The Descendants of William Weatherby

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1. William Weatherby was born in 1804 in Nova Scotia, Canada. He was married to Jane Acorn (daughter of John Acorn and Eleanor Williams) on 12 Nov 1827. The Last name is also found Wetherbee, Weatherbee and others. Jane Acorn died about 1871 in Murray River, Prince Edward Island.She was born UNKNOWN.

William Weatherby and Jane Acorn had the following children:

+2 i. John L Weatherby.

+3 ii. Elizabeth Weatherby.

+4 iii. Elisha John Weatherby.

+5 iv. Thomas Weatherby.

+6 v. Robert J. Weatherby.

+7 vi. Priscilla Weatherby.

+8 vii. William Alexander Weatherby.

+9 viii. Benjamin Weatherby.

+10 ix. Alexander N. Weatherby.


2. John L Weatherby was born in Oct 1828 in Prince Edward Island, Canada. He died on 12 Jul 1901 in Prince Edward Island, Canada. He was married to Isabella Doull (daughter of John Doull and Martha Forbes) on 30 Jul 1852 in Cherry Valley, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Isabella Doull was born in Jul 1829 in Scotland. She died on 17 Mar 1910 in New Bedford, Massachusetts. John L Weatherby and Isabella Doull had the following children:

+11 i. Margaret Jane Weatherby.

12 ii. David L. Weatherby was born on 26 Feb 1855 in Murray Harbour,Prince Edward Island, Canada.

13 iii. Isabella Weatherby was born on 5 Jun 1855.

+14 iv. Rosina Weatherby.

15 v. John Thomas Weatherby was born on 12 Jun 1857.

16 vi. William Weatherby was born on 12 Oct 1858.

17 vii. Edward Weatherby was born on 15 Jul 1860 in Murray Harbour, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

18 viii. Martha Jane Weatherby was born on 18 Dec 1862.

19 ix. John D. Weatherby was born on 28 Feb 1865.

+20 x. Mary Ellen Weatherby.

3. Elizabeth Weatherby was born in 1833. She was married to Ephraim Gay in 1852. Ephraim Gay was born UNKNOWN.

4. Elisha John Weatherby was born on 22 Nov 1837 in Souris, Prince Edward Island, Canada. He died on 28 Dec 1933 in Kinistino, Saskatchewan, Canada. He married Jane Rubelle Acorn, October 9, 1866. She was born June 27, 1847 Pownal or Vernon River, Prince Edward Island daughter of William and Jane (Bollum) Acorn and died April 16, 1915 in Kinistino, Saskatchewan. Both are buried in Kinistino. They were first cousins and were said to have eloped as their parents disapproved of such an arrangement. Elisha was by trade a blacksmith, and at one time he shod horses for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He lost an eye from an accident while smithing a hot cinder burned out his eye. Most pictures show Elisha photographed from his good side not showing the empty socket. Elisha and Jane left Prince Edward Island and moved to New Brunswick prior to 1880. They lived in Montana as well and came by coverd wagon to Prince Albert, Saskatchewan in 1886. The authorities were still nervous about following the Northwest Rebellion, and as the family could not prove their Canadian citizenship, the Northwest Mounted Police seized their weapons until their birth certificates arrived from the East. The father and sons supported the family that first winter by cutting cordwood which was sold to steamboats that worked up and down the Saskatchewan River.

Very Sudden Death of Mrs. E.J. Weatherby

First Break In Highly Esteemed Family.

The sudden death, early Tuesday morning of Jane Rubelle Acorn, beloved wife of Elisha J. Weatherby of Crescent Hill, removes from our midst another of the pioneers of this district, and causes the first break in the Weatherby family circle, a family well known and highly esteemed throughout Northern Saskatchewan. Mrs. Weatherby had been ailing for some months, but was able to be up and around. Tuesday morning she awakened her husband and asked him to open the window as she was suffocating. The window was immediately opened , and the old gentleman went outside and called for help. His son, William who lives nearly half a mile distant, heard the call and hastened to render assistance, but when he arrives his mother was breathing her last. Deceased was born at Pownal, Prince Edward Island, on June 27, 1847, and was married 49 years ago, and in 1886 came with her husband to Prince Albert. Since that time they have resided continuously in this district, and have reared a family of four sons and three daughters, who with the aged father are left to mourn the loss of a mother's love and kindly councel and affection. The sons are H.W. and J.G., both prominent residents of Rosthern, William A., of Crescent Hill, and Cameron C. of Meota, Sask. The daughters: Mrs. J.H. Crethers of Gleason , Tenn., Mrs. W.J. Young of Davis, and Mrs. James M. Patterson of Crescent The sympathy of the whole community goes out to the sorrowing family, and even more particularly to the aged husband, who has been deprived of the one who has shared his joys and sorrows for almost half a century. The funeral took place this afternoon to Kinistino Cemetery, and a large concourse of friends followed the remains to their last resting place. rev. M.H. Wilson of St. Andrew's Church officiated . The members of the family were all present except Mrs. Crethers from Tennessee.

