The Will of Thomas Howard (bef. 1875, Clyde River)

The Last Will and Testament of Thomas Howard (bef. 1875, Clyde River)

FHL Film 86203

Will books, V. 8, 1868 1875

Will of Thomas Howard, died bef. 1875 p. 136 - 137

This is the last Will and Testament of me Thomas Howard of Clyde River Lot (31) Thirty one in Queens County Prince Edward Island Farmer.

Firstly I direct that all my just debts and Funeral and Testamentary Expenses be paid and satisfied by my Executors hereafter named as soon as conveniently may be after my decease and secondly I direct that it shall be lawful for my Executors or the Survivor of them, or The Trustee or Trustees or Administrators for the times of this my Will to pay and apply the whole or such part of the Rent intrest [sic] or profit arising out of the proper management of my estate and effects both personal and real as they in their discretion may think proper for the comfortable support of my children until they attain their majority. I further direct that my daughters Ann, Jane Sarah Elizabeth Helen and Jane Hearly shall each receive from my Executors out of my Estate the sum of twenty five pounds (25) of lawful money of Prince Edward Island to be paid to them when my Executors shall deem most [?] I further devise that if there be male offspring born to me of my present wife Margret he should receive out of my Estate the sum of 100) one hundred pounds of lawful money of Prince Edward Island when he attains the age of (21) twenty one years. If the offspring be female she shall receive the same as my other daughters provided that my wife Margret shall [?sufficient] maintain said offspring out of her right of Dower but if my wife Margret shall die previous to said offspring attaining his or her majority then he or she shall be maintained and supported by my Executors, the same as the other children already mentioned And further I bequeath to my Sons William Charles and Thomas Wellington Perkins all my estate personal and real / after the bequest legacies and demands herein mentioned may be satisfied and paid / for their sole use and benefit forever and I hereby authorise and impower [sic] my executors to make such division of my Estate between my above named sons as they may deem proper. I also nominate constitute and appoint Richard Hearly, James Howard, and John Howard, to be Executors of this my will hereby revoking all former or other wills and Testaments by me at any time [ _ ] made I declare this to be my last [*] day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty nine

signed by the said testator and
acknowledged by him to be his
last will & Testament in the presence
of us present at the same time
and subscribed by us as witnesses
in the presence of said Testament
of each other

Thomas x Howard

W. W. Perkins
Ben[?] Hearly


Recorded twice by mistake of Registrar

See pp 134-135 entry

* last line of page missing from copy used to transcribed

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