Will of Charles McArthur, Emmyvale (- aft 1894)

Last Will and Testament of Chas. McArthur

Submitted by Kelly McLaughlin

Liber 14 Folio 83

I Charles McArthur of Emyvale in the Queens County in Prince Edward Island being of sound mind do hereby make my last will and testament.

To my wife Catherine McArthur, I do will and bequeath all the right title and interest held by me at my death in the property and effects held and at present occupied by me (said property being situated in Emyvale and bounded in the manner following. That is on the north by Green Bay Road. On the west by West River, on the south by land owned by Patrick McQuaid, on the east by the Emyvale Line Road.) on the following conditions.

She is to pay all my debts and support my children so long as any such of them remain unmarried.

She is to have and to hold the aforesaid and described property during her lifetime or so long as she remains unmarried.

At the time of her marriage or death the property already described together with all effects connected therewith shall pass into the possesion of my eldest son John and the same duties with regard to any other children shall devolve upon him.

To my daughter Hannah, I bequeath one cow. The same to be given in her possesion at the time of her marriage.

To my daughter Isabella I also give and bequeath one cow to be also given at her marriage.

I do hereby name and appoint Archibald McLeod of Rose Valley in Queens County, and George Barret of Green Bay also in Queens County to be my lawful Executors and to execute and carry out all the provisions of this my last will and testament.

Signed, sealed and delivered by the testator at Emyvale this third day of December in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Ninety Four in the presence of us and each one of us as witnesseth our hands.

In Probate Court 58th vic. A.D. 1895

In Re. Estate of Charles McArthur late of Emyvale Lot 30 Queens County Farmer Deceased Testate.

Memo of Valuation of Property

50 acres Freehold land situate at Emyvale probable value


Stock, Farming Implements, Household Furniture


Total Value



John G Weldon
James F Cullin

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