Elisha John Weatherby and Jane Rubelle Acorn had the following children:

+21 i. Hiram Winfred Weatherby.

+22 ii. John Goodwill McKenzie Weatherby.

+23 iii. Mary Amelia Maude Weatherby.

+24 iv. William Williams Acorn Weatherby.

+25 v. Clement Cameron Weatherby.

+26 vi. Catherine May Weatherby.

+27 vii. Erma Jane Weatherby.

5. Thomas Weatherby was born in 1838 in Prince Edward Island, Canada. He died on 17 Apr 1902 in Peters Road, Prince Edward Island, Canada. He was married to Sarah Acorn on 3 Apr 1867 in Murray Harbour, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Sarah Acorn was born UNKNOWN. She died UNKNOWN.

Thomas Weatherby and Sarah Acorn had the following children:

28 i. Mary Jane Weatherby was born in 1869.

29 ii. Elean Melissa Weatherby was born on 15 Apr 1870.

30 iii. Twin one Weatherby was born on 1 Apr 1872. He died on 3 Apr 1873.

31 iv. Twin two Weatherby was born about 1872.

32 v. Artemus J. Weatherby was born in 1875. He died on 29 Mar 1904 in Murray River, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

33 vi. Joseph Amon Weatherby was born in 1876.

6. Robert J. Weatherby was born in Aug 1838 in Prince Edward Island, Canada He died on 27 Dec 1927 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Margaret J. Ross was born in Jun 1884 in Prince Edward Island, Canada. She died on 9 Sep 1924.

Robert J. Weatherby and Margaret J. Ross had the following children:

+34 i. Emma L. Weatherby.

35 ii. Alma T. Weatherby was born in Feb 1879.

36 iii. Charles Seymour Weatherby was born on 20 Aug 1880 in Dorcester,New Brunswick.

7. Priscilla Weatherby was born on 29 Dec 1840. She died in 1901.

8. William Alexander Weatherby was born in 1845 in Prince Edward Island, Canada. He died UNKNOWN. He was married to Elizabeth Lockhart on 8 Mar 1867. Elizabeth Lockhart was born UNKNOWN in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

William Alexander Weatherby and Elizabeth Lockhart had the following children:

+37 i. Annie Jane Weatherby.

38 ii. John Edward Lockhart Weatherby was born on 26 Mar 1870 in Albert Co., New Brunswick. He died UNKNOWN.

39 iii. Charles W. Weatherby was born on 3 Apr 1876 in Moncton, New Brunswick.

40 iv. William Samuel Weatherby was born in 1884 in Moncton, New Brunswick.

9. Benjamin Weatherby was born in 1850.

10. Alexander N. Weatherby was born about 1851 in Prince Edward Island, Canada. He died on 27 Oct 1907 in Brewer, Maine. Elizabeth Murdock was born in 1853 in Prince Edward Island, Canada. She died in 1889 in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Alexander N. Weatherby and Elizabeth Murdock had the following children:

+41 i. Mary Jane Weatherby.

42 ii. George Albert Weatherby was born in 1880.


11. Margaret Jane Weatherby was born on 5 Aug 1853 in Prince Edward Island, Canada. She married ? MacPherson. MacPherson was born UNKNOWN. Margaret Jane Weatherby and MacPherson had the following children:

43 i. Hattie MacPherson was born UNKNOWN.

44 ii. Franklin MacPherson was born UNKNOWN.

45 iii. Lillian MacPherson was born UNKNOWN.

14. Rosina Weatherby was born on 5 Jun 1855 in Prince Edward Island, Canada. She died in 1944 in Cascumpec Area, Prince Edward Island, Canada.Henry Oliver Boulter was born in 1843. He died in 1928. Rosina Weatherby and Henry Oliver Boulter had the following children:

46 i. Lemuel A. Boulter was born in 1879. He died in 1899.

