Will of Angus McIntyre of Prince Edward Island (-1874, Lot 47)

The Last Will and Testament of Angus McIntyre (-1874, Lot 47)

Made in 1865 & Executed in 1874
Lot 47
Prince Edward Island, Canada

In the name of God Amen. I Angus McIntyre. I am Farmer of Township Number (47 Prince Edward Island, being in sound mind and perfect sense do make this my last will & Testament.

1st. I order when it will please God to call my soul to himself that my body be interred in decent manner.

2nd. I order that all my just debts be paid out of my personal property.

3rd. I leave and bequeath unto my loving son Donald McIntyre one hundred acres of land more or less now in his possession in consideration of conditions here after to be named:

4th. I leave and bequeath unto my loving grand-son Angus C. McIntyre, John's son after his fathers death, one hundred & ten acres of land more or less now in my possession, that is to say one hundred acres adjoining Donald McIntyre and ten acres more or less better understood all below West & East River [?] form old Green-house in west farm (also) with all my moveable property and utensils of any kind including houses Stables same farming implements of every description in all Cases my loving son John to have the management of the whole matter in connection [consideration] hereafter to be named.

5th. I leave and bequeath unto my loving son Gabriel McIntyre all that block of Land now in possession containing eight six acres of Land. More or less said Block is bounded by moun Post-Case & joining McKenyer on the west [Note: these names may be spelled wrong I can't read the writing. sm] & A. J. [could be a T.] McIntyre East.also. Also a parcel or Block of Land below the mouie Posh Road containing four acres more or less to be bounded by a due East & West line to start at old Gnown [unsure of spelling] house below the road for public benefit in consideration & conditions to be named.

6th I order and entrust on my beloved son John McIntyre and my Grandson Angus C. McIntyre X --to support in a comfortable manner my beloved wife Laurah [or Sarah] McIntyre also to provide her with a comfortable house room bed & bedding, also sufficient clothing necessary for her comfort with other necessities received by her that is to say whilst she thinks well of staying with them, and make their house her home but at any time that my beloved wife thinks well of leaving their home and live elsewhere and make it a home for herself they the said John McIntyre or Angus C. McIntyre are in duty bound by this to give my beloved wife Sarah McIntyre for her support elsewhere every fifteenth Bushel of wheat barley & oats the may rise on the farm, with a reasonable share of cows, sheep & pigs. Also bed close and bedding and other close than her own.

7th. I order and entreat on my beloved son Donald McIntyre & Gabriel McIntyre and they are bound by this - in Consideration of 3rd and 5th clause of this will that is to say if my beloved wife Sarah McIntyre thinks well of leaving her present home and live elsewhere and make it her home they are bound by this- to give her for her support every fifteenth Bushel of wheat, barley & oats they rise on their farms living her life for her sole benefit.

8th I order that my beloved son John McIntyre pay over to the parish priest the sum of twenty shillings for four years of four [not legible] in one year for my benefit also, I order that my beloved son Gabriel McIntyre do pay unto the parish priest the sum of fifteen shillings for four years of three [not legible] at once for my benefit being for rent of west farm below the road.

9th I order that my beloved Moztrine McIntyre & Mary McInnis will have an equal share of cows, sheep & pigs. Not on the farm.

10th. I appoint & call on my friends Donald McIntyre Jr. & Clement? McIssac to be and act my Executors in this my last will & testament where of here unto I sent my hand & seal in the presence of us and each of the subscribing witness this 4th day September 1865.


John X McIntyre
Angus McIntyre

Angus X McIntyre

This will was proved on June 20th 1874, on the [not legible] of Angus McIntyre subscribing witness

Charles Young
Judge of Probate


Public Archives of Prince Edward Island. Certified copy.
Reel # 5
Series 1
Probate court Wills Liber 9 foli-752

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