was witnessed by Judson Wall and Ruby E. Wall.

In the 1890s, George and Jane Fisher moved to Providence, Rhode Island. George was there in 1894 and later Jane and the children moved there too. George Fisher was a Mechanical Engineer. George Fisher died in 1914 followed by their children who died in their teens probably from the Flu (Influenza) Epidemic of that time in Providence.

Jane�s occupation was nursing and she did all types Nursing duty in Providence. Later Jane moved to Quarryville, Pennsylvania and lived with her sister and her husband, Ruby and Robert Whiston, at their tea house. Then her sister became a widow and became ill. Jane nursed her until Ruby�s death in 1964.

At this time Jane made preparations to enter the United Church of Christ Homes in Annville, Pennsylvania. She was 92 years old when she entered the homes in June 2, 1965. Jane died there in October 1972 at the age of 99 years and 3 months.

From the letter of Frances S. Burney, Secretary and Director of Admissions of the United Church of Christ Homes, dated August 31, 1982 "..... I was employed at the time the Home opened in 1965 and when Mrs. Fisher entered the Home. We have very pleasant memories of her, she was a lovely person.....".


63. FRANK WALL FISHER born November 6, 1894 and died, probably from Influenza, in Providence, Rhode Island in the mid 1910s.

64. MARGUERETTE FISHER was born December 22, 1898 and died, probably from Influenza, in Providence, Rhode Island in the mid 1910s.

Ruby Ella Wall ( 1877 - 1964 )

23. RUBY ELLA WALL (of Isaac Wall, of Redmond Wall) was born December 2, 1877 in Pictou, Nova Scotia and died November 9, 1964 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Ruby married ROBERT FREDRICK WHISTON on August 29, 1899 at Pictou, Nova Scotia. Robert was born January 14, 1880 at St. John, New Brunswick and died March 22, 1950 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Robert Whiston was a son of Robert and Sarah (Burgess) Whiston.

Ruby Ella Wall grew up in Pictou Landing and Pictou, Nova Scotia. Her father, Isaac Wall, died in 1892 when she was 15 years old. Ruby was the youngest child of her parents. In the 1890s, she was living with her mother at the home on St. Andrew Street, Pictou, Nova Scotia.

From the newspaper "Pictou Advocate" September 1st 1899 issue, pg. 1 & pg. 8, "Tuesday morning at the home of the bride�s mother, St. Andrew Street, Pictou, N.S.

Miss Ruby Wall was united in marriage to Reverend Robert F. Whiston, pastor of the Central Christian Church of Charlottetown, P.E.I. The ceremony was performed by Reverend William H. Allen of George Street Christian Church, Pictou, and was witnessed by friends of the contracting parties. After luncheon the happy couple took the S.S. Princess for Charlottetown, where they were welcomed by many friends."

Robert and Ruby probably lived in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Robert Whiston was known as "the boy preacher" and he was one of the people responsible for getting the Central Christian Church in Charlottetown, built.

Reverend Whiston was influential in the project and was on the building committee. The church opened it�s doors on September 22, 1900.

From a letter from C. Wesley Murray, dated May 23rd, 1982 " .... I remember seeing the Whistons when he preached in a meeting at New Glasgow, Prince Edward Island. It must have been in the late 1920s......".

Around the early 1930�s, Reverend Robert and Ruby Whiston moved to the United States. They lived in Quarryville, Pennsylvania (they may have been in Rhode Island before).

From a letter from Mrs. Mildred Swanson, "Aunt Ruby and Robert Whiston owned a picturesque tea-house in Quarryville called the Robert Fulton Tea House. The first floor was set up as an attractive restaurant. Aunt Ruby did all the cooking, everything home made, many people were drawn to sample her delicious pies and dinners. Aunt Janie lived with them in quarters upstairs. They had a little country store off to one side and also one gas pump where Uncle Rob would pump gas during the week".

"Sundays, Uncle Rob, would preach at Reading Church and Aunt Ruby would play the piano and sing. He was an Evangelical Preacher and would go to other churches too".

"Behind the tea-house, they had 5 little motel cabins, each one named for one of the sisters Ruby, Janie, Annie, Souri, and Olga. The tea-house was situated at a cross-road not far from the Pennsylvania Amish colony which has become quite a tourist site.

After Robert Whiston�s unfortunate accident they sold the tea-house and Ruby and Janie moved to a duplex house. Following Ruby�s death Janie went to live at the Home of the United Church of Christ until her death. "

On March 22, 1950, while driving on the Highway, the Evangelist Reverend Robert Whiston was killed in his car collision with a truck. He was 70 years old.

Robert N. Wallworth remembers years ago hearing from several Wall family relatives that Uncle Rob always like to drive fast, zooming by in his car, to get here and there in a hurry. So there was no total surprise in the family when they first heard about the accident.

In the 1960s Ruby became ill and her sister, Janie, took care of her until Ruby�s death in 1964.

From a letter of Kerry K. Wetterstrom, dated March 3,1993, " I have only lived in Quarryville since 1987 when I started working for Classical Numismatic Group, Inc., but several of my friends in town have heard about your relatives (Robert and Ruby Whiston) and the Robert Fulton Tea House. The Tea-House does still exist and is now known as the Robert Fulton Inn, It is just a restaurant now not a motel."

Robert and Ruby Whiston did not have any children.

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