The Will of Alexander William Meggison (1799-1880, Alberton)

The Last Will and Testament of Alexander William Meggison (1799-1880, Alberton)

File 174, Liber 9, Folio 900, Prince County Probate, SCPEI.

The last Will and Testament of me, Alexander Meggison of Alberton in Township Number four in Prince County, Prince Edward Island, Farmer. I give and devise to my nephew William Percy Meggison his heirs and assigns All the Farm whereon I now reside containing forty Acres or thereabouts To hold to him his heirs and assigns forever. I also bequeath to the said William Percy Meggison my young horse and one Cow to be chosen by him And to all the rest residue and remainder of the real and personal Estate of which I may be posessed I give devise and bequeath the same after payment of my just debts, funereals and testementary expenses to my nephews Cephas Watson Meggison and William Percy Meggison their heirs, executors and administrators according to the nature of Will Property respectively to be equally divided between them share and share alike. And I appoint Ann Meggison Widow of My deceased Brother George Meggison of Township Number Five in Prince County aforesaid Executrix of this my Will. And I further empower her to let for any term of years or absolutely to sell or Dispose any part of my said Farm and land or of other real or personal Estate notwithstanding the Minority of my said Nephews or either of them as she shall thinks more adviseable in her desire or as for their benefit and her receipt alone shall be sufficient discharge to the Purchaser Lesse or Tenant. In witness whereof I have hereunto with my hand and seal this twenty first day of February One thousand eight hundred and eighty.Alexander W. Meggison

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Signed sealed Published and Delivered by Alexander Meggison the Testator as and for his last Will and Testament in the prescence of each other have set our names as witness thereto.

Charles A. D. Woodman
John D. Woodman

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