Isabella (Robinson) Warren’s Journal

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The WARREN Family

The following is a partial transcription of Isabella (Robinson) Warren’s handwritten journal containing information on several Prince Edward Island families such as – WARREN; ROBINSON; WEBSTER; SHAW; CALBECK; MOORE; COLES; GREGOR; MacCALLUM; MILLER; MacMILLAN; and other related surnames.

The following transcription is on Warren & Goldrup descendants, the transcriptions for the above-mentioned families will follow at a later date. The information has been transcribed as written. Where the writing is not legible, I have placed a question mark (?). Isabella did not write down her sources of information, so one can only speculate that she obtained her information from her personal knowledge of the various families. Therefore, when reading the information contained within this transcription researchers should consider the content "for information purposes only".

Isabella (Robinson) Warren was the great grandmother of my husband, Peter Michael Warren. She was born August 30th 1861, married John Oliver Warren, died August 6th 1945. Her journal has been passed down to Peter from his father, James Preston Warren (Sept. 17, 1915-May 29, 2001).

Deborah Brown-Warren

Note: This Journal has been edited slightly from the original to clarify some of the text - Dave

The first Warren to emigrate to America was Richard who came out in the Mayflower from Greenwich, England. He was the descendant of a Norman baron of Danish extraction. He married Elizabeth Marsh by whom he had seven children – Nathaniel, Joseph, Mary, Ann, Sarah, Elizabeth & Abigail. The Warrens were large landowners & many of them held important public offices. They served in the War of the Revolution 1741-1775, and Joseph Warren played a large part in the Battle of Bunker Hill in the capacity of Major General of the Colonial forces & it was there he was killed. After this several families still being British went to Canada and we next get trace of them in Quebec. A monument has been erected to the memory of Joseph Warren on the spot where he was killed. Richard’s daughter, Sarah, married John Cooke in 1634. Their daughter Esther was head of the line that produced Franklin D. Roosevelt while another daughter Elizabeth Marsh was daughter & ancestor of Winston Churchill.

The earliest information available concerning the Warren Family dates back to April 25th, 1768. It is an article of agreement, indented & concluded between Capt. Samuel Holland, Survey or General for his Majesty George Third’s Northern District of North America on the one part and Capt. William Warren, Jacob Stagman, Henry Goldrup, Daniel McCann & Thomas Skatforth on the other, conveying to them a tract of land on the eastern side of the Tryon River in P.E.I. This document was drawn up & executed at Quebec where the parties named seem to have been residing at that date. It is presumed that the purchasers shortly afterwards came over to occupy & cultivate their estates at Tryon on land formerly occupied by the Foys. Capt Wm Warren made for himself a comfortable & thrifty home. From 1779 to 1790 he represented in the Colonial Legislature for Prince County which at that time consisted of one electoral district. He married the widow of John Gouldrup, a lady of French Canadian extraction.

She brought to his home her first husband’s two children John & Charlotte Gouldrup.

John married a Miss Farrow. Their offspring were Jacob, James, Charlotte, Lydia & Betsy.

Charlotte married John Lord. Their children were John, Wm. Warren, James, Joseph & Charles.
Wm. Warren Lord known as Hon was a successful merchant in Charlottetown & prominent in politics.
Capt. Wm. Warren’s family were Polly, Nancy, Wm., James, Joseph & Martha.
Polly married John Foy. Their children were Jane, Nancy, Phoebe, James, Rachel, Mary, John, Joseph & William.

Jane Foy married James Woods
Nancy Foy married Mr. McKinnon
Phoebe Foy married Joseph Robinson
James Foy married Elizabeth Calbeck
Rachel Foy married Benjamin Boulter
Mary Foy married Samuel Thomas
John Foy married Mas Henderson
Joseph Foy married Phoebe Calbeck
Wm. Foy married Edith Farrow

Nancy Warren married Philip Morris Calbeck
Their children were William, Philip, James, Kitty, Jane, Maria, Charlotte, Phoebe & Matilda.

