Early Wills

Here are a number of early Will Summaries from Gary Carroll:

Liber 1 Folio 1
Will of Joseph Robinson [1742-24 Aug., 1807]. Bequests: leaves his dwelling & property lately purchased from Sir James Montgomery & Robert Montgomery to his wife Lelia for her lifetime; his estate then to go to his daughter Eliza; after Eliza's decease his estate to be divided between his daughter Rebecca wife of Robert Hodgson & daughter Matilda wife of Ralph Brecken. Executors: Mrs. Lelia Robinson, Robert Hodgson & Ralph Brecken. Witnesses: James Robertson, John Brecken & P. Macgowan. Will signed 19 July, 1807; probate granted 10 Nov., 1807.

Liber 1 Folio 5
Will of William Bowley, Tottenham Court Road, parish of St. Pancras, County of Middlesex, Tallow Chandler. Bequests: to wife Abigail, to son William of Prince Edward Island, to son Joseph Bowley of Tothill St., Westminster, Tallow Chandler, to daughter Catherina Jenkins. Executors: Abigail Bowley, sons William & Joseph Bowley, friends William Ashlin of the Strand, Middlesex, gentleman & Peter Bateman, Bunhill Row, Middlesex, gentleman.
Witnesses: Henry Rivington, Fenchurch Buildings, London, & J. Abbott & J.P. Anotes, Clerks to Mr. Rivington. Will signed 10 May, 1806; probate granted 3 Aug., 1808.

Liber 1 Folio 18
Will of Joseph Beers, Cherry Valley. Bequests: to wife Margaret, to sons Joseph & Thomas Beers. Executor: Margaret Beers to be executrix with advice from Robert Hodgson & Charles Stewart. Witnesses: C. Stewart, Richd. Rollings, Charles Wright. Will signed 6 March, 1810; probate granted 26 April, 1810.

Liber 1 Folio 20
Will of Jacob Heartz York River. Bequests: to son Martin, to daughter Ann Catherine, wife of James Penney, Murray Harbour, to son Jacob, to son George. Executor: son George Heartz. Witnesses: Pet. Macgowan, Eliz. Stainforth, Ann Macgowan. Will signed 28 Jan., 1809; probate granted 15 May, 1810

Liber 1 Folio 22
Will of Margaret Roland, widow of Joseph Roland. Bequests; to Donald McGra, Scotsfort. Witnesses: James McDonald, Dugald McDonald.
Will signed 15 Feb., 1810; probate granted 9 June, 1810.

Liber 1 Folio 23
Will of Samuel Bagnall, Cabinet Maker, Charlotte Town. [1745-16 April, 1810] Bequests: to wife Elizabeth, to son Samuel, to daughter Elizabeth Rind, to daughter Charlotte Bagnall, to daughter Jane Haszard, to son George, to son James, to daughter Sarah Bremner & to son Richard. Executors: wife Elizabeth Bagnall & son Richard Bagnall, carpenter. Witnesses: J.B. Palmer, Elizabeth Cantelo, Wm. J. Cantelo. Will signed 2 April, 1810; probate granted 23 June, 1810.

Liber 1 Folio 25
Will of John McInnes, carpenter, Raspberry Cove, Lot 49. Bequests: to wife Catherine, to son James, to son Allan, to son Edmund, to son John, to son Donald & to daughter Barbara. Exexutors: Alexander McDonald & William Farquharson. Witnesses: Jno. Bovyer & A. McDonell. Will signed 15 Nov., 1806; Probate date not given but probably 1810.

Liber 1 Folio 28
Will of Peter Macgowan, Charlotte Town. Bequest: to wife Ann. Executors: wife Ann & friend Benjamin Evans, merchant of Charlotte Town. Witnesses: James Curtis, B. De St. Croix, Leml. Cambridge. Will signed 5 April, 1810; probate granted 20 July, 1810.

Liber 1 Folio 30
Will of Dudley Wells, Bedeque, PEI Bequest: to wife Rebecca Wells. Executrix: Mrs. Rebecca Wells. Witnesses: Thomas Hooper, Joseph Silliker, Jonathan Stowe. Will signed 2 Sep., 1810; probate granted 7 Nov., 1810.

Liber 1 Folio 32
Will of Alexander McDonell, Keppoch.
Bequests: to wife Sarah, farm of 132 acres purchased from William Townshend for L400. Executors: wife Sarah & Rev. Alex. McDonald, priest of Nova Scotia & Rev. Angus McEachran, Saint Andrews, PEI. Witnesses: Will. Roubel, Charlotte Town, Juliet McDonell, John Ross. Will signed 9 Dec., 1809; probate granted 13 Dec., 1810.

Liber 1 Folio 34
Will of Robert Hodgson, Charlotte Town [1765-5 Jan., 1811]
Bequests: wills property in trust to good friends Charles Stewart, Charlotte Town & Benjamin Evans & Ralph Brecken, merchants of Charlotte Town for wife Rebecca, children Robert, Joseph William, Daniel, Christopher & Jane Deborah. Executors: wife Rebecca Hodgson, William Hodgson of Three Cranes Wharf, London, Merchant & Charles Stewart of Charlotte Town. Witnesses: P. Macgowan, C. Stewart & Wm. Bremner. Will signed 9 July, 807; probate granted 4 Feb., 1811.

Liber 1 Folio 37
Will of John Macdonald, formerly of Glenaladale in the district of Moydart, parish of Ardnamurchan, County of Inverness, Scotland, now a Captain on half pay of H.M. Eighty forth Regiment of Foot, Proprietor of Lots 35 & 36 in PEI, at present residing at new Glenaladale, formerly called Tracady. Witnesses: Allan MacDonald, Gerrenesh, Allan MacDonald, Maple Hill, Donald MacDonald, West River & Donald Shaw, Schoolmaster. Will probated 25 Feb., 1811.

Liber 1 Folio 53
Will of Joseph Smith, senior, Charlotte Town. Bequests: to wife Mary, Lot 19 in 1st hundred, Charlottetown with dwelling house & pasture lot 81 in Charlotte Town Royalty & Lot 36 in the 2nd hundred, Charlotte Town; to son Joseph Smith, Charlotte Town; to grandson Joseph Wood Smith, Charlotte Town. Executrix: wife Mary Smith. Witnesses: Walter Berry, J.P. & Benj. Chappel. Will signed 25 Jan., 1790; probate granted 31 July, 1811.

Liber 1 Folio 55
Will of Mary Smith, widow of Joseph Smith, Charlotte Town. [1729-14 Feb., 1811] Bequest; to Prudence, wife of William Wood. Executors: Benj. Chappel & son Joseph Smith. Witnesses: Pet. Macgowan & William Hillman. Will signed 14 Nov., 1806; probate granted 31 July, 1811.

Liber 1 Folio 58
Will of Charles Stewart, Charlottetown. [1760-6 Jan., 1813]
Bequests: wife Mary Stewart, son John Stewart, & son Theophilus Stewart. Executor: wife Mary, with the help of son John Stewart. Witnesses: M.
Desbrisay, M. De St. Croix & Magdalen Stewart. Will signed 24 Nov., 1812; probate granted 10 Feb., 1813.

Liber 1 Folio 59
Will of John Webster, St. Peters Bay, Assistant Commissary.
Bequests: to granddaughter Catherine Webster, daughter of William Webster; to grandson William Webster, son of William Webster; to grandson Benjamin, son of William Webster; to grandson John, son of William Webster; to son Thomas Webster; to son William Webster. Executor: William Webster. Witnesses: William Hughes, Zabdiel Coffin & James Robinson. Will signed 1 Feb., 1813; probate granted 14 May, 1813.

Liber 1 Folio 61
Will of Donald McMillan, of the Nova Scotia Regiment, now lying in St. John's, Newfoundand. Bequest: to his parents Duncan & Christian McMillan.
Witnesses: Law. Barrett, Stephen McEachran & Peter McEachran. Will signed 2 Oct., 1813 at St. Peters Road, Savage Harbour; probate granted 27 Oct., 1813.

Liber 1 Folio 65
Will of John Clark, Charlotte Town, Island of St. John, Cabinet Maker [1752-16 Apr., 1813] Bequests: to son James, son Richard, & wife Hannah Clark. Executor: Rev. Theophilus Desbrisay of Mount Joy in the Island of St. John. Witnesses: Theoph. Desbrisay, Robt.Hodgson & Donald Ross. Will
written 9 Oct., 1790; probate granted 13 June, 1814.

Liber 1 Folo 67
Will of Catherine Morris, Halifax, spinster. Bequest: everything to Phillip Callbeck of Tryon River, PEI, yeoman. Executor: Phillip Callbeck. Witnesse: John Butler Butler. Will signed 3 Feb., 1805; probate granted 30 Sep., 1814.

Liber 1 Folio 68
Will of Donald McPhee, Charlotte Town, PEI, gentleman. Bequests; to wife Margaret MacPhee. Executrix: wife Margaret MacPhee. Witnesses: Angus MacEacharn, M.A., Charles Serani, David Lachy. Will signed 15 May, 1812; probate granted 7 March, 1815.

Liber 1 Folio 70
Will of Morris Quinlan, Tryon River, PEI. Bequests: to daughter Sophia, daughter Mary, to wife Isabell the farm which, after her death, is to be divided between daughter Mary & her husband Michael Kayton, son of Michael Kayton, deceased, and Adam Muttart, son of George Muttart, Cape Traverse. Michael Kayton, when he comes into possession of his farm is not to allow his stepfather John McInnes to reside there. Overseers of will: Geo. Muttart, Cape Traverse & John Laird, Tryon River. Executrix: wife Isabell Quinlan. Will signed 12 March, 1814; probate granted 1 July, 1815.

Liber 1 Folio 73
William Lusk, Charlotte Town [1749 - 9 July, 1815] Bequests: to sisters Nelly, Betty, Sally & Catherine Lusk of County Carlow, Ireland. Executors: John Maconald, Charlotte Town & Donald Shaw, West River. Witnesses: Donald Shaw & Alexr. McIntosh. Will signed 7 July, 1815; probate granted 15 July, 1815.

Liber 1 Folio 74
Will of George Renton, Richmond Bay, millwright. Bequests: to only son Robert Edward Renton, the mill on Lot 13. Executors: John McIntosh, Lot 14 & James Campbell, Lot 13. Witnesses: David Murray & William Silliker. Will signed 12 July, 1815; probate granted 4 Oct., 1815.

Liber 1 Folio 76
Will of Richard Biers, Black man of Tryon River, PEI. Bequests: to Elizabeth Lord, wife to William Wright at Bedeque; to William Lord; to John Lord, junior; to James Lord; to Jane Lord, now wife to Samuel Dawson; one shilling to my father John Biers; one shilling to his mother Amelia Biers. Executors: John Lord, junior. of Tryon River & John Stagman of Tryon River. Witnesses: John Leard, Joseph Wood & David Betts. Will signed 18 April, 1815; probate granted 1 July, 1815.

