The Will of Donald McPhee (1802 - 1884, West River)

The Last Will and Testament of Donald McPhee (1802 - 1884, West River)

Donald McPhee, Ship Builder and Farmer, was born in Colonsay, Scotland in 1802. He sailed to Prince Edward Island with his parents, Donald McPhee and Sarah McNeil, and his siblings on the ship "Spencer" sponsored by The Earl of Selkirk in 1806. The family settled on the north shore of the West River in what is now the town Dunedin. His ship yard was located on McPhee Creek which flowed through their property emptying into the West River. Donald, his wife Catherine McQuarrie, and their sons John and Hector are buried together in the Pioneer Cemetery in Saint Catherines.

This is the last will and Testament of me, Donald McPhee, senior of West River Township, No Thirty one in Queens County Prince Edward Island. First it is my will that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid out of my personal estate as soon as conveniently may be done after my decease, and Whereas I have sixty acres of land a little more or less in said Township and Island, I give and bequeath that part of my farm between the road leading to the West River Bridge and the Creek which divides my farm, and now occupation of my son Donald to him my son Donald McPhee his heirs and assigns forever, and the other part of my farm between the said Creek and Tryon Road I give and bequeath to my wife, Catherine McPhee, her Heirs and assigns forever and I also give and bequeath to my said wife, all the Horses, cattle, sheep, stock, farm Implements and all and every effect or personal goods in my possession, save one cow and three sheep which I give ^ and bequeath [interlined] to my daughter Isabella and also one horse which I give and bequeath to my grandson Edward now living with me, and I also order that my said grandson shall have the privilege of attending school and receiving Education, and it is further my will that my son Donald and my wife Catherine aforesaid, shall each pay an equal share of the Interest due on amount held against my said farm as it becomes due yearly, and finally pay an equal share of the principal money, on which said interest is payable, and to every one of my other children I give and bequeath twenty five cents each if they demand the same of my Executors and I do hereby appoint my friends Hugh McMillan and Donald Nevin of Township No Thirty one to be Executors of my Will, hereby revoking all former Wills made by me at any time, and declaring this only to be my last will and Testament,

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this Twenty sixth day of July Ammo Domini one thousand eight hundred and Eighty four.

(Signed) Donald McPhee L.S. Certified the 13'th January 1885 by Charles Young, Judge of Probate

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