The Will of William Murphy (-1918, Alma)

The Last Will and Testament of William Murphy (-1918, Alma)

Public Archives of Prince Edward Island index to Probate Court register of Wills item No. 1807-1920 Index # 2 MURPHY, William Alma Lot 2 LIB 20 No.of Accounts 702 Filed and reg’d Nov 11, 1918

The late Will and Testament of me William Murphy, Alma, Lot 2, P.E. Island

This will annuls all previous wills made by me. To my son Liford Calvin Murphy I leave one good horse and one good cow. To my son William Albert Murphy I bequeath Five Dollars

($5.00) To my daughter Caroline Elizabeth (Mrs. Robt Stewart) I bequeath Five Dollars

($5.00) To my daughter Mysie Jane (Mrs. John Leard ) I bequeath Five Dollars ( $5.00) and one map of the world, now in my possession. To my daughter Jessie Ada (Mrs. David Vincent) I bequeath Five Dollars ($5.00) To Irene Maud (Mrs. Malcolm Gregory) I bequeath Five Dollars ($5.00) To my wife Caroline Elizabeth Murphy I devise and bequeath all the land and real estate in my possession- the land being that parcel of land, in Alma Lot 2, and lying directly south of and adjoining land owned by Hammond Crockett, and bounded on the south by land owned by my son Bennett Ervin Murphy, and running west from the "Western Road" and containing eighty acres more or less. To my wife Caroline Eliz. I also bequeath all the stock, farming implements, and household furniture in my possession at the time of my death, except as above mentioned,. My wife Caroline Eliz. Murphy shall own and control the land and property above mentioned, during her natural life or while she remains single. At her death or marriage all the above property real and personal then in her possession passes from her to my son Bennett Ervin if he is still alive. Should my son Bennett die before his mother then at her death or marriage all said property in her possession shall fall to my son Liford Calvin Murphy.

My wife Caroline shall be responsible for all my debts and obligations. I appoint as executor of this my last will David Barbour, Alma, and Allan Clark, Alma .

Signed by me this twenty-seventh day of August, one thousand nine hundred and Seventeen at Alma -P.E.I Signed William Murphy (His X mark)

Witnesses Signed John Clark
E. Lockhart

This will was proved on 22nd day of August A.D.
1918 on the oath of Emanuel Lockhart one of the
subscribing witnesses thereto and was filed and
registered on the Eleventh Day of November A.D. 1918
As certified by (illeg.) Macdonald Judge of (illeg.)

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