Liber 1 Folio 78
Will of Rebeckah Wells, Bedeque. Bequests: to Nathaniel Wells, son of Thomas Wells; to sister Mathiah; to sister Hannah Stanley. Executors: Isaac Broadshaw & Major Hooper. Witnesses: Nathaniel Brandige, Joshua Brandige & Jane Silliker. Will signed 10 May, 1816; probate granted 5 June, 1816.

Liber 1 Folio 80
Will of John Carpenter, Grand River, Kings County, PEI, farmer. Bequest: to Robert Banks, 100 acres refugee land at the point of the Grand River. Witnesses: William Blackett, Robt. Swallow & Nathaniel Taylor. Will signed 15 Feb., 1816; probate granted 27 June, 1816.

Liber 1 Folio 81
Will of Donald McKenzie, Bay Fortune, PEI. Bequests: to wife Catherine, to daughter Eliza, to eldest son George, to son William, to 4 unnamed young sons. Executors: Thomas Webster, sr. & William Burke, sr. Witnesses: Edward Pidgeon & T. H. Goarman. Will signed 3 Feb., 1815; probate granted 28 June, 1816.

Liber 1 Folio 84
Will of Thomas Hooper, senior, Bedeque, PEI, farmer. Bequests: to Thomas Hooper, Bedeque; top Elisha Hooper, Bedeque; to daughter Rachel; to son Major Hooper; to daughter Mary, widow of John Robins; to daughter Ann, wife of John Montgomery. Executors; William Clark, & Major Hooper both of Bedeque. Witnesses: Margaret Hooper, Chas. Binns & Richard Clark. Will signed 17 Aug., 1812; probate granted 11 July, 1816. Codicil signed 4 June, 1816. Witnesses W. Clark, Nathanl. Brandige, J.M. Clark.

Liber 1 Folio 88
Will of Richard Myers, Ponwell (sic) Bay, PEI. Bequests: to wife Mahitabel; to sons Robert & Joseph Myers; to son William Myers. Executrix: wife Mahitabel Myers. Witnesses: William Irving, Peter Musick & David Irving. Will signed 6 Feb., 1815; probate granted 27 July, 1816.

Liber 1 Folio 89a
Will of James Jeffery, Richmond, Richmond, PEI [1757-24 April, 1815], yeoman. Bequests: to Charles and the other 2 children, sons or daughters of James Jeffery & Lucy Jeffery, late Lucy Coffin of Chichester in the city of Chichester, County of Sussex; to daughter Elizabeth Pring?; to son Stephen Jeffery; to daughter Anne or Hannah Compton; to son George; to daughter Jane; to daughter Sarah Lawford Chestle-Jeffery; to Edward Lawrence, son of Francis Lawrence, one farm called Welling, late in occupation of John Welling. Witnesses: Thos. Nickerson, George Coles, Daniel Davis. Will
signed 22 June, 1812; probate granted 5 Sep., 1816.

Liber 1 Folio 91
Will of Lyne Middleton Compton, of Saint Eleanors, Prince County, PEI, spinster. Bequests: to her uncle Thomas Compton of the Lains, parish of Amport, County of Southampton, England, L100 in the hands of Plowden Presland, Brunswick Square, London, in trust, the interest on which sum is
to be paid to her mother. Executor: her uncle Thomas Compton. Witnesses: E. Harris Sanxay, Hannah Compton & Thomas C. Compton. Will signed 18 Nov., 1815; probate granted 5 Sep., 1816.

Liber 1 Folio 93
Will of John Hawkins, Charlotte Town, PEI [1760-14 Oct., 1815] Bequests: to wife Catherine Hawkins; to eldest son William Hawkins. Witnesses: Richd. Chappell, Henry May Williams & Peter Crammer. Will signed 10 Sep., 1815; probate granted 26 Sep., 1816.

Liber 1 Folio 95
Will of George Marquis Townshend, Rainham, County of Norfolk, England [1723-1807] Bequests: to daughter Elizabeth by 1st wife; to present wife
Anne Marchioness of Townshend. Witnesses: Charles Lucas Edridge, Robt. Morrison, Wm. Stokes. Will signed 4 Oct., 1788; probate granted at London 23 Nov., 1807. Codicil signed 19 Feb., 1803; witnessed by T.B. Watson, Matthew Manby & Wm. Stokes. Mentions daughter Lady Elizabeth Loftus. Will registered at Charlotte Town 5 Oct., 1816. [George Townshend married 1751 Charlotte Compton who died 1770. They had a daughter Elizabeth who married 7 May, 1790 William Loftus]

Liber 1 Folio 105
Will of Elisha LePage, Charlotte Town, PEI, merchant [1764-16 April, 1813] Bequests: to wife Margaret; to son Elisha; to son John Nicholas; to daughter Margaret. Executors: wife Margaret LePage & 2 eldest sons Elisha & John Nicholas. Witnesses: John Lobban, Saml. Nelson & Thos. Robinson.
Will signed 15 April, 1813; Probate granted 31 Jan., 1817.

Liber 1 Folio 116
Will of William Townshend, PEI, Esquire Bequests: to his wife Flora his estate on Lot 37, at Savage Harbour, his estate on Lot 43 & his dwelling at Charlottetown; to daughter Hester; to daughter Helen; to sons John Dalton, Charles James & George Townshend; nothing to sons Cecil Wray, William & Peter. Executors: wife Flora Townshend. Witnesses: Amelia Davies,Theoph. Desbrisay, Thos. Desbrisay, junr. Will signed 31 May, 1814; probate granted 22 May, 1817. Codicil dated 31 May, 1814 mentions additional inheritance which may be coming to him from the will of Mrs. Diana White.

Liber 1 Folio 122
Will of Edmund Fanning, LLD and General in the Army about to embark from PEI to Great Britain. Bequests: to wife Phoebe Maria; to daughters Louisa Augusta, Maria Susannah Matilda & Margaret William Tryon Fanning; also to his relative Edmund Frederick Augustus Fanning, son of Captain Edmund Fanning, grandson of my deceased affectionate brother Capt. Phineas Fanning of Long Island, New York.
Executors: his wife Phoebe Maria & 3 daughters. Witnesses: Anne Kelly, Jno. Lobban & James Macdonnell. Will signed 10 Nov., 1813; probate granted at London 21 April, 1818; probate granted 26 Sep., 1818 at Charlotte Town. Codicil of Edmund Fanning of No. 7 Upper Seymour St., Portman Square, County of Middlesex signed 24 Feb., 1818; witness to codicil Jno. Bindon.

Liber 1 Folio 129
Will of John Lefurgy, Bedeque. Bequests: to his wife the dwelling house; to son Wiliam; to Mary, spouse of Cail Schurman; to Jane, spouse of Isaac Schurman; to John Lefurgy; to Sally Lefurgy; to James Lefurgy; to George Lefurgy ; to Charity Lefurgy; to youngest son Cornelius. Executors: Isaac Schurman, Cail Schurman. Witnesses: William Wall, Wiliam Young, John Sloan. Will signed 2 Nov., 1818; probate granted 19 Dec., 1818.

Liber 1 Folio 130
Will of William Schurman, Bedeque, farmer. [1743-14 Sep., 1819] Bequests: to wife Elizabeth; to eldest son Peter; to Sarah Baker; to son Caleb; to son Isaac; to son John; to daughter Jane Silliker; to son Jacob; to daughter Elizabeth Thompson; to grandson John Benjamin Schurman, son of Peter; to grandson William Schurman, son of Isaac; to granddaughter Hannah Baker, daughter of Jesse & Sarah Baker; to son William; to grandson Daniel Tomkins, son of Thomas & Mary Tomkins of Yorktown near Croton River in state of New York; to negro servant Susanna Schurman. Executors: Peter, Isaac & William Schurman. Witnesses: Thos Moys, Chas. C. Davison & Benjn. Pollard. Will signed 21 July, 1819; probate granted 29 Sep., 1819. Codicil signed 2 Aug., 1819.

Liber 2 Folio 1
Will of Edward Abell, Esquire, Bay Fortune [died 28 Aug., 1819]. Bequest: to wife Susanna. Executors; Hon. William Pleace, Esq., Charlotte Town & wife Susanna. Witnesses: Joseph Coffin, Daniel Flynn & Chas. McKie Winter. Will signed 26 Aug., 1819; probate granted 8 Oct., 1819. [Edward Abell married Susannah Hubbard 9 Feb., 1799 at London]

Liber 2 Folio 3
Will of Honorable Thomas Desbrisay, Charlotte Town, PEI, Colonel in Militia [1736-24 Sep., 1819] Bequest: to son Rev. Theophilus Desbrisay,
Chaplain of the Garrison & Rector of Charlotte Pariish. Executor: Rev. Theophilus Desbrisay. Witnesses: B. De St. Croix, Chas. Binns, Fade Goff.
Will signed 20 Sep., 1819; probate granted 13 Oct., 1819.

Liber 2 Folio 4
Will of Benjamin Jones, late of Gosport, Hampshire, Esq., but now of Charlotte Town [1795-2 Dec., 1819] Bequests: to wife Fanny Jones, late
Mason, to his mother Jean Middleton. Executrix : his wife Fanny. Witnesses: Thos. Robinson, Thos. Sims, J.C. Mereweather. Will signed 18 Nov., 1819; probate granted 4 Jan., 1820. [Jane Jones married William Middleton 1 Dec., 1799 at Portsmouth, Hampshire, England]

Liber 2 Folio 5
Will of John Munton, Vernon River, PEI. Bequest: to friend Darrack Hartz, Vernon River. Executor: Darrack Hartz, Vernon River. Witnesses: James Laird, William Buck & James Buck. Will signed 26 Feb., 1820; probate granted 14 March, 1820.

Liber 2 Folio 6
Will of James Macgregor, PEI, farmer. but signed James Gregor. Bequests: to wife Isabel, to oldest son William; to sons Peter & Charles; to daughters Matilda & Betsey. Executrix: wife Isabel. Witnesses: Cornelius Higgins, Isabella Higgins & Margate Much. Will signed 22 July, 1813; probate granted 14 April, 1820.

Liber 2 Folio 8
Will of James Curtis, Stanhope Cove, Island of St. John. Written at Murray Harbor when he was about to take a voyage to England in a dangerous season of the year. Bequest: to his wife Elizabeth Curtis. Executrix: Elizabeth Curtis. Witnesses: Robert Gray, Geo. Noyes, James Lawson. Will signed 7 Jan., 1792; probate granted 11 May, 1820.

Liber 2 Folio 9
Will of John Plaw, Esq., Charlotte Town. [1746-24 May,1820] Bequests: to Dr. Benjamin De Saint Croix & Benjamin Evans, merchant, in trust for his wife Mary Plaw, her sister Betsey Ball & his nephew Joseph Ball. Executors: wife Mary Plaw. Witnesses: J.B. Palmer, Charles Serani & Thos. Davies. Will signed 16 Nov., 1819; probate granted 10 June, 1820.

Liber 2 Folio 13
Will of James Smith, late of Plymouth, England, but now of PEI, merchant [1779-2 Dec., 1820] Bequests: to his brother Joseph Smith of Plymouth
Dock, England. Executors: Duncan McKay & John Nicholas LePage, merchants of Charlotte Town. Witnesses: Chas. Binns, R.S. Westlake, Geo. Binns. Will signed 16 Sep., 1820; probate granted 9 Oct., 1820.

