Will and Release to Heirs of James Campbell of Prince Edward Island (1809-1883, Graham's Road)

The Release to Heirs & Last Will & Testament of James CAMPBELL
born 1809 Irishtown, PEI
died 6 Dec 1883 Graham’s Road, PEI.

Release given Heirs of the late James Campbell Dec 21 1883
Filed 23 Jan 1884
P.E.Island Dominion of Canada, BNA

I George Mallett of Lot Twenty in said Island of Prince Edward Island Esquire, make oath and say, that I was present and did see the several parties named in the foregoing release, sign, seal, execute and deliver the same as his her and their several act and deed, and I signed the same as a subscriber thereto and at such time of execution the same was fully explained to the parties, and each of them Sworn to at Chambers this 23rd day of January 1884 AD before me

Charles Young,
Judge of Probate

Copy of will referenced to in Release Notice:

To whom it may concern

Given under my hand at Grahams Road this seventh day of May in the year of our Lord 1883. This is to certify that I have left all of my goods and Chattels Houses and Land and all that I possess in doors and out, store and goods after the debt is paid off the goods to my wife Isobel Johnstone. As long as she lives and to her son James Andrew after her on conditions. Condition furst that him and his wife shal be good to his mother. Second condition that he pays twenty five dollars $25 to each of his brothers and sisters Charity or John furst paing off one each year or more if he can.

John A McKay
James Campbell

The foregoing is a true copy of the above documents on file in its species and orthography and which I hereby certify at Chambers 21 Dec 1883

Charles Young,
Judge of Probate

To all to whom these present shall come We the parties herein after mentioned: send Greetings Witness our father, the late James Campbell of Grahams Road in Prince Edward Island having duly made as he believed, his last will and testament, of which a true copy is hereby annexed, but which said will has not been legally executed and cannot be proved. And whereas it is our wish that the intentions of our loved father should be carried out as expressed in his said will, we hereby execute these presents. Now therefore in consideration of the premises and of the sum of twenty five dollars to each of us, being four sons and two daughters in ………now paid or secured, and in further consideration of one dollar to each of us paid by our brother James A Campbell of said road. We, William Campbell and Christie Campbell (my wife), John Campbell And Eliza Jane Campbell (my wife), Archibald Campbell and Barbara Campbell (my wife), Alexander Campbell, and Charity McKay and John A McKay (my husband), and Caroline McKinnon and Allan McKinnon (my husband), all of the said Island. Do and each of us doth by these presents remise, release and forever quit claim unto the said James A Campbell and to his heirs and assign all our and each Estate right title, interest, claim property and demand of in and to the real and personal estate and property of which our said father died seized and possessed with all and singular the premises and appurtenances here unto belonging. To have and to Hold the same unto him the said James A Campbell, his heirs and assign forever, and in accordance with the intentions of our late father, as set forth in his said Will, and also subject to the conditions therein contained in relation to our dear Mother he therein named Isabel Johnstone, and to the use and ………forever of him the said James A Campbell and his heirs, executors, administrators and assigned forever In Witness thereof we have to these presents our hands and seal prescribed and set this twenty first day of Dec in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and eighty three

Signed sealed and delivered in presence of George Mallett

William CAMPBELL, Christie CAMPBELL, John CAMPBELL, Eliza Jane CAMPBELL, Archibald CAMPBELL, Barbara CAMPBELL, Alexander CAMPBELL, John A McKAY, Charity McKAY, Allan McKINNON, Caroline McKINNON, James A CAMPBELL

This release was severally acknowledged before me by the above named Charity McKAY, Caroline McKINNON, Christie CAMPBELL, Eliza Jane CAMPBELL, and Barbara CAMPBELL, apart from each of their said husbands therein married to have been voluntarily executed by them and each of them, and that each was aware of the contents thereof Dated this 26th day Dec 1883

George Mallet JP
for Queen’s county in Prince Edward Island

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