The Last Will and Testament of James Power (-1869, Fort Augustus)

The Last Will and Testament of James Power (-1869, Fort Augustus)

In the name of God Amen

I, James Power, of Fort Augustus, Prince Edward Island, farmer, being weak in health but of sound memory and understanding, do make these presents my last will and testament. Revoking and anulling all or any other will or wills preporting to be made by me to this present date.

In the first place, I bequeath to my son, John Power, my farm of land of 100 acres at Fort Augustus on which I at present reside, subject to the provisions here and after mentioned, but over which farm he is to have no authroity, jurisdition or ownership during the lifetime of his mother.

I bequeath to my son, James Power, 50 acres of land on the said Fort Augustus road, which I purchased from James Mitchell, together with the 100 acres of land which I bought from the Government in Township #38 in King's County, but over either of which farms he shall not have to sell, convey, or dispose of without consent in writing of his mother, first had and obtained during her lifetime.

And I further order and direct that my son, John Power, shall assist and pay the one half of the costs and charges of building a proper and sufficient dwelling house for my said son, James Power, on the aforesaid 50 acres, provided my said son, James, shall come home and cause the said dwelling house to be built before the end of 5 years from this date.

I bequeath my good cow to my daughter, Mary Dalton.

And 1 good cow or the value thereof, to the Rev. Thomas Phelan, to be expended for cheritable purposes, as he may think right and proper. I also bequeath and direct the sum of 20 pounds lawful money of this island to be paid by my son, John Power, out of my said farm and property on which I am now resideing as aforesaid, to my daughter Margaret Power.

All the residue of my effects and property, I bequeath, to my wife Catherine Power, whom I hereby constitute and appoint together with my brother, John Power, of Township #48, to be my full and lawful executrix and executor of this my last will and testament, to which I hereunto subscribe my hand and seal this 8th day of February in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty Nine, (1869).

James X Power

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