Liber 2 Folio 14
Will of William Bremner, Charlotte Town [1771-9 Sep., 1821] Bequests: to son John; to son William; to daughter Elizabeth, wife of George Richard Goodman. Executors: George Richard Goodman, Waiter & Searcher of H. M. Customs. Witnesses: John McArty, Eliz. Bagnall, James D. Haszard. Will signed 1 Sep., 1821; probate granted 25 Sep., 1821.

Liber 2 Folio 15
Will of Jane Williams, Charlotte Town, sole executrix & devisee of Sampson Williams, late of Charlotte Town, shipwright [1751-9 April, 1821] Bequests: to son Henry May Williams, baker, Charlotte Town; to Grace Kay, otherwise Grace Williams, wife of Henry Kay of H. M. Dock Yard, Plymouth. Executors: Samuel May Williams, merchant of Charlotte Town. Witnesses: M. Palmer, Richd. Chappell & J.B. Palmer. Will signed 3 Oct., 1816; probate granted 3 Nov., 1821.

Liber 2 Folio 17
Will of William Webster, Bay of Fortune, yeoman. Bequests: to his wife Isabella Webster; to his son Cecil; to his son Joseph; to his daughter Margaret. Executors: William Dingwall, Bay of Fortune, Thomas Webster, jr. of Morell, Saint Peters & wife Isabella Webster. Witnesses: Joseph Grierson, Thos. Robinson & B. De St. Croix. Will signed 17 Aug., 1821; probate granted 22 Oct., 1821.

Liber 2 Folio 18
Will of Alexander Nicolson, Belle Creek, PEI. Bequests: to wife Mary; to eldest son Neil. Executors: wife Mary Nicolson, brother John Nicolson with the help of friends Donald Nicolson at the Head of Orwell, Alexander Martin, Belle Creek & Angus Bell of Belle Creek. Witnesses: Alexander Stewart, Donald Nicolson & Angus Macaulay. Will signed 17 April, 1819; probate granted 28 Feb., 1822.

Liber 2 Folio 20
Will of Alexr. Cameron, Lot 16, Prince County, PEI, yeoman. Bequests: to wife Catherine; to son Samuel; to son Alexander; to son Duncan; to absent son William; to grandson Alexr. McKinnon, Grand River; to son in law John McCallum. Executors: Rev. John Kier, David Murray & John McKinnon. Witnesses: John McKinnon, Wilm. Forbes Jno. McLean. Will signed 23 Aug., 1817; probate granted 27 March, 1822.

Liber 2 Folio 21
Will of Angus McLiore, Lot 33, farmer. Bequests: to son Roderick; to wife Isabella; to son William; to son Hugh; to son Donald; to daughter Christie McLiore; to daughter Nancy McLiore. Executor: Roderick McLiore. Witnesses: Donald Finlayson & Neil McDonald. Will signed 30 March, 1822; probate granted 16 June, 1823.

Liber 2 Folio 23
Will of Nathan Cannon, St. Eleanors, Richmond Parish, PEI. Bequests: to father & mother; to Mary Cannon, wife of his brother Federick Cannon; to Elizabeth, daughter of Frederick Cannon. Executors: brother Frederick Cannon, brother in law Daniel Ramsay, senr., Lot 13, & Thomas C. Compton, St. Eleanors. Witnesses: Elizabeth Waite, George Waite, J.P. Sherlock. Will signed 18 Nov., 1822; probate granted 4 Dec., 1822.

Liber 2 Folio 25
Will of Rev. Theophilus Desbrisay, Charlotte Town [1754-14 March, 1823] Bequest: to wife Margaret. Executrix: wife Margaret Desbrisay. Witnesses: B. De St. Croix, N. Davies & Christopher Cross. Will signed 8 March, 1823; probate granted 23 June, 1823.

Liber 2 Folio 26
Will of Donald McAdom, Savage Harbour. Bequests: to wife Nancy; to son Donald; to son Sandy; to son John; to son Angus. Witnesses: Lauchlin McAdom, Angus McVarish & John McDonald. Will signed 19 Jan., 1823; probate granted 10 July, 1823.

Liber 2 Folio 29
Will of James Hodges, of Trelleck, County of Monmouth. Bequests: to George Winsloe; to melia Winsloe; to Ann Winsloe; to Caroline Winsloe; "William Hodges to take possession of the house Hugh lives in in Monmouth on the Xmas day after my death"; "James Hodges & Thomas Edmonds to have my clothes divided between them"; "Robert Evans, Monmouth & James Bowen to act as trusts if they think proper". Executor: John Winsloe. Witnesses: James Bowen of Trelleck, farmer, William Meek & Eliza Jones. Will signed 12 March, 1823; probate granted in London 24 April, 1823; probate granted at Charlotte Town, 29 July, 1823.

Liber 2 Folio 35
Will of Arthur Owen, Prince Town, PEI, residing at Lot 49 [1756-8 June, 1823] Bequests: to wife Elizabeth; to son George; to son John; to unnamed
daughters. Witness: William Graham. Will signed 12 March, 1823; probate granted 8 Aug., 1823.

Liber 2 Folio 36
Will of William McKie, Bay Fortune, Kings County, PEI. Bequests: to his wife Isabella McKie; to son John; to son William; to son James; to heirs of my daughter Jame McKie; daughter Elizabeth wife of James Aitkin; Mary wife of Robert Banks; Margaret wife of the late Joseph Dingwell; Annabella wife of Joseph Coffin; Sarah McKie wife of Walter Burke. Executors: Joseph Coffin, James Aitken & wife Isabella McKie. Witnesses: Daniel Flynn, Erasmus Davidson & James Coffin. Will signed 11 March, 1823; probate granted 31 Dec., 1823.

Liber 2 Folio 38
Will of John Smith, Margate Farm, Lot 19. Bequests: to wife Ann; to 2nd son James Gording Smith; to 3rd son David Smith; to daughter Nelly McNele Smith; to 4th son William Clark Smith; to his poor unfortunate daughter Charlotte that is not endued with her right senses; to his eldest daughter Ann wife of Isaac Lambly; to eldest son John Smith one shilling; to Mary Connors one shilling; to Hanner Bantly one shilling. Executor: Ann Smith & James Gording Smith. Witnesses: John Smith, James Cousins, John Owen & John Kier. Probate granted 26 March, 1824.

Liber 2 Folio 43
Will of John McIntire, Lot 35. Bequests: to son Norman; to son Patrick. Witnesses: John McDonald, Norman McIntire & Patrick McIntire. Probate granted 16 Dec., 1824.

Liber 2 Folio 46
Will of Thomas Alexander, sr. Parish of Charlotte, Queens County, PEI [1757-16 May, 1824] Bequests: to daughter Margaret; to daughter Mary; to
son John; to son Thomas; to daughter Jane; to daughter Elizabeth. Executor: John Alexander. Witnesses: John Fulton, Edward Bury & Nichs. Marquand. Will signed 19 Nov., 1823; probate granted 26 May, 1824.

Liber 2 Folio 46
Will of Benjamin Cole, farmer, Bedeque. Bequests: to wife Isobell; to oldest son James; to son Benjamin; to son Richard; other children unnamed. Executors: David Murray & Alexander Anderson. Witness: John Kier. Will signed 11 Jan., 1815; probate granted 20 Jan., 1825.

Liber 2 Folio 47
Will of James Burns. Bequests: to son Andrew; to son John; to daughter Ann, wife of Redmond Wall; to her daughters Jean & Margret McEntosh; to daughter Girsal Burns, married to Duncan Cameron; to daughter Barbara Burns. Executors: sons Andrew Burns & John Burns. Witnesses: Isaac Bradshaw, John Tucker & Isaac Schurman. Will signed 23 June, 1822; probate granted 9 March, 1825.

Liber 2 Folio 48
Will of Josette Holland [1741-1825], Tryon River, widow of the late Samuel Holland. Bequests: to daughter Charlotte Holland; to grandson Samuel
Francis Holland, daughter of Frederick Brehm Holland; to granddaughter Josette Charlotte Holland, daughter of Frederick Brehm Holland. Executrix:
daughter Charlotte Holland. Witnesses: John Leard, Samuel Leard & George Bynon. Will signed 9 Nov., 1822; probate granted 15 March, 1825.

Liber 2 Folio 51
Will of Nathaniel Wright, senior, Township of Bedeque, parish of Saint David, PEI. Bequests: to wife Ann; to sons John, Nathaniel, William,
Stephen, James, Lewis, Jesse, Thomas; to daughters Nancy, Ethelinda & Elizabeth. Executors: William Pope, merchant, Charlotte Town & brother
Stephen Wright, senior, Bedeque. Witnesses: George Jackson, Major Hooper & Saml. Green. Will signed 16 April, 1825; probate granted 15 June, 1825.

Liber 2 Folio 56
Will of Lauchlan McDonald, Lot 47, PEI. Bequests: to wife Jenney McDonald; to oldest son Alexr. McDonald; to 2nd son Ronald McDonald; to youngest son John McDonald; to 6 daughters, Flora McDonald, spinster, Ann McDonald wife of John McDonald, Spring Field, PEI, Mary McDonald, spinster, Isabella Mconald, spinster, Julia McDonald, spinster, Catherine McDonald, spinster; to Bishop of Rosina one pound annually; to Priest of Colluma one pound annually. Executors: Henry Yonge, Lot 42, Angus McDonald at Point May, Antigonish & nephew Angus McDonald of St. Peters. Witnesses: John Beaton, John Rossiter & John Mclean. Will signed 11 April, 1822; probate granted 30 Sep., 1825. Codicil dated 1 April, 1825 & witnessed by John Rossiter, Alexander Mcclean & Allan McLean.

Liber 2 Folio 60
Will of Mary Heron, Lot 18 or Second Pond, PEI. Bequests: to son James; to daughter Helen; to William Gains, dumb boy, one calf; to Mary Lawless one calf. Witnesses: Henry Loggie, James Brander, Edward McKay, Thomas Barbour & William Gain. Will signed 8 Nov., 1823; probate granted 7 Dec., 1825

Liber 2 Folio 62
Will of Benjamin Evans, Charlotte Town, merchant [1750-24 Nov., 1825] Bequests: to neice Elizabeth Whiting, daughter of Richard Whiting & my sister Sarah; to nephew Benjamin Whiting; to sister Eleanor, wife of Fowler Richardson; to the eldest son of Fowler & Eleanor Richardson; to Daniel Hodgson; to Paul Mabey & Robert Hodgson; to the following children of George & Phebe Wright, Benjamin Evans, John Cambridge, George, Thomas, Mary, Lemuel, Phebe, Artemas; to the following children of Lemuel & Margaret Cambridge, Eliza, John & George Wright; to Charles son of Charles & Lydia Wright; to Jane Deborah Hodgson; to Christopher Hodgson; to Eliza, John, William Stainforth, Peter, Mary & Lydia Cambridge Macgowan; to John & William sons of William Bremner deceased; to the directors of the National School at Charlotte Town; to directors of the Wesleyan Sunday School. Trustees: Paul Mabey & Robert Hodgson. Witnesses: Coll Macdonald, George Mabey & Ralph Brecken. Will signed 14 Nov., 1825; probate granted 1 Dec., 1825.

