The Will of John Hiscock (-1836, N. River)

Liber 3 Folio 117

Last Will and Testament of John Hiscock deceased

Dated 9 May 1836
R Hodgson
Judge of Probate

Office of Judge of
Probate P.E. Island

The within Will having been presented for Probate by Sarah Hiscock the Executrix therein named Niel MacKinnon made oath that he was present and did see John Hiscock the Testator sign execute and deliver the same, and that when he so did, he was of sound and disposing mind and memory according to this best discerning and that William Cummins subscribed his name as a Witness thereto at the same time.

Sworn before me this
9th day of May 1836

(signed) Niel McKinnon

(signed) R Hodgson
Judge of Probate


In the name of god amen I John Hiscock of Prince Edwards Island farmer knowing it is onse apointed for all men to die and being in my perfect understanding hath this day made my last will and testimant. First I give to my beloved wife Sarah Hiscock all and singular my whole estate to be held by her until the youngest child amises the age of twenty one years, at which expiration she is to divide to every one such proportion as she may see as reasonable maintained out of the said estate by each proportion and then apoint my wife Sarah Hiscock my executor of this my last will and testimant and do apoint her to pay or cause to be pay to Martha Hearts the sum of five shillings all so to Unity Hiscock the sum of two shillings and to pay or cause to be payed the sum of five pounds should she come to the island and also to pay or cause to be pay to George Hiscock the sum of twenty pounds. The two last leegseys is not to payed untill the youngest daughter is twenty one which is given in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty six and in North River in Prince Edward Island and my last will and testimant in wittness where unto we subscribe our names.

(signed) William Cumins
(signed) Niel McKinon

(signed) John Hiscock

(Notes: Typed as it appears as hand written with no correction for spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors. () Indicates missing or illegible text)

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