Philip Calbeck married his cousin Eliza Warren
James Calbeck married Jane Lowther
Henry Calbeck married Charlotte Robinson & Became as honored merchant in Ch’town, familiarly known as H.J. Calbeck.
Kitty Calbeck married Joseph Baker
Jane Calbeck married Joseph Selliker
Maria Calbeck married Samuel Newsom
Charlotte Calbeck married James Lord
Phoebe Calbeck married Joseph Foy

William Warren & his brother Joseph after a number of years under the parental roof gathered together their belongings & removed to North River early in the year 1800. In the absence of public roads they were compelled to travel in winter around the ice margin of the south coast to St. Peter’s Island & thence to their destination. An expansion of ice having unexpectedly drifted out from the shore during the journey, & so they had the misfortune to lose a valuable horse & a sleighload of useful furniture; the driver narrowly escaping by means of the floating masses of ice. They settled near the present site of Warren Grove Mills & in the midst of forest primeval set about clearing the land for cultivation. Very marked have been the changes in that picturesque & thrifty locality since those veteran pioneers first laid the axe to the roots of the pines & hemlocks. Years of unremitting toil have turned the wilderness to a garden.

William Warren married Ann (Nancy) Robinson, whose relatives occupied so prominent a place in the early history of Charlottetown & Rustico. Their children were William, James, George, Joseph, Thomas, John, Eliza & Maria.

Wm. married 1st Betsy Coles. She had one son Wm. Joseph who married Sarah Ann Scott who had one son, John William who married Lillian Rodd & died without any family.
His 2nd wife was Jane Reagh – issue one daughter Elizabeth who married George Newsom. Their children were Annie, Jane, Henry, Ethel & Lottie, none of these left any heirs.
His 3rd wife was Mary Harper by who he had three daughters, Mary (Dolly) who married Will McRae. They had several children.

Jane married Ken E Finlayson who also had several children. Harriet (Lill) while returning from serving one evg [evening?] was brutally struck & killed on the street. She was a lady of unblemished character & the support of her mother who was left a widow with ----? three girls to support till they in turn were able to do for her.
James Warren married Priscilla MacDonald. Their children were Mary, John, Samuel, Charles, Eliza, Henry and James Robinson
Mary Warren married Laughlin McLean & had a large family of whom several died in young womanhood & in young manhood. Sarah married John Proud & had several children.
Charlie McLean married Christine McDonald & had three sons - Wm., Allison & Sutherland.
John Warren married Catherine Rattray & had several children James, Ada, Gertrude.
Sam Warren married 1st Miss Robins & had five children Minnie, Celia, Frank, Florence, Wilton & Elizabeth & Thos Robins.
Celia married 1st Fred Wright by who she had three sons Lorne, Kaye & Edgar. Her 2nd husbank was T. J. Butler.
Frank married 1st Bertie Fowler. They had one daughter Ruth. His second wife was Alicia McWilliams. They had several children. Florence married – Valentine Spamgford, Wilton & Eliza died in youth. They had 2 sons, Everet L & Lester.
Charles Warren married Isabel Heartz, no family.
Eliza " Charles McMillan. They had three daughters & two sons, Lelia, May, Edna, Wendall & Clive. All but Wendall died comparatively young. He married Mabel Richards. They have five children Clive, Erma, Grove, Leith and Rhea.
Rev. Henry Warren married Lottie MacKinley. They had one son Wilbert A who married A? Butcher. They also have one son Ralph St. Clair.
James R. married Lavinia Warren. They had three sons Arthur, Albert & Leslie. Arthur married Mamie Small. They have one son Willie who married Verna Chapman.

George Warren married Grace Pollard who afterwards married James Howatt of Crapaud, Geo W. left two sons Douglas & William. He was a man of great physical strength.

Joseph Warren married Margaret Coles. They had a family of eight children.

  1. Joseph Warren married Jane Duffy & had three children Nettie, Montague & Harry.
  2. Wellington Warren married Martha Scott. Their family was Walter married Jane Warren no family

Hammond Warren married Sellick: several children
John Warren married 1st Miss Hardy married 2nd Miss Hammond
George Warren married Miss Gamble
Priscilla Warren married Fred Cheney
Lottie Warren married Mr. Loche
Mattie Warren married Albert Campbell. Their children are Hazel, Ina, Doris, Ethel & Walter
Ethel Warren married Mr. Storm

