The Will of Robert Stewart (-1809, Well Walk Hampstead. Middlesex)

Lt. Col. Robert Stewart:

Robert Stewart never married and his will made in 1806 is a sensitive and benevolent document and as such it is presented here in its entirety:

Hampstead, Middlesex,

12 Augt. 1806.

In the name of God, Amen. I Robert Stewart, now residing in Well Walk Hampstead. Middlesex, Lieut. Colonel upon half pay-being in sound state of Mind & Memory; altho much ailing in constitution Doth make and declare this my last will and Testament in Manner and form following - I leave and bequeath to my sister Annabella Stewart, four hundred pounds and in case of her death before she may receive this Legacy, it is to be divided equally amongst her daughters-I leave and bequeath to my Brother in law, Doctor George Robertson, two hundred pounds and one hundred pounds more to be by him laid out in the Manner he may think most advantageous for the use of his unfortunate daughter Annabella --

I leave and bequeath to my Niece Jennet Russel, wife to John Russel, Master in the Royal Navy, three hundred pounds, also my repeating watch, all my laced Ruffles, Cambrick Hankerchiefs and silk Night Gown, --. I leave and bequeath to the said John Russel and to son Robert Russel each one hundred pounds.

I leave and bequeath to my Nephew John Stewart, son of my brother Peter Stewart, three hundred pounds. I leave and bequeath to Henry Stewart, son of the said John Stewart, one hundred pounds.

I leave and bequeath to my Grand Nephew Peter Stewart, Lieut. in the Royal Artillery Fifty pounds. I leave and bequeath to Docter G. G. Browne Mill of Bath two hundred pounds for a piece of plate as a small Mark of my Great Regard and High esteem for him, from whose Valuable friendship and Eminent Medical abilities, I have often derived essential benifit. I also leave him a Gold snuff box & a diamond Ring with hair on which I place a great value. I leave to his house keeper twenty Guineas for her great attention to me when sick. I leave and bequeath to Capt. George Riddel of Beauchamp in Devonshire my dress sword & pistols also the cane that formerly belonged to his father and I leave to his much esteemed sister Mrs. Eliza Spicer, twenty Guineas for a Ring, and would have given them much more solid mark of my esteem and sincere regard if their fortune did not render it unnecessary. I leave and bequeath to Thos. Porteus Esq. secretary to the Bishop of London Thirty pounds. I leave and bequeath to Mr. Colin McKenzie of Bishop Street and to Mr. Alan McKenzie of Portchester each twenty Guineas for Rings. I leave to my worthy friend Mr. John McKenzie of Bishop Gate Street twenty Guineas for a Ring.

I leave and bequeath to Mary Freeman of this place twenty pounds and a suit of Mourning also Five pounds to be by her given when and in what manner she may think proper to the poor old woman Mrs. Bond. I hereby direct and request that all my papers except accounts and Letters of Recommondation from the Generals under whose orders I had honor to serve may be burn't at my death.-After paying my debts & Expenses of my funeral which I desire may be decent but not expensive and the above mentioned legacies I leave and bequeath to My Nephew Robert Stewart son of my Brother Peter Stewart, the residue of my Fortune including my Gold watch chain and seals etc.-and lastly I do hereby Nominate, Constitute & appoint the aforesaid John Russel, Doctor G. G. Browne Mill, and my said Nephew John Stewart (in case of his being in Britain at the time of my

death), Executors of this my last will and Testament. And I hereby Revoke & make void all former and other wills, by me at any time heretofore made and do declare this my last will and testament as witness my hand and seal, this fifth day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand Eight hundred and six


Hampstead Codicil


13 Augt.1806.

I leave and bequeath to my niece Annabella Stewart daughter of my Brother Peter Stewart one hundred pounds, on account of her very dutiful attention to and tender & unremitting care of her father particularly during his last Illness.

ROBERT STEWART. I leave and bequeath to my niece Mary Stewart, daughter of My beloved sister Annabella Stewart one hundred pounds Sterling on account of her great and uncommon care of and attention to her worthy Mother. Witness my hand dated as above-


Early in 1809 Colonel Robert Stewart died. His executor, John Russel, sent the following letter to the Colonel's grand nephew, Robert Stewart of Charlotte Town who was the youngest son of John Stewart and grandson of Peter Stewart, the Colonel's brother.


March 23, 1809

My Dear Sir

I wrote you by the last Halifax Packet giving you the painful account of your uncle Colonel Stewart's death which was on the 11th of Jany last after suffering great Pain particularly for the last Eighteen days of his life. In my last I sent you the contents of his will acquainting you that he had left you his Heir by which I think you will come in for above Two [one?] Thousand pounds after all his debts and Legacies is paid as he left by his will me and Doctr G.G. Browne Mill of Bath his Executors. We lost no time in getting his will proved, and as his property was mostly in the Bank stocks sold out what was wanting to pay his Funeral and debts and what legacies he left to those that was in England which is all paid as far as we have heard of Doct Browne came up to his Funeral and stayed with us a fortnight when he was obliged to go to Bath which left me with the whole of the affairs to transact which I have got all finished till (?) the legacies that is left to his friends in America is claimed and a proper power given to some one to secure them and sign the stamp office receipts which with 100 pounds left Henry Stewart (John's son) who is in the East Indies amounts to one thousand pounds. I have left at Mr. Stewart' s Stationer (?) in Picadelly his trunks with his clothes, Books and other articles, the disposal of which (I) shall explain to you when I have the pleasure of seeing you which I flatter myself will be early in the summer. Should you write me be so good as Direct for me to the son of Thomas Hands Esqr Navy agent Great George Street, Westminster who will forward My letters and should you come to London he will inform you of my address. Mrs. Russel Joins with me in every wish for your health and prosperity, that all happiness may attend you is the sincere wish of

My Dear Sir, Yours very truly JOHN RUSSEL

P.S. As the Colonel's property was mostly in the Bank Stocks have only sold what was wanting for the present demands. Have opened an Acct. with the late Coln's Bankers Messers Gosling and Sharp who by the Executors orders will sell out what is wanted. The remainder will lye in the Bank Stocks till the Heir takes possession. J.R.

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