47 ii. Carrie M. Boulter was born in 1887. She died in 1889.

48 iii. Emma M. Boulter was born in 1889. She died in 1889.

20. Mary Ellen Weatherby was born in 1866 in Prince Edward Island, Canada.She was married to George T. Squires (son of Steven Squires and Anne Squires 1886 in Bedford, Massachusetts. George T. Squires was born in 1862 in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

21. Hiram Winfred Weatherby was born on 6 Jan 1868 in Vernon River, Prince Edward Island, Canada. He died on 9 Sep 1945 in Haney, British Columbia, Canada. He served in the military Jun15, 1916 - Dec 17, 1916 in Prince Albert , Saskatchewan, Canada. Hiram Weatherby military career is cut short only six months, due to old age and hernia. He married Elizabeth Kirwin.

Hiram Winfred Weatherby and Elizabeth Kerwin had the following child:

+49 i. Hugh Wallace Weatherby.

22. John Goodwill McKenzie Weatherby was born on 5 Apr 1869 in Vernon River, Prince Edward Island, Canada. He was a trader in 1896 in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada. He was Methodist in 1896 in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada. He resided 326 Woodland Drive in 1940 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He died on 29 Apr 1950 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Last name is spelled Weatherbie by Division of Vital Statistics British Columbia . At the time of his death he is listed as a farmer. John Goodwill Mackenzie Weatherby was born April 5, 1869 in Vernon River, Prince Edward Island, the son of Elisha John Weatherby and Jane Rubelle Acorn. He was a descendant of Thomas Wetherbee and United Empire Loyalist John Acorn. He died April 29, 1950 in Vancouver , British Columbia.He married Anne Margaret Deacon on January 19, 1896 in Prince Albert Saskatchewan. Anne was born October 1, 1874 the daughter of Richard and Mary (McBeth) Deacon. She died September 20, 1925 in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. John was a farmer and later when the family moved to Kamloops, British Columbia he owned and operated Northern Transfer a company involved in the buying and selling of wood and coal. He would make trips to Drumheller coal mines in Alberta to buy coal for the business. His daughter Betty remembers her father once being contacted by the local police to say people were gathering up small pieces of coal that were just laying around outside the main storage area. He said the people gathering up these small pieces needed it to keep warm and that it was all right for them to take these small pieces of coal. She also remembers her father paying taxes for his inlaws as well as sending them a monthly sum to help them out. He was strong believer in his children's education and made sure each of his children including his daughters would be educated so they might be independent and job skills, certainly a man ahead of his time in this respect. He also had a great love of horses and raised them his whole adult life.

He was married to Anne Margaret Deacon (daughter of Richard Deacon and Mary Morrison McBeth) on 19 Jan 1896 in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada. Anne Margaret Deacon was born on 1 Oct 1874 in Rockwood, Man, Now Stonewall, Manitoba. She was baptized on 3 Jan 1875 in Kildonan, Red River, Manitoba. Her Registation number is 74-06-001071 and baptism took place at the Kildonan Presbyterian Church She died on 20 Sep 1925 in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada. Death registered first of June 1925 and signed by Frederick C. Middleton, registrar general. Cause is listed as Chronic Bright's Disease . She was Methodist.

John Goodwill McKenzie Weatherby and Anne Margaret Deacon had the following children:

+50 i. Isabella Theresa Weatherby.

+51 ii. Leigh Stuart Weatherby.

+52 iii. Marion Margaret Weatherby.

+53 iv. June Jane Weatherby.

54 v. Richard Weatherby was born in 1906 in Rosthern,

Saskatchewan, Canada. He died in 1907 in Rosthern, Saskatchewan, Canada.

+55 vi. John Cameron Weatherby.

+56 vii. Mary McBeth Weatherby.

57 viii. Harold McKenzie Weatherby was born on 3 Oct 1918 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. He died on 26 May 1984 in Calgary, Alberta ,Canada. He was married to Grace Adelia Ells in 1928. Grace Adelia Ells was born UNKNOWN.

23. Mary Amelia Maude Weatherby was born on 4 Aug 1872 in Pinette, Prince Edward Island, Canada. She died in Gleason, Tennessee.

