The Will of Francis Kelly, (1806-1879, Fort Augustus)

The Last Will and Testament of the Hon. Francis Kelly, (1806-1879, Fort Augustus)

Liber 9, Folio 746

In the name of God Amen

I, Francis Kelly of Fort Augustus in Prince Edward Island do make these Presents my last will and Testament in the first place thanking God for my perfect senses and many other blessings which he has endowed me with:

to my oldest daughter Mary, I bequeath my own likeness, she being already provided for otherwise,

to my daughters Sarah and Susanna, I bequeath the sum (of) one hundred and fifty pounds each late currency of the Island,

to my oldest son, James, that tracts or pieces of land, that is to say, one piece on the north side of Fort Augustus Road and the other at the rear of James Power's farm on Lot or Township No. 37 also that piece or Lot formerly owned by Mrs. Mitchell when and after he pays certain debts that I am liable for him, my Family Bible, and surveying instruments;

To my wife Sarah I bequeath the residue of this farm and the land I own on Township No. 36 and 37 thirty-six and thirty-seven during her natural life time and then to be disposed of as she may think fit and proper, together with all stock and implements I now own; subject to the following Bequests

that is to say the above named Sarah Kelly and Susanna Kelly, and also to my son Thomas Kelly of the United States, the sum of thirty-five pounds, late Island currency of P.E.I.

To my son John Kelly of Charlottetown, the sum of thirty-five pounds, late currency, none of the last two requests payable for two years after this date.

To the Minister of my church, the Rev. A. J. McDonald, I bequeath the sum of ten pounds of the late currency P.E.I. for certain purposes hitherto agreed upon.

I hereby appoint my daughter Mary Kelly, of Fort Augustus my sole Executor.

In witness, I hereby set my hand this third day of April 1879. F. Kelly

In witness whereof, we set our hands in the presence of above Testator and in presence of each other.

Bernard O'Callaghan
Allan McDonald

This will was proved on the 11th of June, 1879 on the oath of Bernard O'Callaghan as subscribing witness, and the Executrix and Widow, having filed their renunciating Letters of Administration cum testamento annexo were on the 7th of June, 1879, granted to Lucius

O. Kelly, a Son of Testator.

Charles Young,
Judge of Probate

Note:Francis was a farmer, Justice of the Peace, Postmaster, Taker of Affadavits for the Superior Court, Commissioner for Taking Recognizance for Bail, Member of the Legislative Assembly, Member of the Executive Council, Land Surveyor and Commissioner of Crown Lands, Captain of the Fort Augustus Rifles, and a Member of the Board of Education. No mention was made of his daughter, Ann, married to Bernard Loughran of Orwell; nor his daughter, Margaret, married to Owen Dougherty, USA; nor his daughter Elizabeth, married to Peter Mullen, Kensington, Lot 19; nor his son Francis who may have been alive at this time.

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