The Will of George Smith, (-1900, Winsloe Road)

The Will of George Smith, (-1900, Winsloe Road)

(Transcribed from a photocopy by Ken J. Smith, February 2007)

I George Smith of Winsloroad Lot 33 Farmer, been of sound mind, do make this my last will.. as follows first the corner in the Southeast of my farm fronting on the Winsloroad and joining with Mrs. John Fords on the South, as now enclosed, whear the Bodies of my mother nece grandson Daughter in law Daughter and Wife two brothers two Sistersinlaws are buried. whear I wish to be beried alongside my Wife.. the use of this corner is to be free to my family and to my Brothers families in a lotments as at present.. to be Kept clean and inclosed by those having friends buried thear.. observing our joint conditions as shown by the agreement.. that no headstones or monements of any Kind be erected thear, when my bodie is dead.. I wish it to be put in a plain Coffin taken by my friends to the grave.. not later if in the summer than 8 O’Clock A.M. if in the Winter 9 O’Clock A.M. the internment to be silent. I prefer cremation but it is not easily obtainable.

I leave my estate and all things valiew to me belonging at my death to Albert Smith my son.. but subject to the leagesis hear after menchened.. to be don or caused to be don by my son Albert Smith and at his cost to my Daughter Ann Field I give the house on lower Bayfield Street in wich she is now living.. and interest on one thousand Dollers at four percent for her natural life. at her death the house and the thousand Dollers to be divided beteen her sones.

I have paide Lem Smith his shear.. my Daughter Jane McNorton is to receive from my Exectures seven Hundred Dollers twelve months after my death.. to my youngest Daughter Eva Smith I give Eighteen Hundred Dollers six Months after my death.. with the rite of living with her Brother Albert whiel singel.. and a jointer with him in the Exetership.. the interest of four percent on Five Hundred Dollars to be paide to Emma Smith wife of George Smith my grandson for hers and her children use and benefit two years after my death.. she is to receive the five hundred Dollars for her self and children.. her husband is to have no shear in it.

Albert Smith my Son on account of your afliction and growing weakness, I have apointed with you Eva Smith your youngest Sister and Peter Stwert of Brackely Point Road to be my Executors of this my last Will with you. Signed by me the 30 of December 1899

(signed) "George Smith"


(Signed) C.S. Mathieson M.D.

(Signed) Oliver C. Saunders

This will was proved on the 21st. day of July 1900 on the oath of Oliver C. Saunders one of the Subscribing witnesses thereto and was Filed and Registered and Probate prescribed the same Day to both Executors therein named

Source: Public Archives, PEI, Probate Court Will R.G..6.2 series 1, Liber L5 Folio 289-290

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