Mary Amelia Maude Weatherby and Joseph Halle C. Crethers had the following children:

58 i. Verna Crethers.

59 ii. Dewey Crethers.

60 iii. Alpha Crethers.

61 iv. Dorothy Crethers.

+62 v. Tennie Mae Rubelle Crethers.

24. William Williams Acorn Weatherby was born on 3 Jan 1874 in Vernon River, Prince Edward Island, Canada. He served in the military in 1901/2 in South Africa. William A. Weatherby stated he served February 25, 1901 to November 1 1902 as a 2nd class trooper in charge of transport while in a member of the South African Constabulary during the Boer War. After service on October 27, 1908 he filed an application for volunteer bounty #2525 for a land grant according to provisions of the Volunteer Bounty Act, 1908 . He was a farmer on 28 Oct 1908 in Kinistino, Saskatchewan, Canada. He died on 23 Feb 1949 in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.

"William Acorn Weatherby

Submitted by Robert Weatherby

In 1886, William Acorn Weatherby came west to Prince Albert, from Prince Edward Island, where he was born. He served in the Boer War in Africa and later on he returned to Prince Albert. Dad and mother were married in 1904and came to the Crescent Hill district to homestead, NW 14-45A-22-W2nd. They first lived in a log house with a sod roof. Ira and Arthur were born in this house. A new two storey house was built where Erma, Edwin, Ruby, Robert, were born. Dad was a blacksmith and helped his neighbors in many ways. In the early days Dad was a horse dealer and his word was as good as his bond. He showed his horses as teams, with brass mounted harness, and to ok many prizes at the fairs. Mom won many prizes at these fairs with baking, canning, and butter. Dad raised cattle and sheep and also pigs. The sheep wool was carded and spun into yarn, to be knit into socks and mitts. Both parents were hard workers and good friends. In 1918, a large house was being built, and six of us were sleeping in the second storey of a large granary, with seed grain and harness when Arthur smelled smoke. We all got out safely , but the granary burned. A new barn was built that year and was used for community dances . George was born in the new house in 1922. Waterhen Lake had drained in 1923 and Dad had a contract to fence both sides of the ditch. The fence posts of red tamarac came from Bannock, Sask.; some posts are still in the fence. About this time, Round Lake was being turned into a resort, by Dad. A large pavillion was built with a electric power plant, to provide the lighting for the large dancing area. Swimming, golfing, boating, fishing, etc. were enjoyed. As many as five hundred campers were there at one time. A 25 passenger boat, with canopy, was used to take people sightseeing.

Over the years Dad bought more land, most to be cleared and broken, and at this time he was considered a large landowner. Dad was a member of the Masonic Lodge for years. He was a strong churchman and was associated with the Presbyterian Church in Crescent Hill. In early years and after retiring , he attended United Church. He acted on the school board for many years.

In November 1929, Ira married Gertie Peever and to this union, Edna, Betty, Irene, and Mervyn were born. In December 1929 Erma married Gordon Paynter and to this union Ethel , William, and Patricia were born.

The same year Dad, Edwin and Arthur went to the Peace River area to homestead in the Debolt District, 50 miles from Grand Prairie.

In 1934, Arthur married Margaret Jordan: they have four girls; Jean, Ruth, Joyce (Norma), and Kathleen. This left Edwin alone on the homestead so he decided to return to Kinistino to farm.

In 1936, Ruby was married to Ray Eros. To this union Arlene, Allen, Donna, and Larry were born.

In January 1939, Edwin was seriously hurt by being hit on the side of the head by a dry tree while he was skidding out trees with a team. He was flown to Prince Albert, where he passed away that evening.

In 1940, Earle joined the Regina rifles Regiment. In August 1940, Robert and Peggy Forsyth were married. They had four children; Edwin, Beth, Gene, and Roberta.

In 1941, Earle and Dorothy Lees were married. They had four sons, Gordon, Gary, Glen, and Robert. In August 1944, mother passed away. Dad had a sale and moved west coast. In June 1947, George and Kay Arthur were married; to this union three children were born; Sheldon, Lois, and Derryl.

In 1949, Dad passed away. In 1971 my wife Peggy, had an operation for cancer and passed away six months later.

Ira passed away in 1976, Arthur in 1977, and Earle in 1978".

Margaret Ann Borwick was born UNKNOWN.

