The Last Will and Testament of John C McKinnon ( - 1899, DeSable)

The Last Will and Testament of John C McKinnon ( - 1899, DeSable)

Researched at Public Archives by S Smith
Transcribed by Paul Mac Kinnon

Transcriber’s Note: This John C. McKinnon is not of my line, but this Will was pulled in research of my family and is presented to aid the research of other MacKinnon’s.

This is the last will and testament of me John C. McKinnon of DeSable Lot Twenty Nine in Queens County in Prince Edward Island Dominion of Canada farmer. I hereby appoint my trusty friends John McKinnon (Dougald’s son) and Ewen D. McKinnon both of Canoe Cove Lot 65 Executors of this my will.

And as to my Estate which consists of cash on or about the sum of Seven Hundred Dollars and Notes of Hand amounting to the sum of about One Hundred and Ninety Eight Dollars due in fifteen months from the 23rd day of August Instant. I first order my Executors above named to pay there from all my Just debts and funeral Expenses and testamentary charges and the balance which shall remain thereafter I give and bequeath to my Nephew John Archibald McKinnon to have the same for his own use and benefit.

As witness I have hereunto signed my name and proclaimed this as and for my last will and testament in presence of witnesses whose names are hereto signed.


(Signed) John C. X McKinnon



Signed delivered and proclaimed as and for
his last will and testament by the above named
testator John C. McKinnon in the presence of
us who at his request and in his presence and
in the presence of each other have signed our names as witnesses

(Signed) John McKinnon
( " ) Neil S. McKenzie


This will was proved on the 15th day of November 1899 on the oath of John McKinnon one of the subscribing witnesses thereto and was Filed and Registered the same day – Probate was also granted the same day to both Executors.

As Certified By
Richard Ridding
Judge of Probate

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