The Will of James Feehan (1821-Aug. 10, 1848, Murray Harbour)

James Feehan 1821-Aug. 10, 1848Will of James Feehan of Savage Harbour, Farmer To my brother, Daniel, my farm at Savage Harbour, on the condition he supports my mother. To my nephew James Feehan( son of Edward Feehan), 50 acres of freehold land in the back of French Village. To my brother Patrick, my harness, saddle, four pigs, and my cart tackling. To my brother Thomas, eight sheep, two pigs and my watch. To my brother Henry, one cow. To my sister Ellen (wife of Michael Campion), my brown mare. To my brother Edward, my cart and sleigh. None of the property I bequeath is to be sold, leased, or mortgaged. I appoint the Rev. James McIntyre DD and my brother Daniel as Executors. Dated 6 Aug. 1848 Signed James Feehan. Witnessed by Charles Coffin, Gabriel McIntyre, Rev. J. A. E. McIntyre, DDOath Proved on the oath of Gabriel McIntyre on 14 Sept. 1848 before R. Hodgson. Probate was granted the same day to Daniel Feehan. Executor Rev. James McIntyre has renounced.

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