Will of Bernard Kearney of Prince Edward Island (1794-1867)

Will of Bernard Kearney, Sturgeon, Lot 61 (1794-1861)

Liber 7 Folio 282

In the name of God Amen

I Bernard Kearney of Sturgeon Lot 61 being of sound mind and possessed of rational judgment do make this my last will and testament.

And bequeath as follows to Henry Connors my son in law twenty acres of land laying and running along the margin of Sturgeon Brook. I further bequeath and will to Elizabeth Kearney my daughter after the death of my beloved wife to have and possess thirty acres of our farm with the dwelling houses and out houses thereon.

I further will and bequeath to my grandson & [the intermittently] thirty acres of land situated and laying between the [ farm] Henry Connors and Elizabeth Kearney.

I also give and bequeath to Elizabeth Kearney my daughter two building lots in Georgetown according to the deeds and description in my possession.

I further give and bequeath the following fifty acres of land being a leasehold to John Kearney after the [---] terms of my beloved wife.

I will and bequeath all stock as follows that there do remain on this farm three horses eight cows sixteen sheep five pigs to be auctioned off according to the will and pleasure of my beloved wife.

I further will and bequeath to my grand daughter Margaret Tynan four cows and four sheep upon her marriage.

I also will and bequeath to Mary Kearney wife of John Kearney 1 cow.

As witness this last will and testament this being the ninth day of January 1867.


David Kyre

J Wrightman


Barney Kearney

Note: A note of interest regarding Bernard Kearney -- Bernard was in Sturgeon, Lot 61 in 1811. According to the Abegweit Review, Phillip Murphy and Bernard were the first Irish Catholic settlers in that area. In 1841 he took out a hotel and liquor license which he renewed yearly. The year following his death which was 1847, Terrence Lannigan applied for the liquor license. Terrence was Bernard's son-in-law. He was married to Elizabeth Kearney. Mary Kearney's will lists support the probability that he ran a board and room with a tavern out of his home.

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