The Will of Neil McDonald (-1858, Brae)

This is the Last Will and Testament of Neil McDonald, Farmer, Brae, Lot 9

Whereas I am possessed of property I do will, bequeath and dispose of it as follows:

Firstly, I devise and bequeath to Casimir the land on the north side of the road and the buildings thereon erected, the land being about forty-five acres in all, and the land on the south side of the road to Michael and land on Lot Ten, being sixty-three acres timothy between Michael and Casimir, and Casimir is to help to erect needful and necessary buildings for Michael any place where Michael may appoint or determine upon, and also all my stock and cattle and farming utensils together with all the household furniture with every moveable and fixed property to the before mentioned Michael & Casimir my sons, who I appoint to pay all my lawful debts and

Secondly to provide for my widow there mother in all she may require to keep her decently and properly all the days of her life and to provide a home for all there single or unmarried sisters with means of there support while they remain....and to give Elizabeth and Martina her younger sister a cow each at the marriage, and also give Alexander two sheep and Allen four sheep sometime next spring.

Thirdly, and I also do appoint the before mentioned Michael and Casimir, my sons, as trustees to see the due performance of there pressence or to see the conditions of this my last will, and likewise, if it is now required, the said trustees is to let my widow have and hold the room or parlour with bedroom as long as she lives.

January 21st, 1858

Properly attended to by Neil McDonald (his X)

Witnessed by John McDonald and John Beaton

Signed and sealed in the presence of the aforsaid witnesses and in the presence of each other.

Trustees Casimir McDonald and Michael McDonald

This will was proved on the 30th July 1858 on....of John McDonald, a ....witness.

C. Young
Judge of Probate

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