  1. Albert Warren
  2. Margaret Warren
  3. Elizabeth Warren married Moore Coles. Joseph, Henry, Minnie & Maud
  4. Millicent Warren married 1st John Livingstone, 2nd John Reeves = 4 children survive Philip Presont & Albert Ernest, M? Adeline Chisholm West Devon & Jos Millman of Acheston
  5. Amelia Warren
  6. George Warren

Thomas Warren married Matilda Gardiner & had eight children

  1. George married _________ Kidson; Chas., Nalilda
  2. Ann marriedThomas Green
  3. Archibald married _______ Houston
  4. Clara married James McLean
  5. John Rhodes married 1st Isabella Bernard – North Rustico; 2nd Fanny Down
  6. William married ________ Stevens
  7. Minnie married Robert Ferguson
  8. Louise married Wm. Glen Houston

Mary Ellen Warren, Uncle Fred – mar. Adam Leard

Evelyn Leard mar Fulton Clay
John Fred mar Seyuim = 3 boys & 1 girl
Edith Clay

Eliza Warren married Philip Calbeck. Had 7 children

  1. Maria Calbeck married Henry Newsom
  2. Ann Calbeck married John M. Leard
  3. William Calbeck married ______ Leard
  4. Joseph Calbeck: single
  5. Elizabeth Calbeck mar. James Robinson of Tryon
  6. Thomas Calbeck
  7. Elmira Calbeck married Richard Billingsley. Her children were:
    Bessie single 1st
    Maud mar. Leonard McKay
    Charles mar. 1st _____________ 2nd ___________
    Belle single
    George died in youth

John Warren married Ann Pollard. Had six daughters & two sons

  1. Eliza Ann Warren mar. Charles Boisner =
  2. Theophilus Warren mar. Elizabeth Scott issue 1 daughter
  3. Mary Jane Warren mar. Miles Murray
  4. Maria Warren mar. ______ Spinney, family Winnifred
  5. Lavinia Warren mar. James R. Warren
  6. John Robinson mar. 1st Ellen Furgeson by whom he had three children Mabel, J. Bertram & Tillie = Matilda May. John mar. 2nd Sarah Carter. John mar. 3rd Miss Flora Gillespie
  7. Adeline Warren mar. Duncan Scott
  8. Emmeline Warren mar. Fred Roper

Mabel Warren (Rob’s) married L.D.F. Marston no family
Bert Warren married Catherine (Kae) MacDonald " "
Tillie Warren married William Dockendorff. 6 daughters

Family of Eliza Ann Warren & Charles Boisnes
Fred, John & Grances who mar Will McGregor
They had 1 son who married Gladys Stead

Theophilus Warren & Eliz. Scott left 1 daughter – Adeline who married George Coles. She left 3 daughters, Libbie, Carrie & Ethel Libbie & Carrie are dead

Family of May Jane Warren & Miles Murray
Frank, Edwd, Melvin, Harvey & Maud

Family of Adeline Warren & Duncan Scott

Stella Scott died in young womanhood
Bert Scott married One child, a girl
Ina Scott no family
Beatrice Scott married Frank Jay no family
Clifford Scott
Elvira Scott

Maria Warren married Joseph Calbeck. They had four sons & two daughters. Viz George, Eliza, Wellington, Matilda, Louisa, Mary Jane & Philip

Joseph Warren of the original family married Ann Pollard. The old home stood on the summit of a fine hill known as Warren Hill. The property is still owned by his grandson, Joseph Spurgeon Warren. Their family was

Edward Warren married Mary Howatt
Ann Warren married James Newsom
Jane Warren married Thomas Gardiner
Frederick Warren married Margaret Wilson
Elizabeth Warren married John Scott
Sarah Warren married John Oxley
Martha Warren married Peter Scott
Charlotte Warren married George Leard
Peter Warren married Elizabeth Webster
Priscilla Warren married William Worth

The family of Edwd. Warren & Mary Howatt

Peter Warren 1st mar. Sarah J. Campbell (by 1st wife Mabel mar. Jas. D)., 2nd mar. Mary Cousins = Fred, Wm., Janie, Mabel, Jim, Bert, Ethe?
Edward Warren mar. Rosella Donald = Willard, Grace, Lydia, Mamie, Annie
Ann Warren mar. Bowley Howatt =
Grace Warren mar. Benj Webster =
Donald Warren
Fred Warren mar. Pensie Clark =
Caroline Warren mar. Nathaniel Wright =

