The Will of David Moore (1753-1828, York River)

Last Will and Testament of David Moore (1753-1828, York River)

Registry of Probate Liber 2 Folio 124

In the Name of God Amen. I David Moore of the parish of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, York River Yeoman, being at this time in a low state of health, but of a sound disposing memory and understanding Truly Sensible that it is apointed for al men once to die, Do Therefore, make publish & Declare this to be my last wil & Testament in maner & form following. But first I commend my soul to the hands of my Creator, in humble & sincere hopes of free pardon & remission of my sins; Trough the only Merits of the Greate Saviour of the world My body I commit to the earth, at the Disposition of my Executors hearin after Mentioned or named; and when al my just debts shall be paid, I give Devise & bequeath all the rest, residue, & remainder of my estate both real & personal what nature or kind soever which at the time of my demise, I shall be Seazed & profsesed of, or be by any way or means entitled to; First I give & bequest to David Hooper on the east bordre line of Myres land thirty poles, twenty seven poles west & from thence until it strikes the Malpeck road making five ackers, the grownde whare on his house now stands. I also give to David Hooper eight chains due south from from the bondrey line between Allixander Myers to run west until it fals into the river & their to end, to him & his heirs for ever. I give to my daughter Mary & her Heir for ever al the land on the northe side of the river being part of the land bought of Martin Hops; I give to my Daughter Hanah one Hundred ackers of land part of Jacob Harts land, to her and her Heirs for ever. I also give to John Robbinson five thousand feet of Boards ; I also give to Harry Mullinex one thousand feet of Boards. I also give to my Daughter Ann Moore the bed I now lay on with al it furniture, too milch cows at her Marage after my Desease as such stock as will amount to thirty pounds. I give to my son David Moore the Grist Mil, the Dwelling house out houses & improvements with al the land on the east side of the river, with the remainder of one Hundred ackers of land on the West side of the river, part of Myers land ajoining Hops land, together with one Hundred ackers of Jacob Harts land, To him & his Heirs for Ever. lastly I Give to my son John Moore the saw Mil Dwelling house, with all the residue of the land called Myers land on the west side of the river Together with too Hundred Ackers of land called Jacob Harts land, to him & his heirs For Ever. and I do hearby Nominate Constitute and Apoint My too Sons David and John Moore Joint Executors of this my last will and Testament and it is to be understood by these presents that none of the above legaseys is to take place until my Debts is finily paid. and it is my will & pleasure that my too sons David & John do work together for the Mutual benefit of each other for the term of ten years from the time of my Death. in case my Debts should not be paid , in case all my Debts is paid together with the legaceies as above described thay by mutual consent shall Divide the stock eaquell & between them too and take profsesion of their own property as above Discribed or Recited. It is my wil & pleasure as their is not in the above recited bequest or Division of land caled Jacob Harts land, that my son David shall have the first Hundred ajoining Robbinsons land. my daughter Hanah the second & my son John More the other too hundred ackers.
In Witnefs heareof I have Hear unto sett My Hand & Seal
In presents of Witnefs present
Richard Barter August the 18th 1822
John Robiens his mark
Geo. Mabey

David Moore

The within will being presented for Probate by David Moore and John Moore Executors therein named, Richard Barter made oath that he saw David Moore the Subscriber thereto sign the same and also heard him publish the same and declare it to be his last Will and Testament, and that when he so did, he was of sound disposing mind and memory according to this deponents best discerning, and that he set his name as a witnefs thereof in the said testators presence that John Robbins and George Mabey now absent subscribed their names as Witnefses at the same time
Sworn before me
the 24th day of April 1828
R Hodgson
Judge of Probate
Richard Barter

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