The Will of Mary Sophia Stewart (-1891)

Mary Sophia Stewart (daughter of Matthew Stewart):

Enregistered at full length, in the Second Registration Division of the County of Bonaventure, at the hour of Ten in the afternoon the Third day of the month of October, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety-one. In the Register-C. under the Number -1300 James Verge Registrar

1. This is the last Will and Testament of me, Mary Sophia Stewart, youngest daughter of the late Matthew Stewart.

I Mary Sophia Stewart bequeath the whole Canadian property belonging to me in my name left by my late Father, Matthew Stewart to the surviving Children of my sister Annabella Campbell to be equally divided between them.

To Alexander Stewart Campbell I leave the sum of one hundred dollars, to Ida Alice Campbell I leave two hundred dollars for her brother John Colin Campbell's board to be managed by her. To Sarah Eliza Fuller I leave fifty dollars and my gold brooch, To Mary Elizabeth Lousia Robertson I leave fifty dollars.

To Margret Emily Doherty I leave one hundred dollars, also my bed, bedding, and bedroom furniture to Annabella Doherty and to Laura Ida Doherty I leave one hundred dollars each. To Clemmie ? Doherty I leave twenty dollars.

To Mary Donaldson daughter of my late sister Elizabeth-Lousia I leave two hundred dollars $200, and to Annabella Morse? I leave my gold eyeglasses. To Martha Donaldson I leave fifty dollars.

I also leave to the children of my brother Edmond J. Stewart the following sums of money, to Elizabeth-Sophia I leave one hundred dollars to Jane Millicent one hundred dollars, to Annabella Norosse? fifty dollars & to Matthew Prust thirty dollars, to Elizabeth I leave my travel trunk & to Edmond Thornton Stewart I leave twenty dollars.

Any money I dispossessed of after all my just debts & funeral expenses are paid I leave to Ida Alice Campbell to dispose of as she thinks best.

And now I nominate and appoint Alexander Stewart Campbell and Ida Alice Campbell to be my Executors of my last will and Testimony made by me Mary Sophia Stewart this third day December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty eight

(sig) Signed in the presence

Of W.S. Smith

(sig) Mary Sophia Stewart

This is a Codicil to be added and taken as part of the Last Will and Testament of me, Mary

I Mary Sophia Stewart leave the Nouvelle property to Sophia Stewart Charlotte Disbrow?, Mary Annabella Stewart & Lucilla MacAlister to be divided among them in equal proportion

(sig) Mary Sophia Stewart

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