The Will of James Darrach (-1855, Lot 65)

Last Will and Testament of James Darrach (-1855, Lot 65)

Filed 17 March 1855

Liber 5 Folio 322

In the name of God Amen

I James Darrach of Lot or Township Number Sixty Five (65) in Prince Edward Island, Farmer being weak of body, yet of perfect memory, and understanding, and knowing the uncertainty of life, Do make and ordain this Instrument in writing to be my last Will and Testament. Item : Whereas I being possessed of one hundred and sixty six (166) acres of land in said Township in fee simple free from encumbrances I give and bequeath unto my oldest son John fifty (50) acres being part and parcel of said farm. Likewise unto my son Duncan, fifty (50) acres being a like moiety of the said farm and also unto my son Archibald Darrach, a like moiety of fifty (50) acres, being part and parcel of said farm. The said lands to be invested and taken possession of by my said sons, respectively immediately after my demise if they or either of them do survive me. I also give and bequeath unto my Daughter Catherine the sum of sixteen pounds (16) being the value of the remaining 16 acres of land which comprise the whole quantity of Land contained in the said farm which sum is to paid her by the said sons immediately after my Decease in consideration of which the said sixteen (16) acres of land to be equally divided between my three sons.

Hereby revoking and recalling any other or former will or wills and approving and declaring this to be my last will an testament bearing date this Twenty Eighth day of April in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and fifty three and in the fifteenth year of her Majesty’s reign.

Signed Sealed and Published and declared, date and year above written in presence of these three witnesses

James Darrach (signed with an X)

Ewen McPhee

Donald McDougall (also signed with an X)

Neil McEachern


I also in addition to the disposition of my property in the foregoing Will and testament dated April 28th A.D. 1853 I hereby order and ordain that my niece Flora McLean, if she requires it, be maintained and supported by my two sons Duncan and Archibald while in possession of their respective moieties bequeath to each son the foregoing will and testament dated April 28th A.D. 1853.

Signed sealed published and declared date above written in the presence of these witnesses

(same witnesses as the Will)

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