The Will of Donald Cantelo (1827-1893, Dundas Centre, Lot 54)

The Last Will and Testament of Donald MacInnis Cantelo 1827-1893

Liber 13 Folio 310

I Donald Cantelo of Dundas,Lot or Township Number 54 in Kings County in the Province of Prince Edward Island, farmer, being of sound mind and judgement do make this my last will and testament as follows.

1st I give and bequeath to my son Simon fifty five acres of land a little more or less, the said lands bounded on the south by the Grand River Road on the west by land in possession of Philip Acorn on the north by land in possession of Daniel W.Cantelo and on the east by Dundas Centre Line Road together with all the farming implements that is on the said land at present.

Also four horses and a foal and three cows and two calves and one bull and fifteen sheep and two pigs and thirty hens.

2nd I give and bequeath to my son Edwin ten dollars to be paid to him by my son Simon as soon as he can find it convenient

3rd to my son Daniel twenty five cents

4th to my son Samuel twenty five cents

5th to my daughter Jane twenty five cents

6th to my daughter Annie twenty five cents

7th to my daughter Jessie twenty five cents and a home as long as she wishes to stay in it

8th to my daughter Margaret one cow color brown four years old, and five sheep and thirty hens and one young mare rising in two years color red, and a home in the said place as long as she wishes to stay in it and be allowed to keep the said stock on the place as long as she wishes to stay herself or whether she will stay or not that she can leave them at home.

9th I give and bequeath to my daughter Sarah five sheep and if she will be leaving home or getting married that _________ son Simon has to give her one cow.

10th and lastly I appoint Philip Acorn and Samuel MacDonald my executors.

Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of Hector Cantelo, Donald Cantelo and Nathan Acorn at Dundas this 3rd day of January 1893

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