Will of Herbert Bell of Prince Edward Island

Liber 9 Folio 94




9 March 1997






[Manuscript copy of will]


Herbert Bell


Alberton, Prince Co., PE, Canada





7 February 1876







BEQUESTS, TRUSTS, ETC. (Genealogical information in will or probate):

... to my dear wife Jane, all that tract or piece of land in my occupation, bounded on the North by a street leading from my store to the Dock Creek in the Village of Alberton ... of a sufficient width to make an area of three acres, together with the buildings erected thereon, to hold to her, her heirs and assigns forever ... also ...to my said wife, all my household furniture and farming stock, consisting of Horses and Cattle of which I shall die possessed, to her absolutely. ... it is my wish that my Servant, Cyrus Alton should remain in her service, on Condition that she shall provide him with suitable food and lodging and clothing but in the event of his not doing so from any disagreement or other cause, or in the event of her wishing to dispense with his services, I direct that my said wife shall pay to the said Cyrus Alton the sum of Fifty Dollars in full settlement for his services ... to my nephew Herbert Bell, son of James Bell of NewCastle upon Tyne in England, the sum of Fifty Pound sterling ... I direct my Trustees and Executors ... to invest by deposit in a Bank or otherwise, the sum of Four Hundred Dollars, for the period of Twenty Years, and during that time to pay the interest and annual proceeds, to the Minister and Trustees of the Presbyterian Church at Alberton ... and after the expiration of the said period of twenty years, I direct that the said principal sum, shall be paid over to the said Minister and Trustees, such interest in the mean time and such principal sum when due to be by them appropriated, one half towards the Ministers stipend and the other half to the Mission funds of the said Church ... to each of my Executors and Trustees ... the sum of One Hundred Dollars and (Subject to the Several Legacies aforesaid), I give devise and bequeath, the whole of my property whatsoever and wheresoever Real or Personal, to John Ball of Charlottetown in Queen's County, and Benjamin Rogers of Alberton in Prince County, their heirs, Executors, Administrators and Assigns, (Upon the Trusts following), that is to say, upon trust in the first place to pay all my just debts, my funeral and Testamentary expenses, and I hereby empower my said Trustees to Convert all such part thereof, as may not consist of money into money, and to call in and require payment of any debts that may be due to me, and for better enabling them to carry out the Trusts hereby reposed in them, I declare that they shall have full power to sue for, compound and compromise, any debts; and to sell any Real or landed property, and that their receipt alone shall be a sufficient discharge to any purchaser who shall not be bound to see to the application, or be answerable for the misapplication of such purchase money (but this power is not to interfere with the power of Attorney for Collection of Debts, already given to my nephew Robert Bell) And out of the proceeds of such collection or sale, I direct my said Trustees to pay the sum of Four Thousand Dollars to my said wife; One Thousand Dollars to my Sister Janet Bell, Five Hundred Dollars to my nephew Robert Bell; Five Hundred Dollars to Susan Bell my adopted Daughter and Five Hundred Dollars to Emma Bowness, now living with me, And, as to all the rest and residue of my Said Estate and effects I direct that my said Trustees shall divide the same between and among my said wife, my Sister Janet, my nephew Robert Bell and the said Susan Bell and Emma Bowness in the respective proportions which the Specific money Legacies hereinbefore given to each of them may bear to the Said residue and to such Specific Legacies so given to each of them, The Said Specific Legacy so given to the said Emma Bowness, and also her share of the residue to be invested by deposit in Bank or in Government or Real Security until she shall attain the age of Twentyone Years or be previously Married, with power to apply the interest for her maintenance or education in the meantime if they shall see fit to do so. And I hereby revoke all former wills heretofore made by me and declare this to be my last will and Testament.

[signed] (Sigd) Herbert Bell


NAME(S ) OF EXECUTOR(S): John Ball of Charlottetown, Queens Co., PE

Benjamin Rogers of Alberton, Prince Co., PE




Robert A. Clark

George B. Ellis

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