Will of Flora McLauchlin, St. Catherines, Lot 65 (-1897)

Flora McLauchlin, St. Catherines, Lot 65 - Will dated May 3, 1892

Died April 8, 1897 , age 74 - Widow of Ewen/Hugh McLauchlin
Maiden Name-McPhee - Probable sister of Duncan McPhee, Riverdale, Lot 30

I Flora McLauchlin of St. Catherines Lot 65 Queens County, do make , publish and declare this to be my last will and testament.

I direct my Executors to pay my son Angus the sum of Thirty dollars for my funeral expenses, and also any expenses incurred by employing a Medical doctor for my benefit.

I give and bequeath to my son John the amount to my credit at this date (with whatever interest that my accrue) in the Dominion Savings Bank as entered in Passbook No. 8584 amounting to about one hundred and fifty dollars.

I also give to my son John one bed and bedding, also any moneys due me from my son Peterís estate.

I direct my Executors to collect the sum of one hundred and twenty dollars with interest of P.N. Pate of OíLeary and out of that amount pay my daughter Maggie (Mrs. P.N. Pate) Sixty dollars, and my son John the balance (sixty dollars).

In the event that the amount due me from P.N. Pate is paid before my demise that I desire that the sum of Sixty dollars be paid my daughter Maggie, and sixty dollars be paid to my son John.

I give and bequeath to my Granddaughter Francis McLauchlin the sum of Twenty dollars, which sum I direct my Executors to deposit in the Dominion Savings Bank for her benefit and which is to remain there until she is Eighteen years of age.

I give and bequeath to my Grandsons John and Chester, sons of Allan McMillan, the sum of ten dollars each. Provided that they are truthful and honest and not in the habit of drinking intoxicating drinks.

I give and bequeath to my son Neil any moneys remaining after the payment of the above bequests. I also forgive him the sum of Thirty-five dollars due me.

I appoint my son Angus McLauchlin and James McKinnon of Long Creek my Executors of this my will. Dated this Third day of May A.D. 1892.

Signed published and declared by Flora McLauchlin as her last will and testament in our presence by fixing her mark thereto who have signed our her mark names in presence of testator and in each others presence. The said will having been read over and explained to the said testator in our presence and the testator appearing fully to understand the same before signing her name by making her mark.

sg. Flora "X" McLauchlin
her mark

(signed) James McKinnon
Kate McLauchlin

This will was proved on the 3rd day of May 1897 on the oath of James McKinnon, one of the Subscribing witnesses thereto - and was filed and Registered the same day.

As certified by:

Richard Reddin
Judge of Probate

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