The Will of Hector Campbell (1819-1873, Lot 9)

The Last Will and Testament of Hector Campbell (1819-1873, Lot 9)
Liber 8 Folio 552

In the Name of God, Amen

I, Hector Campbell of Lot or Township No 9 in Prince County P E Isd, being sick in body but of a good & perfect memory, being sensible that I must shortly leave this earthly scene, therefore do Purely make and declare This my last will & Testimony.

First, I order that my mortal Remains be decently interred. Second, I order that my son John shall Receive the lease-hold farm of One hundred and fifty acres of land on Lot 9 Together with One Cart, One Waggon & one Sligh (sic) slc One chest of drawers, spinning wheel & Bell (?), a cooking stove which is in the house at Lot 9 - Together with about One hundred bushels of Potatoes. My Sons Duncan, Roderic (sic) Hector, Niel (sic) shall each receive One dollar. My Daughter, Margaret& Isabella shall receive the one fifth part of what the farm on Lot 9 will produce exclusive of the Trouble and expenses attending The sale of the said land. My daughter Mary shall Receive one dollar. I order that Malcolm Ferguson of Crapaud & Arch. Campbell of Lot 9 executors.

Crapaud, March 13th, 1873. (sgd) Hector Campbell

Witnesses: Allan Stewart, J.P.
Arch. McCalder

In the Probate Court
(Date indecipherable) 1873

P.E. Island --- The foregoing will having been presented for Probate Allan Stewart of Lot 29 in said Island, Farmer, one of the subscribing witnesses thereto made Oath that he was present and did see the Testator Hector Campbell sign his name thereto and heard him publish and declare the same as, and for his last will and Testament, that when Testator so did, he was of sound and disposing mind according to this deponentís best discerning; That he subscribed his name as a witness thereto in the presence of Testator and that Archibald McCalder subscribed his name as a witness thereto at the same time.

Sworn to at Chambers this 30th day of April A.D. 1873 before me.

(sgd) Allan Stewart

(sgd) Charles Young, Judge of Probate

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