Will of Angus Blue of Prince Edward Island (-1894)

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Liber 14 Folio 5


I, Angus Blue_____ Considering the uncertainty of life and______ that my stay on Earth is short being yet in possession of my judgement desire to bequeath my earthly possessions in the following manner, that is to say I will and bequeath the possession of fifty acres of land on lot 64 at present occupied by myself, together with all the buildings, woods, stock and the farming implements except what is hereafter mentioned to my son-in-law Malcolm Munn and Jessie his wife and their Assigns and in consideration thereof the said Malcolm Munn, wife and their assigns and in consideration has to support and keep Catherine, my beloved wife, during her life time in a decent and respectable manner. I, Angus Blue also bequeath fifty acres of land being the west half now in possession of my son John together with all buildings and woods thereon to said John Blue my son and his assigns. I bequeath one sheep____ I have to my son Alexander. I bequeath one oxe to my son Malcolm. I bequeath two sheep to my son-in-law Angus MacLean and his wife my daughter Mary. I bequeath $10.00 ten dollars to my son Angus--- this is my last will and testament. I appoint my son Alex as trustee to see my beloved wife will get justice as mentioned above.


Signed on my present this fourth day of July 1872 Little Sands.


Angus Blue


(signed) Duncan Munn J. P.
(signed) Alexander Blue

This will was registered on the 30th day of October 1894 on the oath of Hector Mcmullen. One of the witnesses to Will being dead and the other absent from this Province (see Affidavit annexed to Will)

As Certified by

Richard Reddin

Judge of Probate

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