Family of Ann Warren & James Newsom

George Newsom married Elizabeth Warren issue given elsewhere
Samuel Newsom married Jennie Walker = Frank, Myrtle, Mildred, Freddie
Peter Newsom married Alice Wadman = Fenton, Mabel, Lounar?
Priscilla Newsom married Archie Shaw no family
James Newsom married Alice Lowther
Warren " Edith Webster. Reginald, Douglas & Mary
Mary Newsom married Donald McLean = Amy
Eliza Newsom married 1st Chas. Yeo., 2nd Thomas Simmons
Lottie Newsom died in girlhood.

Jane Warren & Thos Gardiner had

John Gardiner mar. _______ Crawford
Matilda Gardiner mar. Arthur Owen
Bowdon Gardiner mar. Eliza Gardiner
Sarah Gardiner mar.Malcolm McFarlane
Joseph & Harriet Gardiner

Sarah Warren & John Oxley had one child
Lydia Oxley married William Leard

Their family was Sadie, Frank & Olive.
Sadie Leard mar Wm. R. Birt.
Frank Leard mar. Mary Cosgrove
Olive Leard single

Family of Fredrick Warren & Margaret Wilson

Mary Ellen Warren married Adam Leard = issue
William Warren married Eliza Harper
George Warren married Bethia Clark = Celia & Floyd
Henry Warren drowned
Joseph Warren married Ellen Owen = issue Fred & Ethel
Edward Warren
Maggie Warren married Charles Schurman no family

Family of Wm. Warren & Eliza Harper

Herbert Warren single
May Warren married George Owne = Thelma, Glen & Enid
Leigh Warren married Marion McPhee = Hazel, William, Hollice, Leighton & Mellish
Ernest Warren married Ida Dockendorff = Lorne, Ada, Gordon, Helen, Muriel, Kior (?), Fulton
Garfield Warren married Grace Howard no family
Rev. Gordon Warren married Sadie Dykeman 1 child Jean = 1 daughter too

Family of George Warren & Bethia Clark

Cecelia Warren mar. Edw Manson = not legible
Floyd Warren married H. T. Colins, optometrist
Helen Warren Manson mar.
George Lewis

Family of Elizabeth Warren & Capt. John Scott

Peter Scott married
Christie Scott married Lemuel Clow, a large family
Sarah Ann Scott married Joseph Warren = one son, Will
Catherine Scott married Richard Stockman =
Elizabeth Scott married Theophilus Warren = Addie mar. Geo. Coles
John Scott married Mary Ann Yeo =
Priscilla Scott married Jacob Dockendorff =
Charlotte Scott married Peter Taylor = Frank
Martha Scott married Wellington Warren =
Anne Scott married George Mathews =

Family of Martha Warren & Peter Scott

Peter Scott married Sarah Love
Alex Scott married Margaret McDonald = Margaret &
Jas. Scott
John Scott married Elizabeth Stockman = son & 2 girls
Kate Scott married Joshua Emery = Alice = MacFrazer = Frank
Lottie Scott married Charles Love = Wm Walter
Montague Scott married Eliz Muldoon = 2 sons & 2 daughters
Annie Scott married Mont Irving = 2 daughters

Family of Charlotte Warren & George Leard

Samuel Leard married Janie Collett = Priscilla, Lottie, Bertie, Chas., Walter, Emoria (?), Ada, Fred, Bessie, ? not legible, Roy
George E. Leard married Emma Crewys = Jesse, Ada & Harry
Charles Leard married Sarah Daw = Hilda mar. R.P. Gibbon = Jean & Hilda
William Leard married Lydia Oxley = Sadie, Frank & Olive (Stafford, Eldon) grandchildren
Charlotte Leard married George Morse
Artemas Leard married Mary Duggan = Leith, Marshall, Clara, Verne, Rena*
Warren Leard married Lucy Craig = Waldron, Albert, Spurgeon W., Garfield, Annie*
Prince Leard married Alice Wright = Wright, Margaret (? not very legible), Flossie
Louis Leard married Jennie Walker = Lottie, Claude B., Harry C.

