The Will of George MacKenzie (1817-1898, Lot 21)

The Last Will and Testament of George MacKenzie (1817-1898, Lot 21)

PEI Archives R.G. 6.2 Series 1, Probate Court Will, Liber 15 Folio 28-29

I George McKenzie of French River Lot or Township No. 21 in Queens County Province of P.E. Island Canada Farmer being of sound mind memory and understanding and realizing the uncertainty of human life and being desirous of disposing of the property with which God has blessed me while I have the strength and capacity to do so Do Make and publish this as and for my last Will and Testament- I commit my Soul to God who gave it. My body to receive decent Christian burial. My Funeral Expenses and all my just debts to be paid out of my Estate by my Executors as soon as can conveniently be done.

To my Two Sons Arthur and Donald McKenzie I give and bequeath all my Real and Personal property of whatsoever nature and kind they to share and share alike and it is my wish that they shall mutually agree between themselves as to the division of my Estate.

I also hereby Nominate and Appoint Albert Simpson of French River and Andrew McLeod of the same place as my Executors to carry out my Wishes as Written to Two Sheets of paper.

In Witness hereof I have my hand and seal subscribed and set this Seventeenth Day of December in the year of Our Lord One thousand Eight hundred and ninety four.

(signed) George McKenzie L.S.

Signed Sealed and Delivered by George McKenzie as
his Last Will and Testament in our presence and we
as Subscribing Witnesses have signed in the presence
of Each Other

Witnesses (signed) Albert Simpson
(signed) Andrew McLeod

This Will was proved on the 13th day of February 1899 on the
Oath of Albert Simpson one of the subscribing witnesses thereto
Before Commissioner Roderick McNeill Esq. And was Filed
And Registered on the 16th day of February 1899.

As Certified by
Richard Reddin
Judge of Probate

Note: This will was written just a couple of weeks after the death of George’s wife Hannah McKay, on Nov. 23, 1894.

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