The Will of Barnett Wilt (- 1880, Howe River)

Last Will and Testament of Barnett Wilt (- 1880, Howe River)

Liber 10 Folio 36

Barnett Wilt was a chair maker in Little River [Howe Bay area]. His chairs are still turning up at auction sales in eastern P.E.I. Barnett died in the summer of 1880. He was in his mid to late eighties. His will was proved Aug 31,1880. He left his farm to Sarah [his daughter], his son Edward, his grandson Hughie and grand daughter Elizabeth and her children. His wife Barbara must have predeceased him in the 1860's or 70's. His son William and daughter Maria were not included.

The following is a transcript Barnetts will;

I Barnett Wilt of Lot 56 in King's County, being sick and infirm in body but of sound and disposing mind,do make and ordain this my last will and testiment.

First then, I commit my soul with Almighty who gave it and my soul to the earth to be buried in decent burial according to my circumstances.

Next it is my will and --------that after the payment of my burial expences, and any other just debts, that I may owe at the time of my death.,

My property consisting of fifty acres of leasehold land on lot 56, together with buildings thereon erected, also farming impolements, implements of my trade. stock, crop, household furniture and any and all other property whatsoever nature and kind ,

The same may be shall be, equally divided between my son Edward, my daughter sara and my grandson Hugh Wilt and my grand daughter Elizabeth Wilt.

My son William Wilt and my other daughter having already had their share of my property. It is my will and------that whatever money I may die possessed of after payment of funeral expences and other jury debts as aforesaid shall in like manner be equally divided among my said son, Edward, my daughter Sara my grandson HughWilt, and my grand daughter Elizabeth Wilt My son Edward----------to be invested for him or laid out for his ministry at the descretion of my Executor herein after named, and it is further my will and------- that neither my children or grand children aforesaid shall dispose of their share of my property herein be authorized to them , without the consent of my executer herein named. And lastly, I do hereby constitute and appoint my trusty friend John C. Underhay, executor of this my last will and testiment and final instructions whereof I have here unto my hand and seal subscribed and set this 27 th day of May in the year of our Lord 1872.

per Barnett wilt ;

signed sealed and delivered [ to be the last will and testiment of the said testator in our presence of the said Barnett Wilt and in the presence of each other our names as witnesses;

This will was proved on the 31st August 1880 on the -----of John C. Underhay aubsourbing witness John. C.Underhay & Sarah [Sara]Wilt.

Sara Wilt was illiterate. She signed her 'x' which was witnessed by John Conohan

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