William Williams Acorn Weatherby and Margaret Ann Borwick had the following children:

+63 i. Margaret Erma Weatherby.

+64 ii. Ruby Maude Weatherby.

65 iii. Thomas Edwin Weatherby was born on 28 Dec 1917. He died on 10 Jan 1939.

66 iv. Earle Ray Weatherby was born on 8 Jul 1919.

67 v. George Weatherby was born on 12 May 1922.

68 vi. Ira Weatherby was born about 1907. He died on 16 Oct 1976 in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada.

69 vii. Robert Weatherby was born UNKNOWN.

25. Clement Cameron Weatherby was born on 22 Nov 1878 in Souris, Prince Edward Island, Canada. He died on 28 Dec 1960 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He was married to Ada Leila Wright (daughter of Jessie Wright and Agnes Clark) on 22 Dec 1904. Ada Leila Wright was born on 7 Jan 1883 in Middleton, Prince Edward Island, Canada. She died on 16 May 1929 in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada.

Clement Cameron Weatherby and Ada Leila Wright had the following children:

70 i. Ada Agnes Weatherby was born on 6 Jan 1906 in Kinistino, Saskatchewan, Canada.

71 ii. May Rubell Weatherby was born on 6 Jan 1906 in Kinistino, Saskatchewan, Canada. She died in 1911.

72 iii. Roy Goodwell Weatherby was born on 20 May 1907 in Kinistino, Saskatchewan, Canada.

73 iv. Jessie Ruth Weatherby was born on 12 Nov 1908 in Kinistino, Saskatchewan, Canada.

+74 v. Elizabeth Irma Weatherby.

75 vi. James Cameron Weatherby was born on 26 May 1915 in Meota, Saskatchewan, Canada.

26. Catherine May Weatherby was born on 4 Sep 1880 in Studholme, New Brunswick, Canada. She died on 25 Jun 1978 in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. She was married to William Jackson Young in Oct 1901. William Jackson Young was born UNKNOWN.

Catherine May Weatherby and William Jackson Young had the following children:

+76 i. Leigh Roy Young.

+77 ii. William Gordon Young.

+78 iii. Glen Allan Young.

+79 iv. Olive May Young.

27. Erma Jane Weatherby was born on 1 Nov 1889 in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada. She died in Jan. 30, 1972 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.James Paterson was born June 2, 1882 in Gravenhurst, ON. He died Feb. 11, 1940 in Kinistino SK. Additional info from Keith Solomon, grandson of Beula Jane,

Erma Jane Weatherby and James Patterson had the following children:

+80 i. Euna Margaret Patterson b. Nov. 13, 1910 Kinistino Sk. Died in Calgary abt. 2004

81 ii. Alan MacGregor Patterson was born in 1913 or 1914. He died in 1920.

+82 iii. Beulah Jane Patterson b. March 12, 1918 near Kinistino SK.

+83 iv. John Alan Patterson b. Feb 15, 1921 in Kinistino, SK. Died May 25, 1962 in Lethbridge AB.

84 v. Ila Jessie Patterson b. July 6, 1927 in Kinistino SK. Died January 1996 in Calgary

34. Emma L. Weatherby was born in 1872 in Nova Scotia, Canada.She was married to Sherman A. Rice (son of Israel Rice and Margaret C. Anthony) on 9 Sep 1895 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Sherman A. Rice was born in 1873 in Nova Scotia, Canada.

37. Annie Jane Weatherby was born in 1868. She was married to Meritt K. Prosser on 13 Nov 1887 in Albert Co, New Brunswick. Meritt K. Prosser was born UNKNOWN.

41. Mary Jane Weatherby was born in 1879. She was married to Edward Francis Davis (son of Eugene Davis) on 31 Jul 1909 in Plymouth , Massachusetts. Edward Francis Davis was born in 1877.


49. Hugh Wallace Weatherby was born in Dec 1908. Lucretia Weatherby was born UNKNOWN.

50. Isabella Theresa Weatherby was born on 18 Apr 1897. She died on 7 Nov 1992 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. PULLEN - Isabelle Theresa peacefully, on November 7 , 1992, in Victoria at the age of 95 years. Born in the North-west Territories and predeceased by her husband Clarence Leigh Pullen in 1968 and her daughter Christabel Margaret in 1985; she is survived by four sons, Jack ( Pearl ), Leigh ( Mary ), Gerald ( Hazel ) and Robert ( Ruth ) ; numerous grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren; one sister, Betty McInnes. A private Family funeral service was held in McCall Bros. Family Chapel, on Thursday, Nov 12, followed by cremation at the Royal Oak Crematorium. In lieu of flowers, tributes, if desired, may be made to the Heart Fund.