Liber 2 Folio 69
Will of Daniel Green, Lot 17, Prince County, PEI, yeoman. Bequests: to wife Martha; to son Joseph; to son Daniel; to son Issl.; to son John; to son Spencer; to son William; to daughters Ann & Amey. Executors: wife Martha Green & sons Joseph & Daniel. Witnesses: Saml. Green, William Ellis & Eliz. Green. Will signed 16 Dec., 1824; probate granted 20 Feb., 1826.

Liber 2 Folio 72
Will of John Nicholson, Stenshol, Lot 57, PEI. Bequests: to wife Jean; to daughter Ann Nicholson; to grandson John Nicholson, son of John; to son John; to daughter Rachel; mentions brother Donald of the Isle of Sky. Witnesses: Alexr. McLeod, Alex Martin & John Gillies. Will signed 2 Sep., 1822; probate granted 6 May, 1826.

Liber 2 Folio 74
Will of James Woodside, senior, PEI Bequests: to son Archibald; to son John; to wife Ann; to son James; to son Andrew; to daughter Rebecca Thompson; to daughter Margaret Donald; to daughter Agnes Simpson; to James Donald son of William Donald & Barbara Woodside, daughter of my deceased son William Woodside. Executors: Rev. John Keir, William Donald, James Simpson, John Thompson, senior. Witnesses: James Gillender, Archd. Woodside & John Donald. Will signed 28 June, 1823; probate granted 5 July, 1824.

Liber 2 Folio 76
Will of John McDonald, Lot 16, PEI. Bequests: to unnamed wife; to son Donald; to son Alexander; to grandson John McDonald; to unmarried daughters viz. Ann, Sarah & Elizabeth; to son Angus. Executors: son Archibald & brother Donald McDonald. Witnesses: John McInnon, Donald McDonald & Donald McDonald, sr. Will signed 26 April, 1826; probate granted 30 July, 1826.

Liber 2 Folio 78
Will of Ann Callbeck, widow of Phillips Callbeck. Bequests: to daughter Ann Callbeck; to daughter Sophia Irving. Witnesses: Chas. Brazier & Charles Pass of 110 Tottenham Court Rd. & Saml. Welsford, 8 Sise Lane. Will signed 19 March, 1822; probate granted 7 Oct., 1822.

Liber 2 Folio 79
Will of Peter Heron, senior, Darnly, PEI, farmer. Bequests: to wife Mary. Executors: wife Mary Heron. Witnesses: Js. McNutt, Penelope McNutt, Margt. McNutt. Will signed 29 March, 1814; probate granted 30 Oct., 1826 to Thomas Lawless husband of Helen Lawless, daughter of Peter Heron, sr. Codiciil signed 31 March, 1814, mentions son James; witnessed by Jas. McNutt, Danl. Woods & Peter McNutt.

Liber 2 Folio 91
Will of John Brecken, Charlotte Town, PEI, now of Hull, County of York, gentleman. Bequests: to grandson John Brecken; to grandson Ralph Brecken; to granddaughter Anna Matilda Brecken now McDonald; to Jane Rebecca Becken now Haviland; to granddaughter Mary Williams Brecken; to granddaughter Matilda Brecken. Executors: grandsons John & Ralph Brecken, Charlotte Town & William McWhinnie, London, gentleman. Witnesses: Richard Allanson, printer, Hull; John Allanson, surgeon, Hull; Anne Allanson, Hull. Will signed 12 May, 1826; probated at London 28 March, 1827; registered at Charlottetown 1827. Codicil mentions bequests to granddaughter Barbara Lelia Alice Becken; daughter in law Matilda Brecken; to Mrs. Elizabeth Hutchinson now in Hull; to Elizabeth Brecken Hutchinson born 1 Sep., 1807; to Mary McDonald wife of Robert McDonald, Bay Fortune; to John Thompson of Ingleby Cross; to Mary Thompson; to Elizabeth Thompson; to William McWhinnie, London.

Liber 2 Folio 97
Will of Ann Callbeck, Warfiield, Berks. Bequests: to daughte Sophia Irving of the Magdaline Islands; to daughter Ann. Witnesses: Richd. Bore, Winkfield; W.L. Rham, vicar of Winkfield, Berks; M.A. Walker, Warfield. Will signed 30 July, 1826; registered 3 Feb., 1828 by William George Irving.

Liber 2 Folio 98
Will of Malcolm Ramsay, farmer, Indian River. Bequests: to wife Ann; to son Edward; to son Charles; to son Malcolm; to daughters Barbara & Jannet. Executors: son in law Donald McGougan & Malcolm Ramsay. Witnesses: Donald Taylor, Archd. Taylor, Robert McKelvie. Will signed 16 Aug., 1822; probate granted 22 June, 1826.

Liber 2 Folio 101
Codicil to will of John McDonald. Witnesses: C. Stewart, B. De St. Croix, John McDonald. Codicil signed at Tracady 5 Aug., 1810; probate granted 28 Dec., 1819 to Donald MacDonald, eldest son of the testator.

Liber 2 Folio 104
Will of Joseph Pippy the elder, Charlotte Town, shipbuilder. Bequests: to wife Mary; to daughter Catherine Normore Pippy; to son Joseph; to son Grigory. Executors: wife Mary; son Joseph. Witnesses: Charles Binns, Donald MacDonald, Paul Mabey. Will signed 26 May, 1824; probate granted 28 May, 1827.

Liber 2 Folio 106
Will of James Reilly, Charlotte Town, merchant. Bequests: to wife Mary; to son Charles; to a child of which my wife is now pregnant. Executors: Paul Mabey; wife Mary; H. M. Attorney General William Johnstone, Esq. Witnesses: Robert Stewart, W. S. Macgowan; Matthew Redmond. Will signed 13 Jan., 1824; probate granted 2 Sep., 1826.

Liber 2 Folio 110
Will of Rebecca Hodgson, Charlotte Town, widow [1771-12 May, 1825] Bequest: to daughter Jane Deborah Hodgson. Executrix: Jane Deborah Hodgson. Witnesses: T.H. Haviland, John Brecken, Matilda Brecken. Will signed 9 July, 1823; probate granted 26 May, 1825.

Liber 2 Folio 114
Will of William Crabb, Lot 32 [1772-1826] Bequests: to wife Phebey; to son William; to son John; to son James; to son Thomas; to son Edmond; to daughters Phebey, Eliza & Sarah. Witnesses: Richard Bagnall, George Coles, David Hooper, John Moore. Will signed 17 Sep., 1820; probate granted 19 June, 1826.

Liber 2 Folio 115
Will of James Stewart, senior, Prince Town, PEI. Bequests to grandson John Stewart of Irvin, Scotland; to grandson James Stewart son of Dougald Stewart; to son James Stewart of Prince Town, PEI. Witneses: James Niven, Archd. Woodside, David Stewart. Will signed 1 Jan., 1821; probate granted 11 Feb., 1825.

Liber 2 Folio 117
Will of Andrew Wale Pemberton, Captain in the Rifle Brigade now stationed in Halifax [11 March, 1784-12 March, 1828] Bequest: to Maria Slade of Dover, Kent but now living under my protection at Halifax; she has lived with me since May, 1815. "Oh for God's sake be kind to Maria". Executors:
Major James Perceval & Lieutenant George Simmons. Witnesses: John Armstrong, M.D., Cpt. Surgn. Rifles. Will signed 15 Jan., 1826; probate granted 24 March, 1828. Codicil witnessed by William Williams Walker, Garrison Chaplain, Charlotte Town, named John Lawson, Charlotte Town, Barrister as executor.

Liber 2 Folio 119
Will of John Foy, Tryon River, PEI, farmer. Bequests: to wife Mary; to eldest son John Foy; to son Joseph; to son William; to daughter ane Woods; to daughters Phoebe Robinson, Rachel Boulter & Mary Thomas; to daughter Nancy McKinnon & her 2 children. Executors: wife Mary & son Joseph. Witnesses: George Bynon, Phillips Callbeck, James Callbeck. Will signed 28 Feb., 1828; probate granted 24 March, 1828.

Liber 2 Folio 121
Will of Charles Wright, Charlotte Town [1786-1 April, 1828] Bequests: to wife Lydia the estate called Cherry Valley purchased by Thomas & Charles Wright from John Throckmorton; to son James. Executrix: wife Lydia Wright. Witnesses: Thomas Sims, Charles Serani, W. Curtis. Will signed 10 Nov., 1827; probate granted 21 April, 1828.

Liber 2 Folio 126
Will of Joseph Roblee, Tryon River, PEI, farmer. Bequests: to son Thomas; to daughter Susannah Roblee; to daughter Martha Clark; to wife Jane Roblee. Witnesses; John Laing, Donald McIntyre, George Bynon. Executors: wife Jane, friends John Leard, senior & William Lord of Tryon River. Will signed 26 March, 1828; probate granted 3 June, 1828. Codicil signed 25 April, 1828, witnessed by John Lord, Joseph Foy & Thomas Gamble.

Liber 2 Folio 129
Will of Alexander Crawford, Tryon River, PEI [1786-13 May, 1828] Bequest: to wife Jane. Executor: wife Jane. Witnesses: Benjamin Boulter & John Gouldrup. Will signed 8 April, 1828; probate granted 13 June, 1828.

Liber 2 Folio 129
Will of James Connolly, Charlotte Town, Inn Keeper. Bequests: to Father Fitzgerald; to wife Catherine Connolly. Executor; Paul Mabey.
Witnesses: Christopher Cross, Charles Desbrisay & William Crabbe, jr. Will signed 11 Feb., 1824; probate granted 5 Aug., 1828.

Liber 2 Folio 130
Will of Kenneth MacKenzie. Bequests: to wife Mararet; to daughters Janett & Ketty; to oldest son Hector Mackenzie; to son Roderick. Witnesses: Alexander MacDougall, Lauchlan Morrison, Alexander Campbell. Will signed 19 July, 1828; probate granted 4 March, 1829.

Liber 2 Folio 132
Will of John MacCarty, Charlotte Town, PEI [1791-4 May, 1829] Bequests: to son John; brothers Thomas & Patrick MacCarty. Executors: John MacDonald, Esq., Elliot River John Kirvan, Tryon. Witnesses: Charles Binns, Michael Delany, Michael McCarthy. Will signed 6 Sep., 1828; probate granted 8 May, 1829.

Liber 2 Folio 133
Will of William Graham, Lockerby, Kings County, PEI, gentleman. Bequests: to grandchildren James Graham, William Graham, George Graham,
Benjamin Graham, Jenny Graham; to nephew Benjamin Graham. Executors: George Aitken, James Irving, Benjamin Graham. Witnesses: John Jardine,
John Reid, John McKay. Will signed 8 Aug., 1824; probate granted 17 June, 1829.

