The Will of Frank MacNeill (1867-1950, Cardigan)

The Last Will and Testament of Frank MacNeill (1867-1950, Cardigan)

(b. 8 December 1867, d. 20 April 1950)

THIS IS THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT of me Frank McNeil (sic) of Cardigan in King’s County in Prince Edward Island, Farmer.

I HEREBY REVOKE all former wills and testamentary dispositions at any time heretofore made by me and publish and declare this only to be and contain my last will and testament.

I NOMINATE AND APPOINT my son Lynwood McNeil (sic) of Cardigan aforesaid and Andrews S. MacDonald of Cardigan aforesaid, Merchant, as executors of this my will.

I GIVE AND DEVISE TO MY WIFE Jane McNeil (sic) the five acres of land with buildings thereon located at Cardigan Station, purchased by me from Allen Shaw and presently occupied by Mrs. Gardiner.

I GIVE AND DEVISE to my said wife Jane McNeil (sic) any money which I have in Bank or cash on hand at the time of my death and any Bonds which I then own.

I GIVE DEVISE AND BEQUEATH to my son Lynwood McNeil (sic) all the rest and residue of my estate both real and personal of whatever nature and wheresoever situate subject to the following conditions:

1. THAT he pay all my just debts and funeral and testamentary expenses.

2. THAT he pay the sum of fifty ($50.00) dollars each to my son Harvey Nelson McNeil (sic) and to my daughter Florence, now Mrs. Melvin Becker.

3. THAT he support and maintain my wife Jane McNeil (sic) during the remainder of her life while she continues to reside with him, and permit her to have a home with him as she now has and whenever she desires.

DATED this 14th day of June A.D. 1946.

Frank MacNeill

(witnessed by Corinne Walker and M. McPhee)

(filed 5 May 1950, allowed after 5 May 1950)

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