She was married to Clarence L Pullen on 20 Jan 1920 in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. Clarence L Pullen was born UNKNOWN.

51. Leigh Stuart Weatherby was born on 9 Aug 1899. He died on 17 Jan 1985.

52. Marion Margaret Weatherby was born on 28 Apr 1901 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. She died on 6 Feb 1979 in Portland, Mult. Co.,Oregon.

By Donald G. Kyle

Marion Margaret Weatherby was born April 28, 1901 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. She was the daughter of John G. M. Weatherby and Ann Margaret Deacon. Both Weatherby and Deacon families gave my grandmother a rich and diverse Canadian ancestry. Her grandfather was Richard Deacon first certified steamboat captain on the Saskatchewan River and Canadian pioneer. He named one of his steamboats the "Marion" in her honor. Her grandmother Deacon was born Mary Morrison McBeth giving my grandmother ancestors to the Red River Settlement in Manitoba. The Weatherby family roots go back quite early 1800's to Prince Edward Island. Not much is known at this time of my grandmother's childhood , so we forward ourselves to 1925 and find my grandmother marrying my grandfather Frederick James Kyle in Vancouver, Washington. They then made their home in Portland, Oregon U.S.A. Their first three children were stillborn and then in 1928 my father James was born. Six more children were born to Frederick and Marion. They remained married until June,1946 when my grandfather died at a railroad convention in Columbus, Ohio. In 1946 family returned to Portland where my grandmother worked as a practical nurse in numerous nursing and convalescent homes in Portland until she retired. She worked very hard to support herself and her family. My grandmother never drove a automobile, and took the bus wherever she went. When she came to visit if mom or dad couldn't pick up, sometimes one of us kids would walk to the bus station or look down the street till we saw her coming and help her with her suitcase. My grandmother was not tall only 4'11'' and I remember what a big deal it was to know we were now taller stay at our house and I remember she liked to watch the pro wrestlers on Saturday night. She would have made a great ringside Rosie. When grandma came to visit in the summer we would walk down the railroad tracks or drive down to where the old mill had been and pick wild blackberries. Turkey roaster pans would get filled as we dumped our buckets of tasty berries in them. My brother Robert one time stepped right in the middle of a full pan of berries. The thorns were plenty on the bushes but the reward was sweet when my mom and my grandma made blackberry jam and pies. How delicious. My grandmother never had a great deal of material things but what she did have she gave of freely. She made quilts all the time out of scrap material she gathered. I have one still and though tattered it is still warm. She always remembered our birthdays with a card and a dollar tucked inside. I think she also believed a person should have a hobby and one Christmas 1962 she gave me and my older brother stamp albums and I still collect today. My dad has a picture of my grandmother firing his 22 pistol. She would try and do about anything. We were lucky to have her.

She was married to Frederick James Kyle (son of William Kyle and Mary Ellen Gillerlain) on 18 Apr 1925 in Vancouver, Clark Co., Washington. Frederick James Kyle was born on 9 Oct 1889 in Belleville, Ontario, Canada. He was baptized on 3 Nov 1889 in Belleville, Ontario, Canada. "On the 3rd of November One Thousand eight hundred and eighty-nine, I the undersigned Priest baptized Frederick James from the lawful marriage of William Kyle and Mary E. Gillerlain. Sponsors James and Maud Wilson, Priest J.J. Conelly." This from the records of St. Michael's Archangel Church in Belleville, Hastings Co., Ontario He appeared on the census in 1891 in Belleville, Ontario, Canada. He appeared on the census in 1901 in Belleville, Ontario,Canada. He was a Telegrapher between 1910 and 1946 in Canada and United States. He served in the military between 1914 and 1919 in France and Belgium. Mentioned in Despatch by Filed Marshal Sir Douglas Haig dated 8th November 1918 for gallant and distinguished service in the Field. He was awarded the following Service Medals : The 1914-1915 Star, British War Medal and Inter-Allied Victory Medal with a multiple-leaved emblem worn on this medal for those "Mentioned-in-Despatches". He died on 11 Jun 1946 in Columbus, Ohio.