Liber 2 Folio 138
Willof Sarah Hamilton Stewart, Charlotte Town, widow of Chief Justice Peter Stewart. Bequest: to Mary Dundas Bishop Stewart. Executrix: Mary
Dundas Bishop Stewart. Witnesses; William Forgan, Charles Desbrisay, Robert Stewart. Will signed 25 Nov., 1828; probate granted 20 Oct., 1829.

Liber 2 Folio 139
Will of Malcolm McEacharn, West River. Bequests: to son Donald; to son Angus; to wife unnamed; to daughter Catherine.
Witness: Duncan Darrach. Will signed 2 Jan., 1809; probate granted 30 Nov., 1829.

Liber 2 Folio 140
Will of John Lang, Tryon Village, PEI. Bequests: to wife Martha; to sons Alexander, George, William & John. Executors: John Lord & Benjamin Farra both of Tryon Village. Witnesses: Donald Manson, Jacob Gooldrup, William Rae. Will signed 21 Nov., 1829; probate grante 14 Jan., 1830.
Codicil signed 20 Dec., 1829 mentions 2nd daughter Elizabeth & 3rd daughter Charlotte.

Liber Folio 143
Will of Gilbert Ormsby, Darnly, PEI, merchant [1765-5 Feb., 1830] Bequest: to wife Catherine. Executrix: wife Catherine. Witnesses: B. De St. Croix, William Kelly, Edmd. Stewart. Will signed 3 Feb., 1830; probate granted 16 Feb., 1830.

Liber 2 Folio 145
Will of Joseph McLean, Prince Town Royalty, PEI. Bequest: to wife Margaret McLean. Executors: wife Margaret & friend Dugald Stewart of Prince Town Royalty. Witnesses: Lauchlin McKendrick, James McNeil, James Gillenders. Will signed 19 Sep., 1825; probate granted 17 Feb., 1830.

Liber 2 Folio 146
Will of Andrew Duncan, Pathhead, Fifeshire, Scotland but now of PEI [1761-10 April, 1830] Bequests: to Margaret Duncan, daughter of David Duncan, Esq., Writer to the Signet, Edinburgh; to neice Margaret White, daughter of John White deceased & my sister Margaret Duncan; to David Kilgour of Pathhead; to James Rattaray; to Margaret Duncan of St. Adrews, Fifeshire, daughter of James Duncan, of PEI. Executors: James Rattaray of Swythrum? Mill, Fifeshire; executor in PEI James Spencer. Witnesses: J. Mackieson, Thomas Wright, Thomas Rattray. Will signed 10 April, 1830; probate granted 12 April, 1830.

Liber 2 Folio 147
Will of Martin Hopps of the North Point, in Charlotte Harbour, PEI, builder [1776-15 June, 1813] Bequests: to wife Letitia; to children unnamed. Executor; brother in law William Crosby. Witnesses: John Howell, James Sinclair, Chas. Binns. Will signed 12 June, 1813; probate granted 24
April, 1830.

Liber 2 Folio 150
Will of James Campbell. Bequest: to wife Annabella. Executor: wife Annabella. Witnesses: Angus Macaulay, Charles McWilliam, Norman MacQueen. Will signed 10 July, 1807; probate granted 30 April, 1830.

Liber 2 Folio 151
Will of Jean or Jane Nicolson, Stensel, Orwell Bay, parish of St. John, PEI, widow of John Nicolson. Bequests: to grandson Peter Nicolson; to
granddaughters Una, Rachel, Mary & Flora, daughters of son Donald Nicolson. Witnesses: John McLennan, Martin Martin, Angus McPherson. Will
signed 11 June, 1827; probate granted 4 May, 1830.

Liber 2 Folio 152
Will of Thomas Hickey, Lot 35. Bequest: to wife Letitia Hickey. Witnesses: Timothy Carey, Dan. Carey, Peter Crammer. Will signed 25 June, 1822; probate granted 16 Aug., 1830.

Liber 2 Folio 153
Will of Henry May Williams, Charlotte Town, merchant. Bequest: to wife Ann. Executors: Samuel Cunard & Joseph Cunard both of Nova Scotia.
Witnesses: B. De St. Croix, Theos. Chappel, Jno. Williams. Will signed Sep., 1827; probate granted 11 May, 1830.

Liber 2 Folio 154
Will of John Norton, Bellview Farm, Three Rivers, Parish of St. George, Kings County, PEI. Bequests: to wife; to son John; to son James; to son
Frederick. Witnesses: Jno. Shaw, Arthur Owen, George Moor. Will signed 15 Dec., 1829; probate granted 17 Aug., 1830.

Liber 2 Folio 159
Will of William Morrison, Township 14, PEI. Bequests: to wife Mary; to 2nd son Angus; to 3rd son Donald; to 4th son John. Witnesses: Murdoch McKinnon, John Hickey. Will signed 27 Oct., 1830; probate granted 4 Feb., 1831.

Liber 2 Folio 161
Will of Christian Boisner, Lot 32, PEI. Bequests: to wife Catherine; to son Eustace; to son Charles; to son William; to son Frederick; to son Christian. Executors: wife Catherine & son William. Witneses: Robert Pyke, William Warren, David Hooper. Will signed 30 Dec., 1830; probate granted 19 March, 1831.

Liber 2 Folio 163
Will of Duncan McEwen, Campbelltown, New London. Bequests: to children Edward, Theophilus & Janet; to wife Janet. Executors: son John McEwen & son in law William Clark. Witnesses: John McIntyre, Duncan McIntyre, Benjamin McEwen. Will signed 9 March, 1831; probate granted 25 March, 1831.

Liber 2 Folio 165
Wil of John Small, Philadelphia, North America, now residing in PEI. Bequests: to son John Small now living in Miramichi; to stepson John Derby; to wife Fanny; to Benjamin (Ives?); to daughter Sarah Small. Executors: Alexander Campbell,Bedeque, merchant; & Samuel Rix, Bedeque, farmer. Witnesses: Saml. Welsford, Solomon Desbrisay, John Bernard. Will signed 1 Dec., 1823; probate granted 6 May, 1831. Codicil signed 12 Nov., 1830, witnessed by Saml. Green, Saml. Rix, John Derby.

Liber 2 Folio 171
Will of Hugh Gillis, Hay River, Lot 44. Bequests: to son Alexander Gillis; to son Angus; to son Lauchlin; to Alexander McDonald; to wife unnamed. Witnesses: Alexr. McDonald, Alexr. Gillis, Allan McDonald. Will signed 13 Feb., 1830; probate granted 14 June, 1831.

Liber 2 Folo 173
Will of Catherine Jenkins, 110 Tottenham Court Road, Parish of St. Pancras, County of Middlesex, widow. Bequests: Executors: Charles Brazier
& nephew William Bowley of Tothill St., Wesminster; also Thomas Griffin of Princes St., Soho, sedan chair manufacturor. Witnesses: Samuel Thomson; Charles (?). Will signed 28 Nov., 1829; probate granted at London 11 Aug., 1831.

Liber 2 Folio 181
Will of William Clark, Cavendish. Bequests to son William; to son Francis; to daughter Mary; to son Thomas; to son James; to wife Helen; to son John; to daughter Janet Clark; to daughter Helen; to son Robert; to daughter Margaret; to sons Andrew & David. Executors: son Thomas Clark, James Simpson & Malcolm McNeill of Cavendish. Witnesses: Robert Robertson,John McNeill, Jas. McNeill. Will signed 18 Nov., 1824; probate granted 15 Oct., 1831.

Liber 2 Folio 183
Will of John Clay, New Annan, Prince County, PEI, millwright. Bequest: to wife Mary. Executors: William Glover, Adam Glover, John Borthwick.
Witnesses: Jas. McMurdo, Willam McMurdo, Jas. Neil. Will signed 8 Aug., 1831; probate granted 14 Dec., 1831.

Liber 2 Folio 193
Will of Donald Martin, Orwell Head, Lot 57, Parish of St. John, Queens County, PEI. Bequests: to wife Ann; to daughter Margaret. Executors:
Alexander Anderson, Orwell Bay; my brother John Martin; Samuel Macleod, schoolmaster. Witnesses: Donald Graham, Alexr. Anderson,Samuel Nicolson. Will signed 12 Feb.,1830; probate granted 17 arch, 1832.

Liber 2 Folio 195
Will of Donald McKenzie, farmer, Lot 18. Bequests: to wife Mary; to son Alexander; to daughter Mary; to daughter Catherine. Witneses: Alex McLellan, Donald McLellan. Will signed 20 Oct., 1829; probate granted 23 March, 1832.

Liber 2 Folio 196
Will of Donald Nicolson, Flodigarry, Lot 57, PEI. Bequests; to youngest son Charles; to oldest son Malcolm. Witnesses: Saml. Murchison, Ebenezer McAulay. Will signed 27 March, 1819; probate granted 27 April, 1832.

Liber 2 Folio 198
Will of John Cambridge, Bristol, England, merchant [13 Dec., 1848-26 Dec., 1831] Bequests: to wife Mary; to son Lemuel; to son Artemas; to daughter Lydia widow of Charles Wright; to daughter Phebe wife of George Wright. Executors: wife Mary Cambridge; sons Lemuel & Artemas Cambridge.
Witnesses: Griffith Hughes, assistant to Peter Chillicombe, surgeon, 57 Milk St., Bristol; Joseph Davies, conveyancer, Bristol; Jacob Raggart, his clerk. Will signed 7 Oct., 1829; probate granted at London 3 April, 1832.

Liber 2 Folio 224
Will of James Fraser, late of Montreal now of Halifax, Nova Scotia, trader. Bequests: to grandson Alexander Rae son of Alexander & Phoebe Rae, Montreal; to daughter Ann Fraser; to Ann Fraser daughter of son Eliphalet Fraser, now deceased; to Eliza Ann Fraser daughter of Eliphalet Fraser; to great granddaughter Mary Sandford, infant daughter of Ephraim Sandford & Ann Rea; to daughter Phoebe Rea widow of Alexander Rea deceased, of Montreal; to grandson James Fraser son of deceased son Eliphalet; to Betsey Fraser mother of James & Eliza Ann Fraser. Executors: John Clark, Halifax, merchant; Ephraim Sandford & Alexander Rae, Montreal, merchants. Witnesses: Charles Twining, Robert Hume, sr., John Farquhar. Will signed 8 March, 1824; probate granted at Halifax 25 Jan., 1832; registered at Charlotte Town 20 Oct., 1832.

Liber 2 Folio 229
Will of Donald Carr, Lot 14, Richmond Bay. Bequests: to wife Elizabeth; to Mary Carr; to Elizabeth Carr; to Jane Carr; to Sarah Carr; to Flora Carr; to sons John Hugh, Donald & Archibald. Executors: Elizabeth Carr, Archibald Campbell, Wiliam Campbell. Witnesses: Niel Ramsay, Donald Rochfort. Will signed 2 March, 1832; probate granted 14 Jan., 1833.

Liber 2 Folio 236
Will of John McEachern, Crooked River, Lot 44. Bequests: to grandsons John & Joseph McEachern. Executors: Alexander McDonald & John McEachern both of Lot 44. Witnesses: Allan McGillivray, Joseph McGillivray, Alexander McGillivray. Will signed 22 June, 1832; probate granted 22 March, 1833.

