The Will of Donald Ross (1804-1855, Uigg)

Will of Donald Ross of Uigg.

Filed 3rd January 1856 Book 5, Page 389

In the name of Good Amen, I Donald Rofs of Uigg Prince Edward Island. Being, drawing nigh into death and being in right mind.

I do bequeath to my Beloved Wife Flora Nicholson and son David all my land, in all one hundred and fifty eight acres, all the, horses, cows, sheep and all other moveables. And after my Beloved wife’s death – David my son is to have all the property – He is to support – all his sisters, Margret, Jane, Christianna, Marg and Annissabella, untill they are married, and at that time to give them a dowry portion – If they will not be married he is to support them through life. He is also to support his younger brothers, Donald, Laughlin and Alexander and give them an Education suitable to his means. And they his brothers are to assist him in cultivating the farm, and under him all their assistance necefsary for the support of the family untill the age of Eighteen years (18) and after that period has expired they are to support themselves.

This Will made and signed in the presence of these Witnefses on the Eighth day of December and in the year of our Lord, One thousand eight-hundred and Fifty-Five.

(Signed) Donald Ross

(His Mark) John McLeod
(Signed) David Ross
(Signed) Alexander MacLeod

The within will having been presented for Probate David Ross one of the subscribing witnesses thereto made hath that he was present and did see the testator Donald Ross sign his name thereto and heard him publish and declare the same as and for his last Will and Testament, that when Testator so did, he was of sound, desposing mind and memory according to this deponents best discerning that he subscribed his name as witness thereto in presence of Testator and that John McLeod and Alexr McLeod subscribed their names as witnesses thereto at the same time.

Sworn to at Chambers
This 3 day of January A D 1856 before me –
(Signed) Charles Young
Judge of Probate

(Signed) David Ross

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