The Will of George Eden Meggison II (1797-1876, Lot 5)

The Last Will and Testament of George Eden Meggison II (1797-1876, Lot 5)

In the name of God Amen I George E. Meggison of Prince Edward Island, Prince County and Township No. five being of perfectly Sound Mind, Memory and understanding, do make the following: first that all my lawful Debts shal be paid, as well as my Funereal Expences, out of my personal property. I also give and bequeath to my beloved wife Annie Meggison All of my personal property of whatsoever nature or kind it may be Such as beds, beding, wearing apparel, household furnature, Book debts, Monies, Notes of Hands, china and Earthenware, And the Stock of the farme Such as Cows, Sheep, pigs and horses. And further it is my wish that My wife Ann Shal have Sole controle of the Farme until My said Son George is 21 years of Age, it is my Will that the two yongest boys, Cephas W. And William
Percie Shal be first to a trade if they choose, themselves And their expences paid by the other two that keeps the Farme, the Farme equally divided by a line running west from the Shore giving George the Northern Moiety and Albert the Southern Moiety. It is my further will that my wife Ann is to have her living off the Farme. Let it fall into whosever hands it may, Say twenty pounds a year, during the term of her Natural life—Each of the boys George and Albert to pay half Or ten pounds each, So long as they keep the Farme. If they sell the Farme whoeva buys the Farme is to pay the twenty pounds a year to my Wife Ann so long as she May Live. This Money to be paid to his or her order. I also appoint My wife Ann to be Executrix of this my last Will and Testament.

Geo. E. Meggison

Signed And Sealed in preasence of

John Clark
Montague G. Clark

Urban X Gallant

at Cascumpec Lot Five this 12th day of April 1873

George Eden Meggison II (1797-1876) married Eliza Gibbs, then later Ann Smallman.

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