Liber 2 Folio 237
Will of Wilson, West River, Lot 65. Bequests: to wife Jane; to 2nd son William; to eldest son James. Witnesses: Duncan McEwen, James McDonald.
Will signed 1822; probate granted 3 April, 1833.

Liber 2 Folio 239
Will of Robert Gray, Charlotte Town Royalty, PEI [1747-12 Feb., 1828] Bequests: to eldest son Robert; to eldest daughter Jane, wife of Artemas Cambridge; to daughter Elizabeth Gray; to natural daughter Louisa Gray; to Artemas Cambridge & George Wright in trust for children Robert, Elizabeth, Mary Stuckley & John Hamilton. Executors: Artemas Cambridge, George Wright, Rt. Rev. Angus McEacharn of St. Andrews, Lemuel Cambridge, merchant & son Robert Gray. Witnesses: B. De St. Croix, Albert Desbrisay, Chas. Binns. Will signed 14 July, 1820; probate granted 4 June, 1833.

Liber 2 Folio 244
Will of Sarah McKinnis of French Savage Harbour, Lot 37, PEI. Bequests: to daughter Mary McPhee; to son James McKinnis; to grandson John McKinnis; to daughter Betsey MacRay; to daughter Catherine MacCormac. Executrix: daughter Mary McPhee. Witnesses: A. B. McEacharn, Kimbell Coffin, John McKay. Will signed 4 May, 1824; probate granted 11 June, 1833.

Liber 2 Folo 249
Will of Angus Campbell, East Point, Lot 47. Bequests: to sons Malcolm, Duncan, James, Donald; to wife Ann; to daughter Mary. Executrix: wife Ann Campbell. Witnesses: Angus McEachern, M.A.; John McDonald, Gallion McInnis. Will signed 25 Oct., 1811; probate granted 11 June, 1833.

Liber 2 Folio 253
Will of Andrew MacDonald, Panmure Island, PEI [1744-30 May,1833] Bequests: to son Archibald; to Catholic Church & Burial Ground at the west end of Panmure Island; to grandson Andrew Archibald MacDonald, son of Hugh MacDonald; to wife Isabella MacDonald; to daughters Matilda & Catherine MacDonald; to son Colin; to son Alexander; to daughter Clementina MacDonald; to son Ranald; to son Charles; to son Angus. Executors: sons Hugh & Angus MacDonald; nephew Donald MacDonald of Charlotte Town & his brother John Small MacDonald of Elliot River; Edward Thornton. Witnesses: Edward Thornton, John Suckels. Will signed 8 March, 1831; probate granted 11 June, 1833.

Liber 3 Folio 110
Will of Fade Goff, Erin Vale, Lot 34, PEI [1782-1836] Bequests: to wife in trust for their children. Executrix: his wife. Witnesses: J. S. Dealey, Duncan McGregor, John Lowrey. Will signed 21 April, 1835; probate granted 5 March, 1836.

Liber 4 Folio 20
Will of James Fair, Vernon River, PEI, farmer. Bequests: to wife Maria; to eldest daughter Ann, wife of Wiliam Ross; to eldest son Andrew; to daughter Mary wife of John O'Connor; to Eliza wife of Thomas Murphy; to son James Fair; to daughter Sarah. Witnesses:John Nelson, Angus Ross. Will signed 8 March, 1836; probate granted 8 April, 1839.

Liber 4 Folio 20
Will of Mary Pippy, Charlotte Town, PEI, widow. Bequests: to daughter Catherine Normore Pippy. Executors: daughter Catherine Normore Pippy.
Witnesses: George Dalrymple, Angus MacDonald, Charles Binns, senr. Will signed 4 April, 1834; probate granted 15 April, 1839.

Liber 4 Folio 38
Will of John Cousins the elder, Township 20, PEI. Bequests: to wife Mary; to grandson John Cousins, eldest son of son William; to grandson James Cousins, 2nd son of son William; to children Eliza, John, Alexander, William & David. Executors: son James Cousins & Paul Thompson, Lot 20, farmer. Will signed 15 Aug., 1832; probate granted 6 Feb., 1840.

Liber 4 Folio 229
Will of John Frederick Holland, Charlote Town. Bequest: to grandson Robert Barker. Executors: his friends Coun Douly Rankin, Charlotte Town, Esq., & Charles Welsh, Charlotte Town, merchant. Witnesses: William Tanton, Charles Alexander Green, Robert Stewart. Will signed 16 Dec., 1845; probate granted 26 Jan., 1846.

Liber 4 Folio 264
Will of John Croker, Charlottetown Royalty, farmer [1790-14 Oct., 1846]
Bequests: to wife Ann; to John Good, son of his wife by a former husband; to Ann, Dyonisia & Rebecca, daughters by his wife Ann; to daughter Mary, wife of Thomas Williams.
Witnesses: Paul Mabey, Robert G. Nelson, Charles Binns, sr. Will signed 1 July, 1846; probate granted 27 Oct., 1846.

Liber 5 Folio 30
Will of Catherine Hawkins [1762-1847]
Bequest: to daughter Ann, widow of Henry May Williams. Executors: son in law Jabez Barnard, Charlottetown, builder & Isaac Smith,
Charlottetown, builder. Witnesses: R. Hodgson, Thomas Davey, Joseph Hensley. Will signed 15 Nov., 1844; probate granted 3 Nov., 1847.

Liber 5 Folio 40
Will of William Rowe, Charlotte Town, Malster [1792-1846] Bequests: to George Beer, jr., Charlottetown & William Orr (Hoar), Charlottetown, wheelwright in trust for his children. Witnesses: John O Nantes, George Weldon. Will signed 8 Nov., 1846; probate granted 15 Dec., 1847.

Liber 5 Folio 59
Will of Samuel Rix, Bedeque, PEI, farmer. Bequests: to wife Lydia; to Stephen, Benjamin, William & Samuel Rix; to daughters Ann, Hannah, Elizabeth, Lydia, Sarah & Mary; to sons John & George Rix. Executors: sons John & George. Witnesses: Joseph Rogers, John Baker. Will signed 6 March, 1848; probate granted 14 April, 1848.

Liber 5 Folio 67
Will of William Branscomb, St. John's, Newfoundland, block maker [died 21 Jan., 1839] Bequests: to niece Amelia Davis; to friends Peter Weston
Carter, Esq., St. John's & Samuel Mudge, St. John's, merchant, in trust for his sons & daughters. Witnesses: W. B. Row, John Hayward. Will signed
11 July, 1834 at St. John's; probate granted 19 July, 1848. Codicil signed 19 Jan., 1839.

Liber 5 Folio 73
Will of Elizabeth Binns, Charlotte Town, PEI, widow of Charles Binns [1786-23 Aug., 1848] Bequests: to son John Clark Binns; to son Charles
Binns; to daughter Jane Binns who is subject to fits; to son William Binns. Executors: John Clark Binns, Charles Binns, Daniel Hodgson, Esq.
Witnesses: L.C. Jenkins, B. De St. Croix, R. Hodgson. Will signed 21 Aug., 1848; probate granted 19 Sep., 1848.

Liber 5 Folio 78
Will of Benjamin De St. Croix, MD, Assistant Surgeon on half pay unattached of H M Forces [1776-10 Sep., 1848]
Bequests: to wife Margaret; to daughter Margaret Leah Brecken; to son in law John Brecken; to the rector of Charlotte Parish. Executors: wife Margaret; John Brecken; Daniel Hodgson; Theophilus Desbrisay. Witnesses: Robert Hodgson, Fanny Hodgson, W. C. Hodgson.
Will signed 23 Oct., 1847; codicil signed 19 Nov., 1847;
probate granted 30 Sep., 1848.

Liber 5 Folio 85
Will of Conrad Younker [1772-1849], Township 32, farmer. Bequests: to wife Ruth; to son John; to son William. Executors son in law John Moore, Lytchet Mills; son in law Robert Hooper, Princetown Road. Witnesses Ralph Thompson, Charles Binns. Will signed 29 Dec., 1848; probate granted 10 Feb., 1849.

Liber 5 Folio 88
Will of John Moore, senr., PEI. Bequests: to sons John, Charles, James & Robert Moore; to daughter Catherine, now a widow.
Witnesses: Kenneth Martin, John Moore, jr. Will signed 29 June, 1840; probate granted 22 Feb., 1849.

Liber 5 Folio 94
Will of Mark Bennon, farmer, in North West part of the Royalty of Charlottetown. Bequests: to wife Bridget Fitzgerald; to daughter Mary Bennon; to new
Roman Catholic Chapel, Charlottetown; to M. Reynolds, priest, R C Chapel, Charlottetown; to Margaret Doyle, daughter of Thomas Doyle; to my brother James Bennon, Samson Court, Queens County, Ireland. Executors James D. Haszard, D. McDonald & Thomas Doyle, farmer of Charlotetown Royalty. Witnesses: D. McDonald, A. McDonald, Thos. Doyle. Will signed 19 April, 1849; probate granted 21 July, 1849.

Liber 5 Folio 139
Will of Henry Toombs, senior, Rustico, farmer. Bequests: to sons Joseph & Henry Toombs; to wife unnamed.
Executor; James Arthur, New Glasgow.
Witnesses: Thomas Inch, Charles Fowle.Will signed 18 Feb., 1850; probate granted 29 March, 1851.

Liber 5 Folio 220
Will of William Hancock, Charlottetown, PEI, butcher, about to proceed to California. Bequests: to John Rider, Charlottetown, carpenter & Richard
Heartz, tanner in trust for 2 children Charles Hancock & Frederick Hancock & wife Rebecca Jane Hancock. Executors: John Rider & Richard Heartz.
Witnesses: John Fielding, John Lawson. Will signed Sep., 1851; probate granted 14 Feb., 1854.

Liber 5 Folio 224
Will of Ambrose Lane, Charlotetown, PEI, Lieutenant Colonel and Adjutant General of the Militia and Town Major of Charlotte Town [1791-7 Sep.,
1853] Bequests: to son John Hamilton Lane, of H M Customs, Pictou, NS; to Emilia, wife of John amilton Lane; to eldest daughter Theresa Maria Lane;
to son Frederick Sidney DeVere Lane a Lieutenant in H M 81st Regt. of Foot; to son Ambrose Lane to daughter Helen Ferne Lane; to servant Grace
Scott. Executors: John Hamilton Lane, Henry Bovyer Smith. Witnesses: William Forgan, Barrister at Law, Robert Rennie, James J. Bevan. Will
signed 7 April, 1853; probate granted 3 Oct., 1853.

Liber 5 Folio 262
Will of Joseph Duster. Bequest: to wife Nancy Duster (alias Murphy). Witnesses John Hunter, James Glyn. Will probated 10 May, 1854.

Liber 5 Folio 267
Will of Patrick Callahan, Charlotte Town, tinsmith. Bequests: to son William; to wife Maria; to daughter Ellen Callahan; to daughter Lucy Callahan; to daughter Catherine Callahan. Executors: wife Maria Callahan, Patrick Walker, Charlotte Town, merchant & Rev. Thomas Phelan. Witnesses: James J. Bevan, Thomas Murphy. Will signed 29 Dec., 1853; probate granted 12 June, 1854.

