The Will of Hon William Townshend (-1817, Savage Harbour)

William Townshend (husband of Flora Stewart):

The will of Hon William Townshend:

In the name of God Amen! This is the last will and testament of me, William Townshend of Prince Edward Island, Esquire. I give and devise to beloved wife, Flora Townshend all my estate situate on Lot or township number thirty-seven at Savage Harbour, to hold to her for and during her natural life, and I further give and devise to my said wife all my lands situate on Lot or township number forty-three to hold to her during her natural life. And I further give and devise to my said wife, the premises I now live on at Charlottetown to hold to her and during her natural life, my wish and desire being that she should be able to bring up my children. My further will is that after the devise of my said wife the same premises be disposed of thus - and I do hereby devise the same after her decease between my daughters, Hester and Helen in manor following - That is to say Lot of township thirty-seven or such a portion on the same as will bring in unto them, my said daughters, the yearly income of one hundred pounds. That is to say, fifty pounds yearly to each of them and their children forever, and in the case of death of either of them not leaving children before they arrive the age of twenty-one years, I give and devise the same lot or township number thirty-seven to my sons, John Dalton, Charles James, and George, all of them minors and unable to make any provision for themselves at present or to such of them as maybe them living. In respect to the remainder of my property and real estate including my lands on Elliot or North River, Lot thirty-two, or where ever else situate, I give and devise the same subject to the payment of my just debts to my said wife, to be held by her during her natural life. And after her devise the same to be divided by my three sons, John Dalton, Charles James, and George. Share and share alike forever, not omitting in this my last will and testament my three sons, Cecil Wray, William, and Peter, from want of affection but because they have arrived at an age to push themselves into lively hood and in situation in which they may shortly be able to provide for themselves they may improve the prospects in life at present before them. And I do hereby constitute and a point my said wife Flora to be the sole Executrix of this my last will and testament. Desiring her to take the most prudent and effectual steps in her power towards satisfying all my just creditors and with as little prejudice as possible to the desires herein before mentioned.

In witness whereof the said William Townshend have here into set my hand and seal at Charlottetown in said Island Prince Edward this thirty first day of May in the year of Lord one thousand Eight Hundred and fourteen. Signed Sealed Published Pronounced and Declared by the said William Townshend as his last will and testament in the presence of us who in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereto subscribed our names Amelia Davies Theoph Desbrisay Tho. Desbrisay Jun [both were sons of Thomas Desbrisay, the Lieutenant Governor, and also William's brother-in-laws].

Be it known to all men by these presents that I, William Townshend have made, and declared my last will and testament in writing the 31st day of May, 1814. I, the said, William Townshend by this present codicil do ratify and confirm my last will and testament, and do further give and bequeath unto my three sons, John Dalton, Charles James, and George what ever may be coming to me as heir of Mrs. Diana White in consequence of a certain will done and executed by her and now in my possession over and above the thousand pounds herein bequeath to my daughter Hester and my will and meaning is that this codicil be adjudged to be a part and parcel and my last will and testament, and that all things here in mentioned and contained be faithfully and truly preformed, and as fully and amply in every respects, as if the same were declared and set down in my said last will and testament. Witness my hand this 31st day of May, one thousand eight hundred and fourteen. Signed in the presence and us __________________ William Townshend.

Compared with the original. Probate granted to Mrs. Flora Townshend the Executrices therein named on the oath of the Reverend Theophilus Desbrisay and Thomas Desbrisay Junior, dated the 22nd May 1817. Judge of Probate

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