The Will of Elizabeth Smith (-1991, Winsloe Road)

The Will of Elizabeth Smith (-1991, Winsloe Road)

(Transcribed by Ken Smith from a photocopy of the original)

"In the name of God. Amen

Eliza Smith of Winsloe Road, township number thirty three Queens County in Prince Edward Island widow declare this to be my last will and testament. I wish to be Beried on my old homestead wheir I have pointed out and in a plain coffin, without hat bans crape or gloves and I request that non of my family shall wear no morning for me. I wish four of my porest neighbours to cary my bodie to its resting place and that a dollar be given to each for thair trubbel. I appoint George Smith my son my executor for this my last will. I give my Cloths and Bead Clothes and bead to the person who shall a tond me unto my last nead. If there is any money left I request that my Grand son Albert Smith is to have ten dollars for his kindness to me. I give to my grand daughter Ida Smith my chest drawers and to my grand daughter Eva Smith Rookery glase and to my grand daughter Angelena my Crochetware and hard wood label. What money is left if any is to be equally divided between George Smith, Henry Smith, Charles Smith and John Smith’s 10 children."

Signed by the testator in the presence of us and at her request have … our names;

"John ..nghid" (?), "Samuel Saunders"

Signed "Eliza Smith"

Made 2 April 1880

Proved 20 September 1881

Source: Probate Records 1807-1901, Prince Edward Island, Wills Vol. 10-11, 1880-1887, GSU Film #864639

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