Liber 5 Folio 283
Will of Mary Lewis, Charlotte Town, PEI. Bequests: to son John Lewis, laborer, Charlotte Town & his wife Mary Isabella; to grandchildren John, Daniel, Patrick & Mary Lewis. Executors: Theophilus Desbrisay & Thomas Pethick. Will signed 12 March, 1853; probate granted 2 Sep, 1854.

Liber 5 Folio 303
Will of David Fraser, Charlotte Town, Innkeeper. Bequests: to daughter Catherine; to son Donald; to grandson Robert son of daughter Catherine. Executors: Wellington Nelson & James Purdie, merchants of Charlotte Town. Witnesses: Robert Hutchinson, Andrew Duncan, J.C. Binns. Will signed 17 March, 1853; probate granted 5 Jan., 1855.

Liber 5 Folio 314
Will of Elizabeth Douglas, wife of William Douglas, formerly Elizabeth Campbell [1793-2 Jan., 1855] Bequests: to her neice Frances Seeley,
daughter of William Seeley; to her sister Margaret widow of James MacDonnell; to her sister Ellen, widow of Richard Gibson; to Frances
Stewart widow of Charles Stewart; to William Seeley. Executors: T. H. Haviland the elder, Thomas Desbrisay, druggist. Witnesses: Will signed 15
Nov., 1852; probate granted 1 March, 1855.

Liber 6 Folio 244
Will of John Hewitt, gardener & seedsman, [1800-3 March,1863] Charlottetown Common.
Bequests: to wife Anne; to sisters Mary, [Betsy or Elizabeth] and Maria in England; to his mother; his father died Norfolk, England about 3 years
previous. Executors: William Sneeston & Robert Hutchinson.
Witnesses: James D. Mason, Isabel Mason, Elizabeth Hutchinson. Will signed 18 Dec., 1862; probate granted 10 March, 1863.

Liber 6 Folio 328
Will of William Douse, Charlottetown [1800-5 Feb., 1864] Bequests: to wife Esther; to son James; to son William; to son John; to son Henry; to daughter Sarah, wife of Frederick Strong; to son Frederick; to nephew William Newman; to Elizabeth wife of David Webster; to neices Julia & Sarah Wheeler of Devizes Wiltshire, daughters of my late sister Sarah Wheeler. Executors: William Cundall, Robert Longworth, Henry Jones Cundall. Witnesses: George Moore, Frederick S. Moore. Willsigned 22 Sep., 1863; probate granted 5 Feb., 1864

Liber 7 Folio 13
Will of Allan Watts, Charlottetown, merchant [1839-20 Jan., 1865] Bequest: to mother Mary Watts. Executors: friends John William Morrison, James Anderson, David Stewart. Witnesses: Frederick Brecken, George Snelgrove. Will signed 23 Nov., 1864; probate granted 28 Jan., 1865.

Liber 7 Folio 15
Will of Susan Ann Harvey. Bequests: to son Henry; to daughter Susan (Large?); to daughter Nancy Harvey. Executors: John Haszard James Campbell. Witnesses: A. V. Wiggins, John Haszard. Will signed 21 Nov., 1864; probate granted 8 Feb., 1865.

Liber 7 Folio 35
Will of Eleanor Gibson, Charlottetown, PEI [1796-11 Feb., 1865] Bequests: to daughter Janes Eleanor; to daughter Frances Chappell; to granddaughter Lydia Jane Chappell. Executors: James Moore, John Williams, daughter Jane Eleanor Gibson. Witnesses: Wm. C. Trowan, William Findley Will signed 13 Jan., 1865; probate granted 9 March, 1865.

Liber 7 Folio 50
Will of John McGill, Charlottetown, PEI, Esq. [1786-1865] Bequests: to son James Robert McGill; to daughter Mary Jane McGill; to daughter Jemima Barbara McGill. Executors: William McGill, Charlottetown, merchant; son James Robert McGill; Andrew Mitchell, Charlottetown. Witnesses: Thomas Duncan, M. Macleod. Will signed 22 July, 1864; probate granted 14 March, 1865.

Liber 7 Folio 68
Will of Thomas Doyle, Charlottetown Royalty, farmer. Bequests: to daughter Catherine wife of Thomas Sinnott; to daughter Jane wife of George Cook; to daughter Ann wife of Thomas Johnston; to wife Ann Doyle; to son George Doyle; to Bishop of the Diocese; to son in law Lawrence Morris. Executors: wife Ann Doyle & son in law Lawrence Morris. Witnesses: Richard Reddin, Archibald McDonald. Will signed 22 April, 1865; probate granted 22 May, 1865.

Liber 7 Folio 74
Will of Sarah Macdonnell, Charlottetown, PEI, widow of John Macdonnell [1791-24 Apr. 1865] Bequests: to daughters Jane Rebecca Margaret.
Executors: daughters Jane Rebecca & Margaret. Witnesses: Charles Binns, sen., Neil (McKinin?) Will signed 24 Nov., 1863; probate granted 12 June, 1865.

Liber 7 Folio 85
Will of Colin MacLaughlan, Charlottetown, Boarding House Keeper. Bequest: to daughter Catherine wife of Laughlan MacLaughlan many years
absent from this Island; to wife Janet. Executors: Benjamin Desbrisay, Barrister & James D. Mason, merchant, both of Charlottetown. Witnesses:
Edward Palmer, William Mitchell. Will signed 25 June, 1864; probate granted 17 June, 1865.

Liber 7 Folio 110
Will of Jeremiah Mahar, Lot 34, PEI, farmer. Bequests: to wife Bridget; to son Richard; to son John; to son Jeremiah; to son Patrick; to son James; to daughter Ann. Executor: son Richard Mahar. Witnesses Angus Blue, Patrick Murphy. Will signed 9 July, 1865; probate granted 8 Aug., 1865.

Liber 7 Folio 125
Will of Christopher Cross, Charlottetown, PEI. Bequests: to wife Elizabeth; to nephew Henry Cross Trowan; to nephew William Cross Trowan; to neice Eliza Trowan. Executors: wife Elizabeth, Robert Longworth & William Heard. Witnesses: John Lawson, Thomas Crabb. Will signed 2 April, 1863; probate granted 9 Sep., 1865. Codicil signed 9 Jan., 1864, bequest of L100 to servant Mary Ann Hickey; witnessed by John Lawson & Henry Crabb.

Liber 7 Folio 246
Will of James Houston. Bequests: to wife; to son James; to son Christopher; to son John; to son George; to son Robert; to daughter Catherine; to daughter Janet; to daughter Elizabeth. Executors: James' wife & son George Witnesses: Samuel Dennis, William Parkman, Mary Jane Parkman Will signed 29 Dec., 1865; probate granted 8 March, 1867

Liber 7 Folio 261
Will of William Sneeston, Charlottetown, PEI, Tavern Keeper [1805-23 Nov., 1866] Bequests: to William Pethick, Charlottetown, brewer & John Henderson, Charlottetown, joiner, in trust for wife Mary & children Elizabeth, Annie, William & John Sneeston; to son Joseph Sneeston now in
New Zealand; to son Robert. Executrix: wife Mary Sneeston. Witnesses: H.A. Johnson, John A. MacDonald, Robt. Stewart. Will signed 23 Aug., 1865; probate granted 30 Nov., 1866.

Liber 8 Folio 42
Will of Hugh Oxenham, Greenvale, Lot 23, PEI. Bequests: to son John Thomas; to wife Elizabeth; to daughter Elizabeth Esther; to son Philip James. Executors: Robert Carr & William Brown, both of Greenvale. Witnesses: Isaac Oxenham, Robert Carr. Will signed 15 Feb., 1869; probate granted 23 March, 1869.

Liber 8 Folio 55
Will of William Silliphant. Bequests: to his wife Christy Nicholson, formerly, afterward Christy McKinnon and at present Christy Silliphant. Executors: Archibald McPherson, Donald Campbell. Witnesses: Archibald McPherson, D. E. Campbell. Will signed 7 Jan., 1869; probate granted 14 May, 1869.

Liber 8 Folio 258
Will of William Younker, Milton [7 July, 1798-14 Jan., 1871], farmer.
Bequests: to wife Ann; to son George; to daughter Hannah; to nephew G. Albert Younker, son of David Younker, to nephew William.
Witnesses: George Younker, David R. Hooper. Probate granted 4 Feb., 1871.

Liber 8 Folio 276
Will of William Byers, Charlottetown, the elder.
Bequest: to daughter Ann Ryan, wife of George Ryan.
Executor: Ann Ryan. Witnesses: Charles Binns, James Shepherd. Will signed 11 Dec., 1870; probate granted 7 March, 1871.

Liber 8 Folio 330
Will of Martin O'Halloran, Charlottetown, merchant.
Bequest: to wife Barbara.
Executors: Walter O'Halloran, John Gahan, Charlottetown & Daniel Brenan, Charlottetown. Witnesses: Peter McIntyre, John McFadyen. Will signed 4 Oct., 1870; probate granted 3 Aug., 1871.

Liber 8 Folio 340
Will of James Moore, Charlottetown [1794-1868]
Bequests: to wife Sarah; to son George.
Executors: son George; son Bertram; & Hon. Joseph Hensley. Witnesses: Robert Longworth, George Beer. Will signed 5 March, 1864; probate granted 15 Sep., 1871.
Codicil signed 18 May, 1867 & witnessed by Richard Johnson, M.D., & Alice Jane Johnson.

Liber 9 Folio 72
Will of David Arbing, Charlottetown Common, labourer.
Bequests: to daughter Emma, wife of James Swan; to daughters Mary Ann, Anne, Eliza, Rachel by former wife; to sons William & David by former wife.
Executors: William Eddison Dawson, merchant, Charlottetown & present wife.
Witnesses: E. W. Dawson, Roger Godfrey.
Will written 17 June, 1875; probate granted 11 Feb., 1876.

Liber 9 Folio 607
Will of John Wonnacott the elder, Charlottetown.
Bequests: to wife Mary, to son Silas. Executrix: wife Mary.
Witnesses: James A. Jones, Robert Stewart. Will signed 25 Feb., 1875; probate granted 28 Sep., 1878.

Liber 9 Folio 698
Will of William Bradford Allin, tinsmith. Bequests; to wife Janet. to daughter Katie Florence; to daughter Lottie May. Executors; John W. Pickard, Charlottetown, saddler & James Knight, baker. Witnesses: R.T. Weeks, C.F. Yates, C. MacNeill. Will signed 5 April, 1878; probate granted 8 March, 1879.

