The Will of Benjamin Webster (-1882, Lot 36)

The Will of Benjamin Webster (-1882, Lot 36)

Liber 10 Folio 428

In the name of God. Amen.
I Benjamin Webster of Five Houses Township number Thirty-six Queens County Prince Edward Island Farmer doth hereby publish and declare the following to be my last will and Testament.
My farm of land on which I now reside situated in said Township and Island fronting on East River containing (183) one hundred and eighty-three acres. My Horses, Cattle Sheep and stock of every description. My Farming implements and machinery and everything in to about or belonging to my hose and premises I bequeath to my grand children being the children of my son William Webster to be fair and equally divided amongst them. he the said William Webster to have charge and act as guardian until the youngest thereof my come of age and that they the said children of the said William Webster shall have hold use and possess my said farm of land, stock, farming implements and everything mentioned aforesaid free from any annoyances or molestation from any person or persons whatsoever.
I bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Webster the sum of one dollar, and to my son William Webster aforesaid I bequeath the sum of two dollars being already otherwise provided for.
I hereby appoint as Executors to this My last Will and Testament John Callaghan of Glenfinnan Lot 35 Prince Edward Island farmer and Lucius O. Kelly of Fort Augustus Township number Thirty six in said Island farmer.
In witness whereof I hereby set my hand this ninth day of September one thousand eight hundred and eighty two.

Signed with his mark
Benjamin X Webster

Signed by the said Benjamin Webster in our presence and by us in his presence and in the presence of each other.

Lucius O Kelly
John Callaghan

In Probate Court
46th Vic. A.D. 1882
P.E. Island LSE
The annexed Will of the late Benjamin Webster of Lot 36, Queens Co Farmer having been presented for Probate Lucius O'Kelly - one of the subscribing witnesses thereto, made oath , that he was present, and did see the said Testator sign his name thereto (by making his mark) and heard him publish and declare the same as and for his last Will and Testament, that when Testator so did he was of sound disposing mind and memory according to this Deponents best discerning, that he subscribed his name as a Witness thereto on the presence of the Testator, and that John Callaghan subscribed his name as a Witness thereto at the same time.

Lucius O'Kelly

Sworn is at Chambers
This 10th day of October A. D. 1882 Before me.
Signed John G. J. Weldon

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