Will of Bernard Jennings of Prince Edward Island (-1857, Lot 35)

The Will of Bernard Jennins (Jennings)

Liber 5 Folio 461

Written on January 12th, 1856

Filed at Fort Augustus in Queens County on May 26, 1857

In the name of God Amen,

I , Bernard Jennings of the St. Peters Road Township No. 35 - being very weak of body, but perfect of mind and memory. Knowing that it is appointed for all men ? to die, To make and ordain this my will and testament. Viz principally first of all, I give and recommend my Soul to the Almighty that gave it, my body to the earth to be buried with a decent Christian burial at my death, nothing doubting but at the general ressurection. I shall receive the same again, by the Almighty power of God, and distributing with my worldly property wherewith it has pleased God to bless me in this life, I give, devise, and dispose of the same in the following manner and form.

1. I give and bequeath to my wife Catherine Jennins, the one half of my land property viz the East side of said property together with my Houses situated thereon, all my household goods and moveables with the following exceptions.

2. I bequeath my son Hugh Jennins the other half of my Land property lying west of the farm together with one cow the use of the horse and farming implements admitting that the said Hugh Jennins and his mother Catherine do not agree to live together and the said Hugh Jennins if he thinks proper of selling his part of the property is not to sell any more than 25 acres, which is a separate lease. He is not to sell any part of the old farm previously held by me, but if he lives on said property he is to have as much of my first farm as will make him up 12 acres together with my late holdings 24 acres, which will make him 37 in all, And he is bound to assist his mother in clearing up all the ? rent on the property hereby bequeathed to him which he is to hold in peaceable possession with the half of the harvest that is allowed for said farm, but he cannot sell nor dispose of said marsh to any person or persons.

3. My wife Catherine Jennins is to have and hold in peaceable possession all that I have allowed to her during her life (written in small handwriting under scribbled out section) and is at free liberty at her death to do with as she thinks proper or give it to them that are best to her-

(Now the scribbled out paragraph which Cathy has deciphered)

....and if my son James Jennins is.... obedient to.... business, he is to have her holdings after death but the property is not allowed to be given from James Jennins to any other out of the family unless his brother Hugh Jennins complies? and buys itů. for himself...

Bernard Jennins
(his X mark)

I do hereby appoint my wife Catherine Jennins to be my executor in presence of Patrick Mca??

Robert Carter
John McQuaid

Bernard Jennins Will and Testame
in presence of
Patrick W.Quar?(Quirk? Quaid?)
Robert Carter
John McQuaid

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