Liber 9 Folio 724
Will of Peter Gregor, Charlottetown, carriage builder. [ ?-1879] Bequests: to dau Annie Gregor; to dau Emily Gregor; to son Leigh R. Gregor; to dau Bessie Gregor; to dau Isabella now in USA; to dau Mary; to dau Ellen; to grandson Peter Gregor Alberton in USA; to brother Charles; to son Angus; to dau in law Margaret Gregor, wife of Angus; to Selina Shirley Owen; to Trustees of Theological Bldg & Endowment Fund Presbyterian Church in Halifax; to Presbyterian Church, Covehead; to Prince St. Presbyterian Church, Charlottetown; to St. James Church, Charlottetown; to Trinidad Mission of Presbyterian Church; to British & Foreign Bible Society; to French Evangelization Society of Presbyterian Church in Canada; to Home Mission of Presbyterian Church; to Aged & Infirm Ministers fund of Presbyterian Church; to worthy theological students of Presbyterian Church; to poor of Charlottetown; to dau Penelope Shaw; to son Alexander; to son James. Executors: Archibald Kennedy, merchant, Charlottetown; Rev. Donald MacNeill, Charlottetown; Rev. Isaac Murray, Charlottetown. Witnesses: Samuel C. Nash, S. H. Brown. Will signed 6 March, 1879; probate granted 21 April, 1879.

Liber 10 Folio 341
Will of Simon Snell, Charlottetown, farmer [1800-26 Jan., 1882]
Bequest: to wife Annie.
Executor: wife Annie.
Witnesses: Thomas W. Dodd, merchant & Isaac Oxenham, reporter.
Will signed 20 Aug., 1881; probate granted 2 Feb., 1882.

Liber 10 Folio 346
Will of Matilda Smith, Charlottetown, spinster.
Bequests: to nephew George Desbrisay.
Executors: Nephew George Desbrisay.
Witnesses: Frederick Peters, Mary E. Connaughton.
Will signed 20 Nov., 1880; probate granted 16 Feb., 1882.

Liber 10 Folio 403
Will of Margaret Ellen Street [1822-8 Nov., 1881] Bequest: to her sister Catherine Joseph Street. Executrix: Catherine Joseph Street. Witnesses: E.H. Haviland, John C. Doull.
Will signed 29 March, 1881; probate granted 14 July, 1882.

Liber 11 Folio 462
Will of Grace Snelgrove [1803-28 Jan., 1887] Bequests: to nieces Ann Webster & Mary Ann Snelgrove. Executors: George Webster, William W. Stumbles. Witnesses: G. Hubbard, J. M. Cameron.
Will signed 26 Aug., 1880; probate granted 9 Feb., 1887.

Liber 11 Folio 14
Will of Simon Luttrell.
Bequests: to sons William, James, Alexander & John; to daughters Margaret, Mary, Catherine & Ann. Executor: William Callaghan of Miminegash.
Witnesses: Simon Griffin, A. O'Halloran.
Will signed 5 Sep., 1883; probate granted 28 March, 1884.

Liber 11 Folio 390
Will of Flora Campbell, Charlottetown, widow.
Bequest: to daughter in law, wife of son John Campbell.
Witnesses: F. L. Haszard, Barrister & J. G. W. Brown.
Will signed 7 Sep., 1883; probate granted 5 Aug., 1886.

Liber 11 Folio 470
Will of George Brace, shoemaker, Charlottetown.
Bequests: to wife Hannah; to son Richard, to son William Edward; to son James Henry; to son Richard Knight; to son John Albert; to son Walter Palmer; to grandson Archie, son of deceased daughter Mary Anna; to his friend and neighbor Michael Power & his wife Mrs. Harriet Ainsworth.
Executors : Thomas Alley & son John Albert Brace.
Will signed 15 Sep., 1886; probate granted 5 March, 1887.

Liber 11 Folio 509
Will of David Stirling, of Halifax, architect, now resident in Charlottetown [6 Dec., 1822-13 April, 1887]
Bequests: to present wife Clara Richmond Stirling. Executor: wife Clara Richmond Stirling.
Witnesses: M. McLeod, Barrister & Neil McLeod, student at law.
Will signed 1 Dec., 1870; probate granted 7 June, 1887.

Liber 11 Folio 525
Will of John Appollinarius Macdonell, Charlottetown, gentleman.
Bequest: to wife Eliza Maria Macdonell.
Executor: Eliza Maria Macdonell; Witnesses: Richard Reddin & Peter Conroy.
Will signed 11 June, 1887; probate granted 19 July, 1887.

Liber 12 Folio 26
Will of Sarah Ann Watson, widow of William Russel Watson
Bequests: to son Lawrence White Watson.
Executors: son Lawrence White Watson.
Witnesses: John Maceachern; Peter Conroy.
Will signed 11 Nov., 1887; Probate granted 14 Feb., 1888

Liber 12 Folio 55
Will of James Bulpit Gay, Charlottetown Royalty [1812-2 April, 1888]
Bequests: to wife Jane; to son William Arthur Gay; to eldest daughter Amelia wife of Capt. John Smith to youngest daughter Hannah, wife of
Richard Carver. Executor: William Heard. Witnesses: Allen Phipps, George Carr.
Will signed 18 Sep., 1874; probate granted 20 April, 1888.

Liber 12 Folio 57
Will of Malcolm Livingstone, Spring Park Road, Charlottetown.
Bequests: to daughter Barbara wife of Albert Horne; to daughter Mary Livingstone; to granddaughter Bessie, daughter of Mary Livingstone.
Executors: George Davies, George Scantlebury, sr. Witnesses: Charles Heartz, Roger Godfrey.
Will signed 5 April, 1888; probate granted 1 May, 1888.

Liber 12 Folio 64
Will of Edward Stair, hair dresser, Charlottetown.
Bequest: to wife Maria.
Executor: wife Maria.
Witnesses: G. Hubbard, Thomas R. Williams.
Will signed 23 Feb., 1876; probate granted 16 May, 1888.

Liber 12 Folio 93
Will of William Ross Frame, Charlottetown, Presbyterian minister [5 March, 1834-30 June, 1888]
Will signed 18 June, 1888; probate granted 9 July, 1888.

Liber 12 Folio 163
Will of Nathaniel A. Mitchell.
Bequests: to wife Hannah; to son George Nathaniel Mitchell; to son Albert William Mitchell; to son Frederick Smallwood Mitchell.
Executor: wife Hannah Mitchell.
Witnesses: R. S. Weeks, Attorney, Charlottetown & Frederick W. S. Moore.
Will signed 21 Aug., 1884; probate granted 5 Dec., 1888.

Liber 12 Folio 165
Will of Mary Ann widow of George Beales, Charlottetown.
Bequests: to daughter Ellen Hennesy; to daughter Sarah Ann Hyde; to son William; to son John; to son George; to daughter Caroline Reeves; to son James.
Executor: son James Beales.
Witnesses: Lewis P. Tanton, Charles Lawson. Will signed 30 Dec., 1887; probate granted 6 Dec., 1888.

Liber 12 Folio 203
Will of John McKaig, Tryon Road, Lot 31.
Bequests: to wife Catherine; to daughter Margaret Anne Darrach; to son John; to daughter Janet, wife of Paul Mabey; to grandson Isiah Breaky; to grandson Donald Mclean; to grandson John McLean; to grandson Hugh McLean; to grandson James McLean.
Executors: William Henderson, North Wiltshire & Angus McDougall, Argyle Shore.
Witnesses: Angus McDougall, Allan Rogerson.
Will signed 11 Jan., 1884; probate granted 19 Feb., 1889.

Liber 12 Folio 239
Will of John Ernest Haszard.
Bequests: to brother William Douglas Haszard.
Executor: William Douglas Haszard.
Witnesses: E. H. Haviland, Kenneth J. Martin.
Will signed 10 May, 1886; probate granted 17 April, 1889.

Liber 12 Folio 249
Will of William Fish, Lot 7, farmer.
Bequests: to wife Elizabeth; to son John.
Executors: son John & Alfred MacWilliams.
Witnesses: Edward Lidstone, farmer & Ingham S. Wright, farmer.
Will signed 7 Jan., 1887; probate granted 18 April, 1889

Liber 12 Folio 259
Will of John Yeo, shoemaker, Charlottetown.
Bequests: to wife Catherine.
Executors: friends John Yeo, Port Hill & William Dodd, Charlottetown.
Witnesses: F. L. Haszard, John J. G. Weldon. Will signed 28 March, 1881; probate granted 29 May, 1889.

Liber 12 Folio 292
Will of Benjamin Williams [1824-10 April, 1889]
Bequests: to daughter Agnes May; to son James Henry; to wife Jane.
Executors: Silas F. Hodgson, James Hodgson, Arthur B. Dickieson.
Witnesses: George Stevenson, Margaret Dichieson, Mary Jewell.
Will written 27 March, 1889; probate granted 6 Aug., 1889.

Liber 12 Folio 399
Will of William Lloyd French, Crapaud, farmer [25 Jan., 1838-26 March, 1890]
Bequests: to son John C. French; to son James Richard French; to son William L. French; to son Albert French; to son George W. French; to daughter Ida M. French; to son Charles B. French.
Executors: Norman R. Wright & Jabez Hudson.
Witnesses: Henry Wadman, William H. Ferguson.
Will signed 25 March, 1890; probate granted 22 April, 1890.

Liber 12 Folio 423
Will of Mary Cormack, Charlottetown widow of the late James Cormack, Charlottetown, fisherman.
Bequest: to daughter Catherine Cormack.
Witnesses: S. Blanchard, John A. Griffith.
Will signed (with an X) 13 June, 1890; probate granted 17 June, 1890.

Liber 12 Folio 487
Will of Owen Curley, Emyvale, Lot 30, farmer.
Bequests: to son John, to son Owen; to daughter Elizabeth; to daughter Annie; to the Pastor of St. Ann's Church, Lot 65.
Executors; Ptr Callaghan, Emyvale, farmer & James Cody, Emyvale, farmer.
Witnesses: James Cody, Peter Callaghan, Dan. G. McDonald.
Will written 17 July, 1890; probate granted 25 July, 1890

Liber 13 Folio 184
Will of Alexander Houston, 1824-1892, North Rustico. Bequests: to son William Alexander; to son Benjamin; to daughter Annie; to Ella Caseley. Executors: son William Alexander Houston. Witnesses: R. MacNeill, Isadore Gallant. Will signed 13 April, 1892; probate granted 17 May, 1892.

Liber 15 Folio 111
Will of John Houston, 1815-1892, farmer, North Rustico. Bequests: to son Wellington, to Rev. Donald Crawford; to adopted daughter Maggie Maud; to Mrs. Janet Clark; to Mrs. Margaret Laird; to Mrs. Annie Tunnicliff; to Mrs. Caroline Moffat; to Mrs. Sarah Warren; to son John's 2 eldest children Ella Gray & Arthur Hayes. Executors: Archibald Warren, North Rustico; William Moffat, Cavendish Road & son John Houston. Witnesses: Edward Woolner, Lorenzo B. Toombs. Will signed 7 Feb., 1898; probate granted 1 Aug., 1899.

Liber 15 Folio 369
Will of Maria Cann [1826-27 Dec., 1900], Charlottetown, widow of Samuel Cann, Little Bungay, Lot 23.
Bequests: to her sister Emma Swan; to Charlottetown Baptist Church.
Executor: David B. Stewart.
Witnesses: D. B. Stewart, James McNeill.
Will written 25 Oct., 1900; probate granted 3 Jan., 1901.

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