Will of Angus Campbell of Prince Edward Island (1830-1909)

Will of Angus Campbell (1830-1909)

Liber 17 Folio 578

In the name of God, Amen.

I, Angus Campbell, being of Sound and disposing mind and memory and Knowing the uncertainty of like, doth hereby, make this, my, last will and testament, as follows.

Viz: I hereby, will and bequeath to my Son, Garnet Campbell the farm I now hold in Nine Mile Creek, including all the Stock and farming implements, now on the premises, to have and to hold as his own, his heirs, and assigns, on condition that I and my wife shall receive a comfortable maintenance during our life time.

I also wish and declare, that my wife Mary Campbell if (after my decease) Should think it more in her interest to live with any other family than her own, She shall receive from her son Garnet Campbell, the sum of forty Dollars ($40) yearly, for her maintenance during the time she sees fit to live from her home.

I hereby reject and set aside all former wills that I have made , as null and void.

In witness whereof, The Said Angus Campbell set my hand and Seal hereunto;


Angus X Campbell Seal


Signed, Sealed and declared by the Said Angus Campbell as and for his last will and testament, In presence Of us, who in his presence, and in the presence of each other and at his request, have here unto Subscribed Our names As Witnesses

Archibald Currie - Seal
Alexander McDonald

Artemas Betts - Seal
Martin Betts

Second Page

The ---ced Will of Angus Campbell having been presented by Probate Artemas Betts - one of the subscribing witnesses hereto made oath that he was present and did see the said Testator sign seal and deliver the same and also heard him publish and declare the same as and for his last will and testament and that when he so did he was of sound disposing mind and memory according to this deponents (??) best discerning and that he set and subscribed his name as a witness hereto in the said Testators presence and that Martin Betts - set his name as a witness thereto at the same time.

Sworn to at Chambers in Charlottetown Queen's County this 12th day of May AD 1909

Artemas Betts

Before me,
Richard Reddin
Summary Judge of Probate

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