The Will of John McNeill (B. ca. 1802-Colonsay, d. 25 June 1878, New Perth)

The Last Will and Testament of John McNeill (B. ca. 1802-Colonsay, d. 25 June 1878, New Perth)

In the name of God Amen—I John MacNeill (sic) of New Perth Township Number 51 Kings County Prince Edward Island in the Dominion of Canada Teacher and Farmer being in the enjoyment of my usual good health and of Sound disposing mind memory and understanding but knowing the uncertainty of life do make and publish this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following that is to say:-

1st I give, devise, and bequeath to my Sons Simeon D. and Hamilton G. in fee the farm and premises on which I now reside comprising One Hundred acres situate at New Perth aforesaid with all buildings and appurtenances to the same belonging and all my horses, cattle, Farm Stock, Household furniture and effects on the said farm except as hereinafter mentioned subject to the following conditions namely the said Hamilton G. to take his share as soon as he becomes of age also that the said Simeon D. and Hamilton G. will pay to James A. in lieu of his former claim the Sum of One Thousand Dollars Lawful Currency of Prince Edward Island also that the said Simeon D. & Hamilton G. will pay to Caleb H. whatever claim he may have against the Property—

Also that the said Simeon D. and Hamilton G. shall maintain their mother my dearly beloved wife Barbara on the said Farm providing her with all things necessary to her convenience and comfort during the term of her natural life. But should she desire to leave the said Farm that the said Simeon D. and Hamilton G. their Heirs Executors or administrators shall pay her a yearly amount of not less than Sixty four Dollars and Eighty Eight cents per annum and at the same rate for part of a year during her lifetime and which annuity I change upon the said farm—The above mentioned maintenance or annuity to be in full satisfaction of her dower.

2nd I give and bequeath to my said dear wife all my money in the savings bank in Charlottetown, whatever the same may amount to I also bequeath to her my Eight day clock, a sofa, and my largest table with any other articles of Furniture which I may have bought with my own money irrespective of the produce of the Farm and which articles are known to my wife and my said Sons Simeon D. and Hamilton G. The bedclothing in the House not required by my wife for her own use I desire shall be divided by her amongst my children as She may think right.

3rd Having already provided to the best of my means for my sons Josiah William and John Thomas I leave to my said sons one Dollar each

4th My youngest Son Roland Hill I leave to the discretion of his mother and my sons Simeon D. and Hamilton G. to be dealt with by them as they see fit-- Provided always and I do hereby declare that nothing in this my Will contained Shall interfere to prevent my Said Sons Simeon D. and Hamilton G. making absolute Sale of the said farm if they shall be minded to do so during the lifetime of their mother but if they should do so it is my will that their mother (my said dear wife) shall receive at least the sum of Six Hundred and Forty Eight Dollars and Eighty Eight Cents out of the proceeds or purchase money of the said Farm in lieu of her maintenance off the Farm or the annuity above mentioned—

And from the time of Such Sale the obligations of this my Will imposed upon my Said Sons Simeon D. and Hamilton G. in regards to the maintenance Education or assistance to be rendered to my youngest son shall cease and determine, the said sum of Six Hundred and Forty Eight Dollars to be paid to my said wife out of the proceeds of the Said Farm to be in full Satisfaction of all her Dower at Common Law or otherwise.

I appoint James MacLean Esq. of Brudnell River and John MacLean Esq. of New Perth Executors of this my Will.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and Seal this Thirty-first day of May 1878.

John McNeill (& seal)

(witnessed by Edward Lane and Henry Harper)

(filed June 6, 1879 and allowed November 29, 1882)

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