By Donald G. Kyle

Not much is known of his childhood. It is known he was in a trio and also was in some plays when young. It is not known when he left home, but it appears he worked for the railroad and went west, working as a telegrapher and such for one of the Canadian railroads. In 1914 he enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force as member of its signal corps. He served in France and a copy of his military record is on file with the National Archives in Ontario. He received an letter for distinguished service in the field signed by British Secretary of War Winston Churchill and three service medals. For may years it was believed that the bullet wound my grandfather had was a result of his military exploits, but in pre-induction physical shows he was shot before he ever enlisted. Upon discharge from the service at the end of the war he gave an address in Edomonton, Alberta. That appears now to have been an address for a boarding house. In 1925 my grandfather married my grandmother Marion Margaret Weatherby in Vancouver, Washington . He went to work or was working for Postal Telegraph in Portland , Oregon where they made their first home. Portland city directories show at that time he listed himself as Franklin J. Kyle until at least 1936 when applying for a Social Security number he showed his name as Frederick James (Franklin) Kyle as if to say my name is Frederick but I go by Franklin and since he signed everything F. J. Kyle no one would question it I guess. Later city directories showed him as Frederick F. J. Kyle A puzzle to be sure. He also gave his birthplace as Detroit but a border crossing record for his mother in 1915 during WWI shows that was the first time she had visited or been to the United States. After a short stay in Washington the family moved to Timber,Oregon in about 1942. My grandfather was working for Southern Pacific Railroad now and was working for them when he died in 1946 while attending a railroad convention in Columbus, Ohio. Columbus is located in Franklin County same name as the alias my grandfather used when first he came to Portland, Oregon.

Individual: Kyle, F. J. Event: Living Year: 1911 Place: Wainwright Province of record source: Alberta County of record source: Strathcona Comments: Day operator GTP Railway. Source: Henderson's Alberta Gazetteer and Directory for 1911. Volume/Page(s): 917

53. June Jane Weatherby was born on 4 Jun 1904. She died on 8 Jul 1986 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. "McMAHON - June Jane, of Victoria B.C., peacefully at home on July 8 1886, in her 83rd year. Survived by one son, Thomas Edwin McMahon ( Revelstoke, B.C.); one daughter Lois Steeves ( Victoria ); seven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren; also her sisters Isabelle Pullen ( Victoria ) and Betty Neil McInnes ( Winnipeg ). Memorial service will be held Thursday, July 10, at 3:00 p.m., in the Chapel of First Memorial, 4725 Falaise Drive. Cremation. Flowers gratefully declined; donations may be made to the Canadian Cancer Society. Arrangements through the Memorial Society of BC and First Memorial Services".

She was married to Thomas McMahon on 22 Mar 1929 in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. Thomas McMahon was born UNKNOWN. He died UNKNOWN. 56.

54. Mary McBeth Weatherby was born on 18 May 1914 in Rosthern, Saskatchewan, Canada. She was married to Gardner Arnold Neil on 5 Apr 1937 in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. Gardner Arnold Neil was born on 5 Jan 1908 in Boston, Massachusetts. He died on 12 Jun 1967 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She was married to Gordon Alexander McInnes on 19 May 1981. Gordon Alexander McInnes was born on 20 Dec 1908 in St. Anne, Manitoba, Canada.

62. Tennie Mae Rubelle Crethers was born UNKNOWN in Gleason, Tennessee. She was married to Wallace McAllen Robinson about 1926 in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. Wallace McAllen Robinson was born UNKNOWN

63. Margaret Erma Weatherby was born on 5 Feb 1909. She was married to Gordon Richard Paynter on 16 Nov 1929. Gordon Richard Paynter was born on 9 Oct 1908. He died UNKNOWN.

64. Ruby Maude Weatherby was born on 17 Jun 1913. She was married to Ray Eros on 4 Sep 1936. Ray Eros was born UNKNOWN.

74. Elizabeth Irma Weatherby was born on 7 Apr 1913 in Louis Creek, British Columbia, Canada.She was married to Leonard Sinclair. Leonard Sinclair was born UNKNOWN.

76. Leigh Roy Young was born on 14 Aug 1902. He died on 24 Jan 1963. He was married to Norah Young on 20 Oct 1943. Norah Young was born UNKNOWN

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