* the following children’s names are written between these two lines, so it is difficult to determine who their parents are. Names include: Ruth, Lucy, Ruby, Beatrice, Alice

Priscilla Warren married Wm. Worth
Their family was Andrew Wallace Jane Margaret Spurgeon & William & Bessie

The family of Peter Warren & Elizabeth Webster

Henrietta Warren married Charles B Howatt no family
Oliver Warren married Isabella H. Robinson = Preston & Enid
Maggie Warren married George Young no family
Fanny Warren married John Moreside = Lloyd, Fulton, Percy, Jack
Bessie Warren married Richard Henderson no family
Spurgeon Warren married Emily Rackham = Earl, John & Mildred

Family of Earl G. Warren & Katie Gillis
Ralph, David & Carl

Spurgeon’s Family

Earl G. Warren Born Oct. 22nd, 1895
John Warren Aug. 29th 1897
Mildred Warren Feb. 9th 1905

Family of Fanny Warren & John Moreside

Lloyd Moreside married Nellie McKay = Marquerite, Douglas, Eric
Fulton Moreside married Dorothy Hardy = Ferne
Percy Moreside married Olive Carter = Billy & Don
Jack Moreside married Lillian McKinnon = David, Margaret, Sterling
Mildred Warren mar. Russell Wheatley = Keith, Arthur

Reverting to the original Warren family, James Warren migrated to Ontario where his descendants are still to be found. His sister Martha married Wm. Vickerson of North River where some of her descendants still reside. Jas. Married Elizabeth Fraser June 18, 1798. To the enterprise & intelligence of these family lines Tryon & North River owe much of their success & progressiveness. The worthy representatives have passed away but they have left many scions to fill their places & to aid their fellow colonists in promoting the best interests of our country.

Peter Warren son of Joseph Warren & Ann Pollard - Born Nov 12th, 1830 & mar. Eliz Webster who was born Oct 5th, 1834, in Jany 19th 1854.
Their children were

Henrietta Jane? Warren born March 11th 1855
John Oliver WarrenDec 27th 1856
Margaret Annie Warren May 23 1859
Fanny Pethick Warren Sept 10th 1861
Bessie Emma Warren Dec 26th 1863
Joseph Spurgeon Warren May 15th 1866
Catherine Warren Sept 22nd 1868 & died June 15th 1869


Maggie A. Warren Young May 25th 1882
Peter Warren died Aug 7th 1907
Henrietta Warren May 18th 1909
Eliz Warren Ap 28th 1911
Bessie E. Henderson Aug 17th 1917
J. Oliver Warren Feb 14th 1923
Fannie P. Moreside Dec 22nd 1934

In the pioneer days the Warrens engaged largely in ship building. On July 19th 1787 David Penman & Wm Warren, mariner of Tryon River, St. Johns Island – now known as Prince Edward Island registered a ship called "Success" which had been built at Grand Rustico in 1783. It was a two master 38 ft long 12 ft wide, depth of hold 5 ft. a schooner of 26 ¾ tons burden. The masters name given was William Young and endorsed to David Penman.

On Sept 7th 1787 Wm Warren mariner is shown as the registered owner of a square sterned schooner called Tryon which was built at Tryon River, P.E.I. in 1789. The master’s name is given as Wm. Warren. The Registrys ???? having been broken up in 1791. On May 23rd 1796 Wm. Warren of Tryon River settlement subscribing owner & Wm. Schurman of Bedeque are shown as the registered owners of the square sterned schooner Mary, Wm. Warren is shown as master.

Earl Warren born Oct 22nd 1895
John Warren born Aug 29 1897
Mildred Warren born Feb 9th 1905

(Transcriber’s note: The children Earl, John and Mildred parents were – Spurgeon Warren & Emily Rackham

Richard Warren who came out on the Mayflower to America had five daughters one of them Sarah Warren married John Cooke in 1634, "Their daughter Esther Cooke was head of the line that produced Franklin D. Roosevelt while another daughter Elizabeth Cooke was a direct ancestor of Jennie Jerome, mother of Winston Churchill. President Roosevelt is one generation than the Prime Minister and consequently is his eighth cousin, once removed."

This is copied from an item in the Charlottetown Guardian.

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