The Will of William Webster (-1876, Lot 65)

The Will of William Webster (-1876, Lot 65)

Liber 9 Folio 117

In the name of God. Amen.

I William Webster of Lot or Township number sixty five in Queens County, Prince Edward Island, Farmer being of sound and disposing mind Memory and understanding, but weak in body considering the uncertainty of human life do make and publish this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following that is to say I give my immortal Spirit into God who gave it me and my body to the Earth to be decently interred after my decease and as respect such worldly estate as it happened the father of Mercies to bless me with. I will and dispose of the same as follows.- My just debts and funeral expenses being first paid. - I give and bequeath unto my daughter Mary one feather bed and bedding, that is the bed I now sleep on, and that my son Horatio pay her the sum of twenty pounds P.E.I. Currency six months after my decease. And my further will is that my said daughter Mary shall have her maintenance and support out of the providence of the farm bequeathed to Horatio and reside in my house as long as she continues unmarried. I give and devise to my son John Webster all that portion of my farm of One hundred acres, which is bounded on the North by the high road on the East by the boundary line of Captain Ewen McMillan's land and on the south and west by the brook which runs through my farm. I also give and bequeath to John all that portion of my said farm bounded on the East by the said Ewen McMillan's land having a front of five and a half chains on Thomas Griffins land and running back then by parallel lines to the said brook. To hold the said two o?eral ?? or parcels of land, separated only by the brook unto my said son John Webster his heirs and afsigns forever last. I hereby charge my said son John and his heirs not to sell or dispose of any portions of this land I devised to him and them to any person whatever without making or giving the first offer to one of his own family. I give and bequeath to my daughter Catherine ten pounds P.E.I. Currency, to be paid her by my son Horatio Twelve months after my decease. I give devise and bequeath to my son Horatio Webster all the residues and remainder of my land linements and hereditemens and also all the residue of my personal estate howsoever and where so ever situate at the time of my decease, to hold the same to him the said Horatio Webster, his heirs and assigns for ever, subject however to the payment of the aforesaid ten pounds to my daughter Catherine in manner before directed by this my will also subject to the payment of the sum directed in manner herein bequest directed to my daughter Mary. And I charge and device and bequest to my son Horatio with the maintenance and support of my daughter Mary in manner as here in before by this my will directed. And my further will is that my daughter Mary shall have all and the best medical advice and attendance which she may at any time require as long as she resides on the farm.
And I hereby charge the suns to my son Horatio here before made with the fulfillment of this my will and desire. And my will in that John shall and do pay the yearly rent of his portion of the land hereby devised to him, to the proprietor thereof; and in like manner Horatio is to pay the yearly rent of his portion of the land or share of my farm by this my will devised to him. My further will is that the foregoing devise to my son Horatio shall be subject to the following conditions, that is to say, My son John shall have a road or right of way leading from his share of my farm hereby devised to him (John) through the residence of my farm by this my will devised to Horatio to the shore for the purpose of hauling seaweed mud for manure or any purpose he may desire. Also I give and bequeath to my said son John one quarter of a road of land on Horatio's share for the purpose of laying on wood or manner or otherwise as he John may have occasion for from time to time and at al times to hold the said right of way and the said quarter of wood of land as aforesaid to my son John and his heirs and assigns for ever.
And I hereby appoint my friends Ewen McWilliam Esq. of Lot or Township No sixty five and Neil Currie of the same township Merchant executors of this my last will and testament, and lastly I hereby revoke annul and make void all former Will and wills or other testaments dispositions by one at any time here in before made and do declare these present only to be and contain my Last Will and Testament.
In Witness whereto I the said William Webster have to this my last will and testament set my hand and affixed my seal this Eleventh day of February in the year of Our Lord one thousand Eight Hundred and seventy two.

William Webster

Signed Sealed and Delivered in the presence of
Samuel C Gunn P. Minister
John McMillan

In the Probate Court
39 Vic A.D. 1876
P.E. Island Let
The foregoing will having been presented for Probate The Rev, Samuel G Gunn in said Island one of the subscribing witnesses thereto made oath that he was present and did see the Testator sign his name and affix his seal thereto, and heard him publish ad declare the same as and for his last Will and Testament, that where Testator so did he was sound disposing mind and memory according to this disponents best discerning; That he subscribed his name as a witness thereto in the presence of Testator, and that John McWilliam subscribed his name as a witness thereto at the same time.

S. C. Gunn

Sworn to at Chambers
This fourth day of April A.D. 1876 Before Me
Charles Young
Judge of Probate

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